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第39 课

--------------------第229 讲

shame 羞耻,羞愧;使人感到羞愧

feel shame at 对…感到羞愧

I feel shame at having told a lie. 我为自己撒了谎而感到羞愧。

What a shame! 多遗憾!

What a shame that the rain spoiled our picnic! 真遗憾,大雨把我们的野餐搞乱了!

近scandal 丑闻

→ ashamed 惭愧的,羞愧的

be ashamed of 为… 东西而感到羞愧;

ashamed to do sth. 因为羞愧而做某事

He feels ashamed to ask for help. 他为请求别 人帮助而羞愧。

→ shameful 不体面的,可耻的

shameful behavior 不体面的行为

sharp 敏锐的,锋利的;剧烈的,鲜明的

The shears are not sharp enough to cut the grass. 这把大剪刀还不够锋利,不能用来修剪草坪。

a sharp eye 敏锐的目光;

a sharp turning to the left 朝左边的急剧拐弯

The setting sun has drowned a sharp golden line along the mountain peak.


近acute 敏锐的,急性的

He is an acute observer. 他是一个敏锐的观察

suffer acute pain 深深的疼痛

→ sharpen 削尖,磨快

the sharpen a pencil 削尖铅笔

His tone has sharpened recently. 他的口吻最近变的刻薄起来。

→ sharply 锋利地,急剧地

This pencil is sharply pointed. 这支铅笔削得很 尖。

The road bends sharply. 路突然转弯。

Prices drop sharply. 物价突然暴跌。

sharply contrasted styles 对照强烈的风格

-------------------第230 讲

short 短的,矮的;缺乏,不足

The word is short. 这个单词就是短的。

→ situation 位置,地点; 形势,状况,

Linda and I are shorter than Taylor. 我和Linda处境都比Taylor 矮。

a short holiday 一个很短的假期;

be short of 缺乏

Are you short of money? 你缺钱用吗?

for short 简称,缩写

Her name is Frances, or Fran for short. 她叫“弗朗西斯”或简称“弗朗”。

→ shortage 不足,缺乏

a shortage of water 缺水

→ shortcoming 短处,缺点

one’s greatest shortcoming 某人最大的短处

→ shortly 简短地,简略地

Shortly afterwards, the police stopped the car. 过了没多久,警察截住了那辆汽车。

side 边,侧;侧面,方面

the right side of book 一本书的正面;

on the side另外,作为兼职

His job at the hospital did not pay much, so he found another on the side.


side by side 肩并肩的,一起

Women fought side by side with men. 妇女同男子并肩作战。

→ ride 骑马,乘车

She was riding a bicycle. 她在骑自行车。

→ tide 潮汐,潮流

The tide is down. 潮退了。

→ sideways 一旁地,向一旁地

We turned the table sideways to get it into the room. 我们把桌子斜向一边以便把它搬进房间里。

→ aside 在旁边

aside from 除…以外

Aside from the high cost, the plan was a good one.


→ beside 在…的旁边

Beside yours our contributions count for little.


→ inside 内部,内部的;在…的内部

She put the money inside her bag. 她把钱放在包里。

→ outside 外表,外界,在外面

The outside of an orange is bitter, but the inside is sweet.


→ countryside 农村,乡下

The English countryside looks its best in spring. 英国的乡村在春天景色最美。

--------------------第231 讲

sider 词根表“星星”

→ consider 考虑,关心,认为

Have you considered this problem? 你考虑过这个问题吗?

We must consider other people’s feelings. 我们必须考虑到别人的感受。

consider sth. as sth. 把…看作…

This painting is generally considered as among the finest ones. 这幅画属于举世公认的佳作之一。

近deem 认为,相信

He deemed that it was his duty to help. 他认为帮助别人是他的责任。

→ considerable 可观的,值得考虑的

It is a considerable distance for you to get there, have you ever considered that?


considerable expense 数量可观的花销

→ considerate 考虑周到的,体谅人的

He is a considerate person. 他是一个体谅别人的人。

It was considerate of you to turn off the light while I was sleeping.


She is considerate of old people. 她很体谅老年人。

→ consideration 体谅,考虑

All things taken into consideration, I don’t think it is wise decision for you to go abroad.


In consideration of her health, we postponed the trip. 考虑到她的健康因素,我们推迟了旅行。

sir 词根表“星星”

→ desire 愿望,请求

They don’t have strong desire for being rich. 他们并没有太强烈的致富的愿望。

We all desire health and happiness. 我们都希望能拥有健康和快乐。

近want 要求,需要

He always wants to go to Italy. 他一直希望能去意大利。

wish 愿望,心愿;想要

It’s no use wishing for things you couldn’t have. 得不到的东西怎么渴求都是徒劳的。

→ desirable 值得向往的,可取的,有利的

a desirable salary 一份可观的薪水

→ undesirable 不值得向往的,不可取的

undesirable side effect 不良副作用

--------------------第232 讲

sight 视力,视野,视觉;看见,看到

have good sight 视力很好

out of sight 不在视野中

The house was out of sight behind the wall. 房子消失在墙壁之后。

The sights over the mountains are wonderful. 山顶的风景是非常美妙的。

sight the land 看到陆地

at the first sight 第一眼

They fell in love at the first sight. 他们一见钟情。

at sight = on sight 一看见就…

play music at sight 立即演奏音乐

catch sight of 发现,看到

I catch sight of a car heading for us in the distance. 我突然发现远处驶来一辆车。

She only caught a sight of him before he vanished into the crowd.


We finally lose sight of the land. 我们终于看不见陆地了。

in sight 在视野中

The lake will always be in sight from every direction on top of this building.


→ sightseeing 观光,旅游

→ insight 洞察力,见识

gain an insight into = have an insight into 对…的洞悉和了解,看破…

I gain an insight into this event. 我对这个事件有所了解。

--------------------第233 讲

sign 符号,标记,标牌

sign up 签约;sign for 签收

→ signal 信号,暗号,标志

A red light is usually a signal of danger. 红灯通常是危险的信号。

→ signature 签名,签字

a signature drive 签名运动

→ signify 意味着

He signified his content with a nod. 他以点头表示同意。

→ significance 意义,含义,重要性

What is the significance of this speech? 这个讲话有什么意义?

It is very significant. 它非常的重要。

→ assign 指派,指定(as 表对意思的加强)

Assign a day for the meeting. 确定一个开会日期。

→ assignment 指派

He has got a new assignment. 他得到一项新任命。

→ design 设计

design a building 设计一座大楼

→ resign 放弃,辞职

to resign from a job 辞职

→ resignation 辞职,放弃

He sent in his resignation last week. 他上星期交了辞职书。

--------------------第234 讲

simil 词根表“相似的,一起”

→ similar 相似的,类似的(ar 形容词后缀)

be similar to 与…相似

My new dress is similar to the one you have. 我的新衣服和你的那件相似。

→ similarly 类似地,相似地

We dress similarly. 我们衣服穿得相似。

→ similarity 类似,相似

similarities between the twin sisters 双胞胎姐妹间的相似之处

semble 词根表“相似的,在一起”

→ assemble 集合,聚集,装配(as 表“向…地方”)

All the people assembled at Mary’s house. 所有的人都聚集在玛丽的屋子里。

→ assembly 集合,装配

General Assembly 联合国大会

→ resemble 像,类似于

He strongly resembles his father. 他酷似他的父亲。

single 单一的,单人的

a single bed 一张单人床;a single ticket 一张单程票

the single 单身的人;

a bar for singles 单身酒吧

→ singular 单数的,非凡的

a person of singular courage 极为勇敢的人

splend 词根表“发光”

→ splendent 辉煌的,光彩的,显著的

→ splendid 壮丽的,辉煌的

splendid achievements 辉煌的成就;

splendid character 优秀的品德