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第34 课

--------------------第199 讲

publ 词根表“人民”

→ public 公共的,公开的;公众,(特定的)人群

public library 公共图书馆;

public expenditure 公共事业开支

the theatre-going public 喜欢去电影院的人们

→ republic 共和政体,共和国;共和的

a constitutional republic 立宪共和国

→ republican 共和政体的

republican sympathies 对共和制的拥护

→ publish 公布,发表,出版

journal published monthly 按月出版的杂志

→ publication 出版物;出版,发行,公布

Even before the publication, the book was considered as a great success.


popul 词根表“公众,人民”

→ popular 民众的,流行的

a popular politician 一个受欢迎的政治家

be popular with 受…的欢迎

He is quite popular with his fellow students. 他在他的学生中很受欢迎。

popular music 流行音乐

→ pop 流行音乐;(关门声)砰

→ popularity 普及性,流行程度

He enjoys a high popularity among his fellow students. 他在他的学生中很受欢迎。

→ population 人口,人民

There is a large population in this country. 这个国家人口众多。

--------------------第200 讲

punct 词根表“刺,点”

→ puncture 小孔,刺破,刺穿(ure 表“过程,动作”)

近punch 猛击,穿孔(pun = punct)

punch a puncture in ear 在耳朵上穿个小孔

pierce 刺穿,刺破

pierce into the gizzard 刺进喉咙

→ punctual 准时的(和时间上的点联系上 即“准时”)

pur 词根表“纯洁,纯”

→ pure 纯粹的,纯洁的

pure water 纯净水

He is pure. 他心地善良。

近mere 纯粹的,仅仅的

→ purely 纯粹地,完全地

→ purity 纯度,纯净

the purity of the gold ring 这个金戒指的纯度

pute 词根表“计算,思考”

→ computer 计算机,电脑

personal computer 个人电脑

→ dispute 争论

dispute with sb. on sth. 与某人争论某事

beyond dispute 没有争论余地,毫无疑问

→ reputation 名声,声誉

--------------------第201 讲

quest 词根表“搜寻,寻求”

→ question [5kwestFEn] 疑问,疑难

If we have any questions we could write to each other. 有了问题我们可以互相写信。

Is there any question? = Do you have any question? 有什么疑问吗?

in question 正在谈论的

The problem is in question. 问题尚在考虑之中

beside the question 离题

out of question 毫无疑问,完全可以

out of the question 不可能的,不必谈的(这个问题之外的都可以谈,但这个问题就不必谈)

Mary knew that a holiday this year was out of thequestion. 玛丽知道今年不可能有假期。

A: Can I borrow your bike? 我能借你的自行车吗?

B: It is out of the question. 免谈。

→ request 请求,邀请

She made a request for some water. 她请求给点水。

by request 应邀

By popular request, the chairman was re-elected. 因众人要求,主席获重选连任。

quir 词根表“搜寻,寻找”

→ acquire 获得,取得

She acquired a knowledge of the English by careful study. 她认真学习而精通英语。

→ inquire 询问,调查

inquire about 询问,打听

I inquired about my old friends in Shanghai. 我打听我在上海的老朋友的情况。

inquire after 问起某人的健康状况

People called to inquire after the baby. 大家打电话来打听婴儿的健康状况。

→ inquiry 询问,打听,调查

an inquiry office 问讯处

→ require 需要,要求,命令

Most plants require sunlight. 大部分植物需要阳光。

require of 要求,命令

My parents required of me that I should study hard. 父母要求我努力学习。

→ requirement 需要,要求

If you have any requirements, ask us, please. 如果您有什么要求,请向我们提出来。

requirement for 需要…

Experience is a requirement for this job. 干这项工作需要有经验。

--------------------第203 讲

quot 词根表“数目”

→ quote 引用,报价;引文,牌价(复数形式:quotes 引号)

We are trying to quote as many examples as this word.


Can you quote me an example of what you mean?你能引用一个例证来说明你的论点吗?

quote sth. at sth. 报价

The share are currently quoted at 10 yuan a share.

现在这种股票的报价是每股10 元。

quer 词根表“寻求,搜寻”

→ conquer 占领,征服,克服(con 表“完全”)

According to the textbook of history,

the Normans possible to illustrate usage of conquered England in 1066.

据历史书记载诺曼底人于1066 年占领了英格兰。。

conquer bad habits 克服不良习惯

→ conquest 占领,征服,克服

Her beauty won her many conquests. 她的美貌赢得许多崇拜者。

→ quotation 引文,报价,行情

Support your argument by quotation. 引用他人的话来支持你的论点。

the latest quotations from the stock exchange 股票交易中的最新行情

--------------------第202 讲

quick ] 快的,迅速的;性急的,不耐烦的

a quick reader 一个快速阅读的人;

a quick ear for music 对音乐灵敏的耳朵

He’s got a quick temper. 他性子急。

quick at 在某方面非常好,精通

He is quick at mathematics. 他的数学非常好

近swift 快的

a swift reaction 一个快的反应

→ quickly 迅速地

We are learning so quickly! 我们学习的真快!

Let’s memorize this word quickly. 让我们赶快记牢时的通过这个单词。

The foreigners always speak so quickly that I can hardly follow.外国人说话很快,我几乎跟不上。

→ quicken [5kwikEn] 使…加速,使…变快

We quicken our steps. 我们加快了脚步。

rail 栏杆,围栏;铁路,铁路运输;责骂,抱怨(复数形式:rails 铁轨)

rail 坐火车旅行;

send by rail 用铁路邮寄信件

railing against the fate 抱怨自己时运不济

→ tail 尾巴,后部;盯梢

→ railroad (美式)铁路,由铁路运输

railroad sth. through sth. 施加压力,使某事迅速及

Railroad a bill through Congress. 国会通过了法案。(隐含义:在施加压力的情况下通过的)

→ railway 铁路(复数形式:railways 铁路系统,铁路部门)

a network of railways run by the state 由国家运营的铁路系统

work on the railways 在铁路部门工作

--------------------第204 讲

quiet 寂静的,文静的,平静的

A quiet voice always can calm us down. 一个轻轻的、文静的声音,总是能够使我们平静下来。

The sea becomes quiet again. 海面又恢复了平静。

Her manner conceals quiet resentment. 她的处事方式掩盖了心中的怨恨。

on the quiet 秘密的,私下的

have a drink on the quiet 私下喝一小杯

近tranquil 安静的

a lake of tranquil blue water reflecting a tranquil blue sky


→ quietness 安静

The quietness of the chapel has casted away noises from the earthen world.


radi 词根表“辐射”

→ radar 雷达

→ madam 夫人

→ radiant 发光的,辐射的

→ radiation 辐射,放射,发射

radiation sickness 辐射病;

low radiation 低辐射

nuclear radiation physics 核辐射物理学

→ radio 收音机,无线电(o 名词后缀)

When I was young I’d listen to the radio, waiting formy favorite song.


→ radium 镭(um 表“化学元素”)

range 系列,范围,幅度;在一系列或某个范围中间变化,变动

range himself 把他自己安定下来

→ arrange 安排,筹备

arrange the meeting 筹备一次会议

→ arrangement 整理,安排

the arrangements of this movement 有关这次活动的一系列安排

→ rank 行列,地位,排行榜;分等级

in the high rank 在上层社会

→ frank 坦白的,直率的