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A Boss's Choice 主管的抉擇

(Which is more important: looking out for your employees or looking out for yourself?


by Beth Bowyer)


Wesley is an advertising manager at an athletic shoe company. Two years ago, he hired a young man named Joseph to work in his department. Since then, Joseph has been an excellent employee. His talent and commitment to his job have helped to increase the company's sales by five percent. He is an asset to Wesley and the entire advertising department.


Yesterday, Wesley's boss called to tell him that a position is now available in the company's marketing department. She asked Wesley to recommend someone for the position. Joseph would be the perfect choice. The position would be a great opportunity for him. However, Wesley doesn't want to lose him.


If you were Wesley, what would you do? 如果你是卫斯理,你会怎么做?

Decision 2 决定二

Wesley: Joseph's dedication to his work makes my job so much easier. I'd really hate to lose him. 卫斯理:约瑟夫对工作尽心尽力,让我做事轻松多了。我实在很不愿意让他。

Martha: I know you don't want him to go, but you need to recommend someone good. 玛撒:我知道你不要他走,但是你必须推荐好的人选。

Wesley: I know. Even though Joseph's the best choice, I just can't imagine working without him. 卫斯理:对啊。即使约瑟夫是最好的人选,但我就是无法想像他不在的情况。

Martha: You should just talk to Joseph. Maybe he would prefer to stay in advertising. 玛撒:你应该找约瑟夫谈谈,说不定他想继续做广告。

Wesley: But when I interviewed him two years ago, a job in marketing was his dream. 卫斯理:但两年前我面试他时,行销工作是他的梦想。

Martha: That was two years ago. Maybe he has changed his mind.


Wesley: Maybe. He has been very successful in advertising.


Martha: Well, perhaps he really enjoys advertising now.


Wesley: Do you think he has given up on marketing?


Martha: You won't know until you ask him.


Wesley: You're right. I'll talk to him tomorrow.


Martha: If he decides to stay, maybe you should give him a raise.


Wesley: Good idea. He's definitely worth more money. Thanks, honey.


Decisions 3 决定三

Wesley: I wish the boss has never called me. This choice is too difficult.


Martha: It's not that difficult, honey. Joseph is the right man for the job. You should recommend him.


Wesley: But our department needs him.


Martha: You'll find other good employees to replace him. You're a good boss. You can train others to do a good job. You shouldn't hold Joseph back.


Wesley: (sign) I know. I'll just have to look for a good replacement. 卫斯理:(叹气)我知道。我只是必须找一个好的人选来代替他。

Martha: I'm sure you'll find one.


Wesley: This marketing job might be a dream come true for Joseph. I should wholeheartedly recommend him.


Martha: Yes, you should. He'll be happy. And you know it is the right thing to do.


Wesley: You're right. Thanks, Martha.


[Word Bank]

dedication (n) 专心;致力

Diane's dedication to her job is clear. She works hard all day and usually stays late.

give up (phr/v) 放弃

I used to take guitar lessons, but I gave up after a few months. They were too hard!

raise (n) 加薪

My mother is a very good employee, so her company gives her a raise every year.

replace (v) 取代;以...代替

Daniel replaced the old table with a new one.

wholeheartedly (adv) 全心全意地

My family wholeheartedly agrees that our grandmother makes delicious apple pie.

[Language Tips]

give up (v/phr) 放弃希望或努力:

I give up halfway through the marathon. 在跑马拉松的中途我就放弃了。

give up on something 对某件事情不再有期待

Henry gave up on acting, and went back to school to finish his degree. Henry放弃当演员,回到学校完成他的学位。

raise (n) 加薪

Ricky asked his boss for a raise. Ricky向老板要求要加薪。

give someone a raise 替某人加薪

Bob gave his assistant a raise for her hard work and good attitude. Bob替他的助理加薪,因为她的工作认真,态度又很好。

replace (v) 代替或取代

Ellen replaced Susan as the new chairperson of the committee. Ellen取代Susan成为新的委员会主席。

We replaced our old computer with a notebook. 我们用笔记型电脑取代旧的电脑。