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A Boss's Choice 主管的抉擇

(Which is more important: looking out for your employees or looking out for yourself?


by Beth Bowyer)


Wesley is an advertising manager at an athletic shoe company. Two years ago, he hired a young man named Joseph to work in his department. Since then, Joseph has been an excellent employee. His talent and commitment to his job have helped to increase the company's sales by five percent. He is an asset to Wesley and the entire advertising department.


Yesterday, Wesley's boss called to tell him that a position is now available in the company's marketing department. She asked Wesley to recommend someone for the position. Joseph would be the perfect choice. The position would be a great opportunity for him. However, Wesley doesn't want to lose him.


If you were Wesley, what would you do? 如果你是卫斯理,你会怎么做?

Decision1 决定一

(Wesley talks to his wife, Martha) (卫斯理和他的太太玛撒商量)

Wesley: If Joseph transfers to the marketing department, I'll lose my best employee! 卫斯理:如果约瑟夫调到行销部,我会失去我最好的下属!

Martha: I know. But he has always wanted to work in marketing. It's a good opportunity for him. 玛撒:我知道,但是他一直想去行销部门上班,对他而言,这是个好机会。

Wesley: Yes, it is. But what if I can't find anyone to replace him? He's my right-hand man! 卫斯理:没错,但要是我找不到人代替他,那该怎么办?他是我的得力助手!

Martha: I'm sure you can find somebody to take his place. 玛撒:我确定你会找到人代替他。

Wesley: I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll recommend Jack for the position instead. 卫斯理:我可没把握。也许我会推荐杰克接这个职位。

Martha: Jack? He's nothing special. He doesn't work as hard as Joseph. Plus, he's a slow learner. 玛撒:杰克?他的表现平平。他不像约瑟夫那么卖力,再说,他学得很慢。

Wesley: I know. He's not the best choice. But I can't lose someone as valuable as Joseph. Even if it means hurting him, I want to keep him in my department. 卫斯理:对啊,他不是最好人选,但是我不能失去像约瑟夫这么可贵的人才。即使这么做是在伤害他,我还是想把他留在我的部门。

[Word Bank]

department (n) 部门

The sales clerk said the electronics department is on the fifth floor.

asset (n) 宝贵的人才

Steve is a really tall and strong. He is an asset to our basketball team.

position (n) 职位

Rob's new position at the bank is better than his old one. He enjoys his work more now.

transfer (v) 转移;调任

After two years of college in his hometown, Charles transferred to a big university in another state.

[More Information]

advertising (n) 广告

right-hand man (idiom) 得力助手

[Language Tips]

asset (n) 有用的资源或人才

Thomas is a most valuable asset to our company. Thomas对我们公司来说是不可或缺的人才。

Having a knowledge of computer software is a real asset in this sort of work. 对于这一类工作,对于电脑软体的了解是很重要的才能。

position (n) 职位或职务 (如果要说明那一个职位 要用of这个介系词)

Karen applied for the position of a assistant manager in our company. Karen申请了我们公司副理的职务。

The position of secretary has already been filled. 秘书的职缺已经请到人了。

transfer (v) 调动;转学;调职 (过去式、过去分词还有现在分词都要重复字尾的r加上-ed或者是-ing)

When Vincent first transferred to our school, he didn't have any friends. 当Vincent刚转学到我们学校的时候,他没有任何朋友。