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Easter at the White House 到白宮過復活節

(Studio Classroom teacher Hazel celebrated Easter in a very special way


by Hazel Johansen)


My mother went all out for this yearly event. She just loved putting together costumes and decorating things that were suitable for the event. One year she created a huge Easter basket. Other years she made an old-time train engine and a sailboat for us to push or pull with us. We were usually the center of attention. Photographers from the press would crowd around us to take pictures. We smiled and waved happily. What a great way to spend the day!


The news


Afterward we would race home to look at the evening newspaper. Often we were front-page news! Easter Monday was the only time we were interested in watching the news. We couldn't wait to see if we were on TV. “Look, look, there we are!” we would

shout as we went back and for the between TV channels. Family members from all across the country would call to say that they had seen us on TV or in the newspaper. How fun to be famous! Even if it was only for a day.


[Work Bank]

go all out (idiom) 倾全力做...;全力以赴

There was a big party for Tom's 50th birthday. His wife went all out for it.

engine (n) 火车头;发动机

That old train is pulled by a steam engine.

press (n) 新闻界

A lot of people from the press went to hear the president's speech.

channel (n) 频道

We get 80 TV channels, so we have a lot of choices of what to watch.

famous (adj) 出名的;著名的

He is a famous singer. Everybody knows who he is.

[Langauge Tips]

go all out (idiom) 全力以赴 (go all out to do sth. / go all out for sth.)

Marcy went all out to win the marathon, she train six times a week. Marcy全力以赴要赢得马拉松比赛,每个星期训练六次。

Our team went all out for the championship. 为了得冠军我们的队伍可以说是全力以赴。

the press (n) 新闻界;大众传播媒体;新闻从业人员 (当动词是指按、压)

This article will be published in the national press tomorrow. 这篇文章明天就会被刊登在全国的报张、杂志上。

The press wasn't allowed into the meeting. 记者不准进入这个会议中。

channel (n) (电视、视讯)频道

Mom loves to watch home-shopping channels. 妈妈很喜欢看家庭购物频道。

He's watching the news on channel 7. (在某个频道是用“on”这个介系词)

[Quick Review]

1. What was the name of the event that Hazel and her family attended at the White House?

a) The Annual Easter Roll b) The Annual Easter Egg Roll c) The Annual Egg Roll

2. What adjective means "soft and unable to hold a shape"

a) Fluffy b) Floppy c) Flippy

3. When was the only time Hazel was interested in watching the news?

a) Easter Day b) Easter Monday c) Christmas Day

(Answers: 1-b; 2-b; 3-b)