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A Taste of Chinese New Year 品尝中国新年的美味菜肴

Good fortune for the next year is served at Chinese New Year 今年的旺财好运在于中国的新年大餐

Chinese New year gathering remind me of Thanksgiving in America. On these occasions, families meet around tables covered will delicious food. Many of the dishes served also have special meanings associated with Chinese New Year. To discover more, I went to a local restaurant for “a taste of Chinese New Year.” 在中国的新年里一家老小吃团圆饭,足以令我想起在美国的感恩节。在这传统的节日里,各家各户都围坐在摆满各种美味佳肴的餐桌上。各种各样菜肴都与中国的新年联想起来并赋予各种的寓意。为了探寻的它们的寓意,我特意到了一家当地的中餐馆“品尝中国新年的美味菜肴”。

New traditions 富有新意的传统菜

The nine-course banquet included many traditional Chinese New Year dishes and some tasty, non-traditional dishes. Popular, non-traditional dishes like seafood, have become more common in recent years. My own Chinese New Year feast started out with three seafood dishes-King’s crab. Thai-style scallops and steamed shrimp. As I savored a bite of garlic-flavored crab, I didn’t mind one bit that it wasn’t traditional. 九道菜肴,它包括很多中国新年的传统菜色,其中有非常好吃的和非传统菜色。广泛流传的和非传统的,象海鲜类已经逐渐成为近年的普通菜肴。而我自己的中国新年大餐则以皇帝螃蟹、泰国干贝和清蒸大虾等三种海味来大刷口福。当我一口一口细味品尝“姜葱蒸大蟹”时,我就甭管它是否是新年的传统菜肴了。

A yummy pair 美味双双而至

The next colorful dish was gingko seeds and mushrooms served on a bed of baby bok choy. The soft texture and mild taste of gingko seeds combined together with mushrooms made a delicious culinary experience. These two favorites in Chinese cuisine show that good things really do come in pairs. 下一道五彩缤纷的菜肴是;由绿油油的鲜嫩小白菜(粤语音)垫底,铺上银杏(白果)蘑菇,其口感鲜嫩的银杏混合蘑菇的香味,其烹调的厨艺绝对一流。这两款中国的新年时菜寓意“所有的好事双双大驾光临”。

[Word bank]

gathering n. 团聚

Most Americans hold family gatherings at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

associate v. 将…与…联想在一起

Pets can be trained to associate good behavior with treats.

texture n. 口感

Patty enjoyed the soft, creamy texture of the cheesecake.

culinary adj. 烹调的,厨房的

Judy attended a culinary school to learn how to cook.

[More informayion]

scallop n. 扇贝

[Today’s word skit]: associate

[Chat room]

yummy; sonic quality; yucky; icky; smooch

[Language tips]

associate v. 使联合 n. 合作的对象

associate with something 与某件事情联想在一起

Many people associate Hollywood with fame and wealth.

associate with someone 与某人来往

Julie’s mom doesn’t like her associating with those drop-outs.

texture n. 一件物品的手感或质感

the smooth texture of silk.

The wood’s rough texture gives the room a touch of country style.

culinary adj. 烹调用的;烹饪的;厨房的

Her culinary skill improved a lot after month ==> months of training. (Corrected by rain_802)

Mom lives to buy all sorts of culinary gadgets.