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When Science Fiction Becomes Fact

In the movies 在电影中

Star Wars featured a bad guy who was part man, part machine. Pure fantasy, right? Not anymore. Real-life Campbell Aird is no bad guy, but he is part machine. The British man has a robotic arm, which he controls by flexing muscles in his shoulders.


In Minority Report, cars drive themselves. Is this really possible? Automakers are already developing cars that can sense and respond to hazards on the road. This technology could save millions of lives. But fully automated cars that allow "drivers" to nap on their morning commute may still be some time off.


In the famous Harry Potter movies, the boy wizard wore a special cloak that made him invisible. In real life, an invisibility cloak could soon emerge from the "magic" of science. Researchers in America and the U.K. are developing special materials that steer light around an object. These materials would make the wearer invisible. And that's no fantasy.


[Usage Tip]

"Star Wars featured a bad guy who was part man, part machine." = "Star Wars featured a bad guy who was half man, half machine." 句中的part man, part machine


1. This child has a German father and an English mother. = The child is half German, half English.

2. A sea plane not only flies but can also float on water. = In some ways, a sea plane is part plane, part boat.

3. A mermaid is part human, part fish.

4. This drink is part coffee, part tea.

[Key Words] flex ; hazard ; automated ; some time off ; cloak (n) 披风/斗篷 ; make sb. invisible

[Word Bank]

flex (v) 伸缩:

The strong man flexed his muscles to impress his girlfriend.

hazard (n) 危险障碍;危险:

Fire fighters and police must face many hazards on their jobs.

automated (adj) 自动化的;自动的:

The factory is fully automated. All the work there is done by machines, not people.

invisible (adj) 隐形的;无形的:

Air is invisible. You can't see it, but it still exists.

[Chat Room]

be no bad guy (非正式用法为了加强语气) = be not a bad guy ; not even close to sth. & not even close 差得远了/大错特错 ; That's no joke! = That's not a joke ; That's no small amount! = That's not a small amount (no取代not有加强语气的作用)

[Today's Word Skit] hazard

[Lauguage Tips]


He flexed his ankles and wrists. ; All the contestants flex their muscles in front of the judges.

flex one's muscles 也可指展示实力:

The country flexed its military muscle through this huge parade.

automated & automatic:

a fully automated assembly line ; an automated teller machine (ATM)

invisible & visible:

invisible ink ; invisible man

invisible to sth.: aircraft invisible to radar


1. The car is fully (invisible/automated) but that doesn't mean you can take a nap!

2. Everyone appreciated Eric's (endeavor/frequency) to quit smoking.

3. Weightlifters love to (inhabit/flex) their muscles to impress people.

(Answer: 1-automated ; 2-endeavor ; 3-flex)