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42. Offering Things and Declining 主动提供与拒绝


A: Would you like a cigarette?


B: No, I don’t smoke. Thanks anyway.



A: Do have some more chicken, please.


B: Oh, I’m full. Thanks.



A: Do you want to wear my coat? I know you’re not used to this cold weather.


B: No, I’m OK. Thanks for the offer though.


43. Requesting an Appointment 请求预约


A: I wonder if you are free tomorrow afternoon. I’d like to have a talk with you.


B: Yes, certainly.



A: May I make an appointment with Dr. White this afternoon?


B: Sorry, he’s got a previously scheduled appointment. Would tomorrow morning be all right with you?


A: Yes, of course.


44. Agreeing or Disagreeing with an Appointment 同意或不同意赴约


A: Do you mind if I visit you this evening?


B: No, of course not.



A: Are you going to the English party tonight?


B: I am sorry to say I can’t. I have plans with my friend.


45. Changing or Canceling an Appointment 改变或取消约会


A: I am afraid I can’t keep my appointment with you this Sunday. I have something important to do.


B: Could we change our appointment to next Monday?


A: Certainly.



A: Can you keep your appointment with Mr. Smith tomorrow?


B: Something urgent has come up, so the appointment will have to be canceled.


46. Agreeing on Time 商定时间


A: Can I see your parents sometime tomorrow?


B: Sorry, they are too busy these days.


A: How about this weekend?


B: Yes, I think so.



A: Do you want to go shopping with me?


B: That’s a good idea. What time is good for you?


A: How about Sunday morning?


B: Sounds good.


47. Showing Interest 感兴趣

【Kim’s Note】I highly recommend all the following dialogues for starting a conversation with someone you don’t know well. Talking about interests is a safe and enjoyable topic.



A: Are you interested in foreign languages?


B: Yes, I am. I have been studying English and Japanese for years.



A: What are you interested in?


B: I am interested in Chinese cooking.


A: Really? So am I.


48. Not Being Interested 表示不感兴趣


A: Gambling is not my cup of tea.


B: That’s a wise attitude. It’s really just a waste of time and money.



A: There is a football match this afternoon.


B: But I think football is boring. Football just isn’t my thing.


49. Preferring 偏爱


A: It is a beautiful day. Would you like to take a walk?


B: No, I’d rather stay at home than go out.



A: I think during the holidays you can stay at home reading novels.


B: I prefer doing something useful outside to staying at home reading.


50. Expressing Willingness 愿意


A: Will you sing at the party this evening?


B: Sure, my pleasure.



A: Would you mind helping me with this problem?


B: I’d be happy to.



A: Excuse me. I was wondering if you’d be willing to switch seats with me?


B: Switch seats?


A: Uh… yes. If you’d be willing to, I’d really appreciate it.


B: All right.


A: Thank you very much.


B: My pleasure.


51. Expressing Unwillingness 不愿意


A: Let’s go and find a restaurant to have dinner.


B: I don’t really want to. I have something important to do right now.



A: Any chance you could give me a lift to the shopping center?


B: Sorry, but I’m not going that way.


52. Approval 赞成


A: Do you support an open policy?


B: Absolutely yes. We will face a totally new economic situation. An open policy is the only way to go.



A: Do you favor the plan to build a new library?


B: Personally, I entirely approve of the plan. The college has been needing a new library for years.



A: How about if I pick you up at about seven?


B: That’s fine with me.


53. Disapproval 不赞成


A: Do you approve of children smoking?


B: Definitely not! I don’t even approve of adults smoking!



A: I’m certainly not in favor of what he has done. What do you think?


B: I don’t know the details, but it sounds bad.



A: Do you approve of the way I organized the English Salon?


B: In all honesty, it could have been better organized.


54. Satisfaction 满意


A: Do you like your office, Miss Wang?


B: I’m very pleased with it.



A: Well Done! Stone. I’m really satisfied with your work.


B: Thank you, Mr. Gates. It’s very nice of you to say so.


55. Believing 相信


A: Do you believe that she plans to stay here for more than three weeks?


B: I have no doubt about it. She always wears out her welcome.



A: Believe me. I’ll do my best to help you, and I won’t let you down.


B: OK. I take your word for it.


56. Disbelieving 不相信


A: Do you believe they’ll raise our salary?


B: I doubt it.



A: They’ve found your book on the third floor.


B: You’re kidding! I looked everywhere for it!



A: The police office gave me only a warning instead of a ticket because I reasoned with him.


B: I’m not so sure I believe that!


57. Determination 决心


A: That guy always makes trouble for me. I’m determined to teach him a lesson.


B: Do you need any help?



A: I have made up my mind to improve my poor English.


B: Let’s make it together.


58.Decision 决定


A: Martin has decided to quit his job.


B: Why? I’m surprised to hear that. It is hard to find a good job. I don't think he should quit right now.



A: Mr. Brown, you’d better pay a deposit now if you really want this car.


B: Well, after I talk it over with my wife, I’ll come to a final decision.



A: You know, …I’ve made a decision.


B: What?


A: I’m going to join the army.


B: Wow! Joining the army! That’s a big decision!


A: I know it is. But I’ve thought about it for a long time, and I’ve decided it’s time to do it.


B: Well, good luck!


59. Must 必须


A: Do we have to include him in the meeting?


B: I think we are obliged to.



A: Sir, you have to pay a deposit if you want to reserve the room.

(先生,如果你想要预订房间, 就得先付定金。)

B: All right. A single room, please.



A: Would I be required to keep receipts for everything I do on my business trip?


B: Yes. You’re expected to.


60. Hesitation 犹豫


A: Have you decided to go to Australia for summer vacation?


B: I’m still hesitating. I have to make a decision before the end of this week.



A: We want to know how long it will take you to repair the TV set.


B: I’m not sure. I’ll have to think it over, probably in three days.



A: Dad, can I possibly have the car tonight? I have a very important date.


B: Uh… Let me think for a minute. Well, I guess so.


A: Thanks.


61. Hoping 表达希望


A: I hope the meeting will be over soon.


B: So do I. It’s really boring.



A: I hope you’re not upset with me.


B: It’s not your fault. Don’t worry. I understand.



A: I’m hoping to have a day off. I’ll go to the seaside, enjoy the beautiful sea, the wonderful beach and lovely girls in their bikinis.


B: OK, wake up. Stop daydreaming. We have a lot of work to do.


62. Indifference 冷漠


A: Do you know Bill can’t come to our party?


B: Yes, I do. But I really don’t care.



A: Did you hear about that? Mary and John got divorced.


B: I can’t say I’m really interested. I think they are both sort of boring.



A: Do you have any strong feelings about my growing a beard?


B: I don’t care one way or the other.


63. Delight 高兴


A: You look very happy.


B: Yes, I can’t say how pleased I am when I was accepted by Beijing University.



A: My wife has just had a son, and they’re both doing well.


B: I’m pleased to hear that.


64. Being excited激动


A: I’m going to Alaska.


B: Wow! That’s fantastic!



A: I’m very excited by the news that Stone broke the world record.


B: He really is an amazing athlete.



A: Have you heard my daughter scored very high on the TOFEL? And she’ll go to Canada for further study next month.


B: How exciting!


65. Desire 渴望


A: I’m dying to have my own car.


B: That’s every American teenager’s desire, too.



A: I’m really longing for a pay raise.


B: Just work hard, man. You’ll get a raise sooner or later.


66.Disappointment 失望


A: It’s a shame we can’t get together.


B: I feel the same way.



A: Has your daughter passed the final exam?


B: No. I’m very disappointed in her for failing the exam.



A: Do you know the picnic has to be put off once again?


B: Yes, I do. How disappointing!


67. Curiosity 好奇


A: What happened?


B: It’s a long story!



A: I’m told that Cai Zhiheng has just got another e-love novel published. I’m so curious about it.


B: Here is a copy of the novel. You can have it.


A: Oh, thanks.



A: I wonder what happened there?


B: I have no idea. But I think maybe something terrible happened, because several policemen are there.


68. Surprise 惊奇


A: The son killed his father.


B: Are you kidding?


A: I’m serious. I read the news in the paper.



A: Yesterday I saw a dog and a cat dancing outside.


B: Are you serious? That sounds crazy.



A: What do you think of my statement?


B: I have to say your statement surprises me.



A: How amazing! Yesterday John drank 20 bottles of beer at one time.


B: I can’t believe that. Did he break up with Mary?


A: Yes. It made him so sad that he can’t stop drinking.


69. Optimism 乐观


A: Are you feeling better now?


B: Yes, much better. There is nothing to worry about. I’ll go to work tomorrow.

(是的,好多了。 没什么可担心的。我明天就去上班了。)


A: Do you think we’ll succeed?


B: I have complete confidence in our success.


70. Pessimism 悲观


A: I think you will pass your driving test easily.


B: To tell you the truth, I’m not too sure. I’m not too hopeful.



A: I have a feeling that we are doomed to lose the game.


B: Come on! We will make it. Trust me!


71. Fear 害怕和恐惧


A: I’m afraid to talk with Stone. He is always so serious.


B: In fact, he is very easygoing.



A: Do you like animals?


B: Yes, I do. But I’m scared of snakes.


72. Worry 担心


A: I’m very concerned that I’m going to fail my English exam.


B: There’s nothing to worry about.



A: How do you find driving in Shanghai?


B: Well, I’m worried about getting lost. It’s so big.


73. Relief 宽慰


A: Excuse me, could you tell me if you accept credit cards?


B: Yes, certainly.


A: Oh, that’s a relief.



A: Have you found your wallet, Sam?


B: Yes. I found it under my seat. You know there is 8,000 dollars in it.


A: Thank goodness you found it.