007 Golden Windows 金窗
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January 7th 7 Golden Windows
There was a small boy living on a farm, he needed to get up before sunrise every morning to start his chores and out again later to do the evening ones.


During sunrise he would take a break and climb up on the fence. So in the distance he could see the house with golden windows. He thought, how great it would be to live there! And his mind would wander to imagine the modern equipment and appliances that might exist in the house. He then promised to himself, “ some day I will go there and see this wonderful place.”


Then,one morning his father told him to stay at home and his fater would do the chores. Knowing that this was the chance, he packed the sandwich and headed acrossed the fields towards the house with the golden windows.


As the afternoon went on, he begin to realize how he misjudged the distance and something else was very wrong. As he approached the house, he saw no golden windows but instead a place in bad need of painting surrounded by a broked-down fence.


He went to the tattered screen door and knocked. A small boy very close to his age opened the door. He asked him if he had seen the house with the golden windows. The boy said, “sure, I know!” And invited him to sit on the porch. As he sat there, he looked back from where he just came, where the sunset turned the windows on his home to gold.