46.Thanks and Replies感谢与回答
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[00:00.00]46 Thanks &Replies




[00:15.89]A:Here's a present for your birthday. B:Cheers!


[00:20.78]A:Open it and see if you like it.


[00:24.58]B:Oh,dear!It looks so nice.


[00:28.85]Thank you so much.


[00:34.03]A:I've had you car fixed.


[00:37.73]B:Thank you so much.A:You're welcome.


[00:42.31]Thanks a million.


[00:47.02]A:Miss Smith,here's a letter from you parents.


[00:52.20]B:I've been looking forward to it.It's here at last.


[00:57.29]Thanks a million.A:That's OK.




[01:05.28]A:What's up,Mary?


[01:08.35]B:Mom is out.Can you come over and cook for me?


[01:13.73]A:No problem.I'll make you the best cakes you've tasted. B:Great!


[01:19.82]Thank you for...


[01:24.22]A:Can you understand it now?


[01:27.62]B:Yes,sir.Thank you for your patience. A:That's all right.


[01:33.53]Thank you very much for...


[01:39.31]A:Do you enjoy your stay here?


[01:43.30]B:It's wonderful!Thank you very much for your invitation.


[01:49.20]A:I'm very glad you enjoyed it.


[01:52.99]It is very good of you to...


[01:59.57]A:It's very good of you to show me the way.


[02:04.25]B:Please don't mention it.


[02:07.94]A:Hope to see you again. B:See you!

[02:10.13]希望能再见到您 。再见!

[02:12.31]It was ever so nice of you to ...


[02:18.19]A:It was ever so nice of you to translate the letter for me.


[02:23.98]B:I also learn something from it.

[02:26.03]我也从中学了些东西 。

[02:28.08]A:Is it troublesome? B:No trouble at all.


[02:32.57]It's so sweet of you to ...


[02:39.36]A:It's so sweet of you to borrow those books for me.


[02:44.16]B:It's just so convenient to do it.


[02:48.55]A:It's very nice to have a friend like you.


[02:53.33]I really appreciate...


[02:59.71]A:How is your interview?


[03:03.00]B:Just fine,and I really appreciate your accompanying me here.


[03:08.98]A:That's OK.I happen to be free.


[03:13.37]I really can't thank you enough.


[03:20.95]A:I really can't thank you enough.


[03:25.44]B:It was the least I could do.


[03:29.23]A:If it were not for you,I would have to sleep in the waiting room


[03:34.82]It's most thoughtful of you.


[03:41.02]A:Good grief!I forgot to take some water along.


[03:46.70]B:Take it easy.I take two bottles of puritied water.


[03:52.68]A:It's most thoughtful of you.


[03:56.47]You're most understanding.


[04:02.57]A:I'm sorry to make you miss the bus.


[04:07.27]B:You didn't intend to do it.


[04:11.06]A:You're most understanding.


[04:14.45]I can never thank you enough for...


[04:22.66]A:Excuse me,who's Mr.Smith? B:I am.what is it?


[04:29.14]A:I can never thank you enough for saving my son's life.


[04:34.63]B:It's all right.Everyone would have done the same in my position.


[04:40.82]I do appreciate your timely help.


[04:47.83]A:What else can I do for you?


[04:52.32]B:Nothing more.I do appreciate your timely help.


[04:58.01]A:It's my pleasure.


[05:01.20]I'd like to express my gratitude for...


[05:09.10]A:I should like to express my gratitude for your kindness.


[05:13.97]B:I'm delighted I was able to help.


[05:17.95]A:Our staff and students will never forget you.


[05:22.82]I'm much obliged to you.


[05:29.21]A:I feel suffocated.Would you be kind enough to stop smoking?


[05:35.50]B:Of course,madam. A:I'm much obliged to you.


[05:41.09]I'm glad to be some service.


[05:48.58]A:Has David passed the entrance examination?


[05:53.86]B:Yes.I really don't know how I can thank you enough.


[05:59.45]A:I'm glad to be of some service.


[06:03.53]Responding to Thanks


[06:09.50]It's a pleasure.


[06:14.88]A:Is your mother all right? B:She's feeling better now.


[06:20.98]Thank you for taking my mom to the hospital.A:It's a pleasure.


[06:26.57]My pleasure.


[06:31.87]Thank you for informing me of the bad credit of the company.My pleasure.


[06:38.66]A:That saved me a large amount of money.