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lamina/['læminə]/ n. 薄板, 薄片, 薄层, 叶片 ...
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第一季 第一集

That's it. 完成了

Can I just,you know,look at it for a minute? 能让我欣赏下吗?

You're an artist,Sid. 你真是个艺术家 Sid

You're telling me you're just gonna walk out of here 你打算就这么走出门

and I'm never going to see it again. 我就再也看不到这个杰作了?

There's a good chance of that,yes. 是的

Most guys,you know,for the first one, 大部分人刚开始纹身的时候

they start with something small. 都会先画些小的东西

"Mom",girlfriend's initials,something like that. “妈妈”、女朋友名字缩写什么的

Not you. 而你不是

You get a full set of sleeves,all in a couple of months. 才几个月的工夫就做了整个一套

Takes guys a few years to get the ink you got. 换了别人要做好几年呢

I don't have a few years. 我没有好几年的工夫

Wish to hell I did. 我巴不得有

The vault. Open it. 把保险柜打开

We can't. The branch manager's not here. 不行,分行长不在

Where is he? 他在哪里?

It's lunchtime.He's at White Castle. 现在是午饭时间,他在白色城堡

White Castle? 白色城堡?

It's a fast food restaurant. 是个快餐厅

those little squ 供应那些方形的汉堡

I know what it is. 我知道那是什么

I'm not playing games. 我不是在玩游戏

Open it. 打开

Sir,you have a half a million dollars cash in your bag. 先生,你袋子里已经有50万美元的现金

Don't you think it would be better...? 你是不是可以再重新考虑一下

This is the police. 我们是警察

You are completely surrounded. 你已被完全包围

Put down your weapon. 放下武器

Put down your weapon now. 马上放下武器

Rarely in the case of armed robbery do we hear a plea of no contest. 我们几乎没见过武装抢劫案件中 辩方完全不抗辩

Are you sure about this,Mr. Scofield? Scofield先生,你肯定吗?

I'm sure,Your Honor. 我肯定,法官大人

Your Honor,we'd like to recess if we could. 法官大人 我们想请求休庭

My client's a bit confused at the moment. 我的委托人头脑有点不清楚

I'm not,Your Honor. 我没有,法官大人

He is, Your Honor. 他有,法官大人

Perhaps you should heed your representation's advice, 也许你该听从你律师的意见

take some additional time to consider your response. 再好好考虑考虑

I've already done that,Your Honor. 我已经考虑好了 法官大人

I'll retire to my chambers to determine sentencing. 我会在办公室里研究究竟该怎么判

Court's recessed until 1:30. 现在休庭 下午1点半继续开庭

Come on,Let's go. 我们走

Uncle Mike? Mike叔叔?

I didn't want you to come. 我没让你来

Go home,LJ. LJ 回家去

I didn't want you to see this. 我不想让你看到我这样

na take this well. 他一时会接受不了的

Can you blame him? He's your nephew. 你能怪他吗?他是你侄子

He's beginet that anybody he attaches himself to 他现在以为 谁和他亲

is gonna end up in prison... 谁最后就得坐牢...

and he's not the only one who's starting to feel that way,Michael. 说实话 不止他一人这么想 Michael

Will you give us a minute? 让我们说会儿话可以吗?

One minute. 就一分钟

Don't you understand? 你难道不明白吗? 你刚才算是把生杀大权交到了那女的手上

and she's gonna lob it at you like a grenade. 她会象扔手榴弹似的还击你

Justice and punishment are the same thing to her. 审判和惩罚对她来说是一回事的

I know. 我知道

Then will you please tell me what's going through your head? 那么请你告诉我你脑子里究竟怎么想的?

We've been over this. 我们说好了不谈这个

I've known you my entire life. 我从小就认识你

You don't have a violent bone in your body, 我知道你天性善良

and I know you didn't need the money. 我也知道你不需要钱

Veronica. Veronica

Why won't you let me help you? 干吗不让我帮你?

You've been good to me. 你一直对我很好

My whole life,you have... 从小到大 你...

but you've gotta let me deal with this.Okay? 但是这次你得放手让我做 好吗?

Given your lack of prior criminal conduct, 鉴于你没有案底

I am inclined toward probation. 我很想给你缓刑

However,the fact that you discharged a deadly weapon 但是你在犯罪过程中

during the commission of the crime suggests malice to me. 开枪射击了 这说明你有恶意动机

For that reason, 鉴于此

I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell,Mr. Scofield. 我必须判你牢狱之刑 Scofield先生

It says here that you've requested to be incarcerated 你提出要在芝加哥

somewhere near your home here in Chicago. 你家附近监狱服刑

I'm willing to honor that. 我尊重你的意见

The closest level one facility to... 离那最近的一级监狱...

Level one? 一级?

That's maximum security,Your Honor. 那可是监管最严密的监狱 法官大人

I would ask counsel to refrain from interrupting me. 我说话时律师请不要打断

As I was saying, 我刚才说了

the closest level one facility would be Fox River State Penitentiary. 离那最近的一级监狱是狐狸河州立监狱

As for the term of your sentence, 至于刑期

I'm setting it at five years. 我判5年

You'll be eligible for parole in half that time. 刑期2年半后可以假释

Sentence to be carried out immediately. 本宣判即刻生效

All right,people,step inside the door and check yourself for bugs. 好了 一个个的都进来 检查是否携带窃听器

When you hear the knock,step out.Keep the line moving. 听见敲门声 就出来 下一个继续

We ain't got all day to get this done. 我们可没一天时间和你们耗

Let's go. Move it. No more talking in line. 快点进去 不要讲话

Move it. You got less than five minutes to take a shower. 快点 五分钟之内冲个凉

Keep the line moving. Keep it moving. 都动起来 快点

Move it. Right now. Let's go. Move,move. Next! 往前走 快点 往前走

Next down in the banks,dress.Let's go. 然后去储存室 换衣服 快点

Name and back number. 姓名 号码

Scofield,Michael.94941. Scofield Michael 94941

Are you a religious man,Scofield? 信教吗 Scofield?

Never really thought about it. 从来没想过

Good,'cause the Ten Commandments don't mean a box of piss in here. 很好 因为十诫在这狗屁不值

We got two commandments and two only. 我们这只有两诫

The first commandment is you got nothing coming. 第一诫是你在这就是暗无天日

What's the second commandment? 那第二诫呢?

See commandment number one. 参考第一诫

Gotcha. 了解

You talking out the side of your neck? 你说话绕弯吗?

Come again? 什么?

I said,are you being a smartass? 我问你是不是喜欢讽刺人?

Just trying to fly low,avoid the radar,boss. 只不过想保持低调 不想引起注意 长官

Do my time... and get out. 服完刑 就走人

There isn't any flying under my radar. 我管辖内什么调也没有!

Good to know. 那更好

Hey,can a brother get some air conditioning up here,coach? 嘿 哪位兄弟上来装个空调?

It's hotter than a crack ho's mouth,man. 比吸毒妓女的热吻还要热

To hell with the A.C.,man.Give me the crack ho. 空调就不管啦 来个妓女也行啊

Come on! 快点

Yo,Fish!What you looking at? 喂 新来的 你看什么看啊?

You look kind of pretty to be up in here,man. 小白脸跑这来干吗了?

Fish! 新来的!

I suggest you take a seat,Fish. 你最好还是坐下来 新来的

Ain't nothing to d 在这就是来服刑的

Ain't nobody gonna serve it for you. 也没人会替你服刑

Welcome to Prisneyland,Fish. 欢迎来到监狱乐园 新来的

You wanna talk about it? 你想谈谈吗?

No,it's not worth talking about. 不 没什么好谈的

If it's keeping you up,it is. 如果让你睡不着 就非谈谈不可了

Oh,it's just... 哦 其实...

it's nothing,you know. 其实也没什么

Michael's case. Michael的案子

You did the best you could. 你已经尽力了

Yeah,but he didn't. 我是的,但是他没有

He just sort of rolled over.He didn't put up a fight. 他就当睡觉翻个身似的 没任何反抗

It's not like him. 这不象他的作风

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be talking about him. 对不起,我不该跟你谈他的事

Hey,if it's on your mind,it's on your mind,right? 你怎么想是你的自由 对吗?

Good night. 晚安

All wings,guard coming out. 所有狱警戒备

All wings,guard coming out. 所有狱警戒备

Trey Street Deuces got the hoops. Trey Street Deuces霸占着篮球场

Nortenos got the bleachers. Nortenos霸占着看台

Woods got the weight pile. Woods霸占着举重场

The C.O.s got the rest. The C.O.就霸占着其他地方

I'm telling you,the guards are the dirtiest gang in this whole place. 告诉你吧 这的狱警和我们一样坏

The only difference between us and them is the badge. 唯一的区别是他们戴着警徽

Who's the pet lover? 抱宠物的是谁?

He'll deny it,but he's D.B. Cooper. 他自己不承认 不过他就是D.B. Cooper (D.B. Cooper是著名劫机大盗 携带巨款跳伞而逃)

Parachuted out of a plane 30 years ago 30年前从飞机上跳伞下来

with a million and a half in cash. 还带着150万现金

Doesn't look like the type. 可他看上去不象坏人啊

Who does? 谁看上去就象啊?

Hey! What up,Wholesale? 嘿 好啊 “大把商”

You okay? 你怎么样啊?

Gonna be greater later. 好毙了

Yeah. 耶

What you doing with this fish,man? 你跟这新来的混在一起干吗?

He's my new cellie. 他是我新来的狱友

Wholesale's got it wired up out of commissary. “大把商”跟贩卖部的有关系

Anything you want,he can get it for you. 你要什么 他能给你弄什么

You keep handing out my jacket, 你再一天到晚和别人说这事

I swear I'm gonna bust your grape. 我发誓打爆你的头 (这里“头”和“葡萄”是同一个单词grape)

Man,you couldn't bust a grape in Napa with a set of cleats on. 你在Napa县就算给你副防滑钉 你也搞不动葡萄 (Napa县是世界著名葡萄酒产地)

What are you talking about?Man,you want to bump your gums. 你说什么?! 找打啊!

Oh,no,no. Now you're talking,talking,talking... 不 不 不 这么说才像样嘛...

I'm looking for someone. 我在找人

Guy named Lincoln Burrows. 叫Lincoln Burrows

Linc the Sink? Linc“水槽”?

That what they're calling him now? 他们现在叫他这个?

Yeah. 是呀

As in,he'll come at you with everything but the kitchen... 他要是找你麻烦 就差拿厨房砸你了...

Snowflake. 白鬼佬

Where can I find him? 在哪能找到他?

Man killed the vice-president's brother. 这个家伙杀了副总统的兄弟

and in a month,he's getting the chair, 再有一个月 他就坐电椅啦

which means no one up this river is more dangerous than him, 也就是说整个监狱没有哪个比他还危险

'cause he's got nothing' to lose now. 因为他没什么好损失的了

What are they gonna do? Kill him twice? 他们能把他怎么着?再杀一次?

There a way I can get to him? 我有办法接近他吗?

Oh,no. The only time those boys get out is for chapel and P.I. 不行 他们出来的唯一时间是做礼拜和P.I.

P.I.What's that? P.I.是什么?

Prison Industry. 监狱工厂

The guys that get along,get to work. 这帮人都得干活

You know,painting,scrapping,making mattresses,you name it. 刷刷漆 拣拣废料 做做床垫什么的

I wouldn't get excited,though,if I were you,Fish. 新来的 我要是你 可不会太激动

You sniffing' none of P.I. 监狱工厂你是没指望了

Why's that? 为什么?

'Cause John Abruzzi runs it. 因为是John Abruzzi在经营

John Abruzzi John Abruzzi? John Abruzzi John Abruzzi?

John Abruzzi John Abruzzi. John Abruzzi John Abruzzi

Why you wanna see Burrows so bad anyhow? 你为什么这么急着要见Burrows?

Because he's my brother. 因为他是我哥哥

They denied the motion.Then do it again. -他们驳回上诉了 -那就继续上诉

I can't. That's it. 不行了 没办法了

May 11. That's the date,man. 5月11日就是...

That's the date they,uh... you know... 就是

execute me. 执行死刑的日子

I know. 我知道

I didn't kill that man,Michael. 我没杀那个人 Michael

The evidence says you did. 可证据表明是你杀了

I don't care what the evidence says.I didn't kill him. 我才不管证据怎么说 我知道我没有杀人

Swear to me. 向我发誓

I swear to you,Michael. 我发誓 Michael

But how did they get it wrong then? 可他们怎么会弄错了呢?

The courts,the appeals... 法庭 上诉...

Don't know. Don't know. 我不知道 我不知道

All I keep thinking,looking back on it is,uh... 我现在仔细想来...

I was set up. 我是被陷害的

And,whoever it was that set me up wants me in the ground as quickly as possible. 不管是谁想陷害我 他巴不得我早点入土

What's another word for "love"? “爱”的近义词是什么?

What's the context? 什么语境?

Oh,you know. 哦你也知道的

The "I love you so much "I ain't never knocking “我爱你呀” “我再也不

over "a liquor store again" context. 在酒店醉酒闹事了”的语境

Except,you know,classy. 不要太花哨的

I'm proposing to my girl,if you gotta know. 其实我是向我女朋友求婚

In a letter? 写信求婚?

You got a better way? 你还有别的好办法?

Face-to-face works pretty good. 面对面很有效呀

This place ain't exactly the romantic spot. 这种地方可不是什么浪漫之都

I'm gonna have her go get on the Staten Island Ferry. 让她去史坦顿岛渡轮

Then,once she can see the Empire State Building, 一旦可以看见帝国大厦

she opens 她就打开信

Ex that I won't be there. 我就好像和她在一起了

ikng there 当然我不是真和她在一起

Try "passion." 用“激情”一词吧 (激情:passion)

Ooh! Ooh! "Passion. Passion" That's dope. 哦 哦 “激情” “激情” 这个酷

Passion. 激情?

How do you spell that? 怎么写啊?

Is it "pash..."? Uh-uh. 是“pash...”?

No "h"? 没有“h”?

LJ,hold up. LJ 等等

Hold up. 等等

I don't think I can go through with this. 我可能撑不下来

Everything's going to be fine. 一切都没事的

Trust me. 相信我

We understand each other,then? 都听明白了吧?

Yeah. Friday. 是的 周五

Not Saturday. Not Sunday. Friday. 不是周六 不是周日 是周五

Totally understood. 完全明白

I don't want hundreds,I don't want fives,I don't want ones. 我不要100块 5块 和 1块面额的

I know,I know. 我知道 我知道

Tens and 20s only. 只要10块和20块面额的

It's on. 开始行动

Police! 警察!

Abruzzi,I need you to hire me a P.I. Abruzzi 我要你雇我进监狱工厂

Beat it. 滚

Maybe you ought to hear what I got to say. 也许你可以听听我要说的

You got nothing I need. 你那我没什么想要的

Wouldn't be too sure of that. 我可不这么想

My mistake. 看来我还真错了

Just what I need... a duck. 还真是我需要的...一只鸭子

A P.I.,Abruzzi. 监狱工厂 Abruzzi

You might find I can be of more assistance than you think. 你说不定会发现我能帮的忙大着呢

Mull it over. 你好好想想吧

Come find me when you're ready to talk. 想好了就找我谈谈

All right,guys,pick it up! 好了 各位 抓紧点

I want to get home tonight! 我今晚还要回家呢

Maggio. Maggio

Yeah? So? 什么事?

That's the son of a bitch that fingered Abruzzi. 就是这个混蛋告发的Abruzzi

That's Fibanacci? 是Fibanacci?

I thought the punk was gone forever. 我以为这家伙死了

Evidently,somebody found him. 很明显 有人找到他了

Somebody messing with us? 有人故意耍我们?

This you're not going to believe. 你看看这个 你不会相信的

What is it? 这是什么?

Tattoo looks fresh. Hold that. 纹身看上去挺新的 按住

I guess,being a diabetic,you don't mind needles. 看来糖尿病患者还真是不怕针呢

I'm Michael,by the way. 我叫Michael

Scofield. I read your report. 姓Scofield 我看了你的档案

And you are? 那你是...?

Dr. Tancredi will do. Tancredi医生

Tancredi like the governor? Tancredi 跟州长一个姓?

You're not related,are you? 你们不会是亲戚吧?

Wouldn't think you'd find the daughter 只是没想到

of Frontier Justice Frank working in a prison. 州长的女儿会在监狱里工作

As a doctor,no less. 还是个医生呢

I believe in being part of the solution,not the problem. 我愿意做解决问题的途径之一 而不是问题本身

Be the change you want to see in the world. 欲变世界 先变其身

What? 什么?

Nothing. That was just my senior quote. 没什么 碰巧是我四年级时的座右铭

That was you? 原来是你说的啊?

This whole time,I was thinking it was Gandhi. 我一直以为是甘地说的

You're very funny. 你可真逗

Sit tight. Put direct pressure on that.I'll be back in a sec. 坐好了 手压着别松 我就回来

So,how do we play this? 那么我们怎么安排?

You hook me up with a few weeks' supply? 你一下子给我开几个星期的药?

Nice try. No hypos on the floor. 你想得美 这里可不允许瘾君子

I'm the farthest thing from a junkie. Trust me. 我是绝对不会吸毒得 相信我

I got news for you,Michael. 实话和你说了吧 Michael

"Trust me" means absolutely zero inside these walls. “相信我”这话在高墙内没任何分量

The only way you're getting that insulin is if I'm administering it. 你得到胰岛素得唯一途径就是我来注射

Guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other,then,huh? 看来我们以后会常见面了 是吗?

I guess so. 是呀

We're all clear on the Burrows execution. Burrows的死刑一切准备就绪

Good. Except for one thing. -很好 -不过还有件事

Bishop McMorrow is not in the fold. McMorrow主教还不知情

He's got a lot of influence with the governor. 他在州长那很有影响力

They went to prep school together,apparently. 他们以前好像念的同一所公立学校

Look,the closer it gets, 日子越接近

the more I'm worried that the bottom is going to fall out of this whole thing. 我越担心最后会出纰漏

Well,maybe it's time you arranged a visit with the good bishop then. 也许你可以安排一下去见见我们的主教大人

Look,in one month, 一个月后

it'll all be over. 这事就过去了

The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men 上帝之子将交给罪人

and be crucified and,the third day,rise again. 在十字架上处死 三天后又复活

And they remembered his words,and so should you. 他们记住了他留下的箴言 你们也应该记住

Good day,gentlemen.May God be with you. 各位好 愿上帝与你们同在

Michael. Michael

Why? 你来干什么?

I'm getting you out of here. 我要救你出去

Burrows,roll it up. Happy hour's over. Burrows 快点走 欢乐时光结束了

It's impossible. 那不可能

Not if you design the place that isn't. 除非这个监狱并不是那么完美

Too formal. 太正式了

Too greeting card. 象问候贺卡

make a decision sooner or later,you know. 我们迟早得定下来

,in time 我们有的是时间呀

actually. 其实我们没有

I mean,at some point, 到了某个时候

we got to pull the trigger on this thing. 该做的总得要做呀

I don't want to rush this. 我可不想那么急

We're only going to do it once. 我们可就做一次

We have to get it right. 怎么也得做好了

Honey,can I ask you something? 亲爱的 我能问个问题吗?

Of course. 当然可以

Are you putting this off? 你是不是想推迟?

What do you mean? 什么意思?

I... I mean,are you having second thoughts? 我...我是说你是不是后悔了?

No. Honey,no. 没有 亲爱的 没有

I'm not. 我没有

I don't know. 我也不知道怎么了

I just can't help thinking this is about... Not. 可我老认为这个和... 不

I love you... 我爱你...

and I want to be your wife. 我想成为你的妻子

Passion? 激情?

What were you thinking? 你是怎么想的?

Hey,you went for it. 嘿 你自己也同意了

She probably thinks I went sissy up in here. 她说不定认为我在这变得女人气了

"Passion." Got more than one syllable, “激情” 超过一个音节了

too much talkin'. 废话太多

That's me from now on. 现在我改规矩了

One-syllable Sucre. 以后只写单音节的词

Yes. No. Love. Hate. Love. 是 不 爱 恨 爱

Give it time. 要点时间的嘛

Are you kidding? 你开什么玩笑?

I proposed to her. 我这是在求婚!

That doesn't take time. 可不能等

Si or no. 是 还是 不

One syllable,man. 单音节

She's supposed to come around for a conjugal on Tuesday. 她应该周二就来探监了

She's always calling me beforehand, 她以前总是提前打电话

letting me know she's coming. 告诉我她要过来

This time,man,I ain't heard a peep. 这次什么消息也没有

You spooked her. 你把她吓着了

Scofield... Scofield...

get it together. 起来吧

Pope wants to see you. 监狱长要见你

No good,Fish. 不是好事啊 新来的

No one gets an audience with the Pope. 没人去见监狱长

Not unless he's real interested in what you got going on. 除非他对你做的事感兴趣

Top of your class at Loyola. Loyola的尖子生

Magna cum laude,in fact. 获优等成绩

I can't help wondering what someone 我就纳闷了象你这么优秀的人才

with your credentials is doing in a place like this. 跑到这种鬼地方干什么

Took a wrong turn a few months back,I guess. 也许是几个月前拐错弯了

You make it sound like a traffic infraction. 你说的好像是交通违规似的

Like all you did was turn the wrong way up a one-way street. 就像在单行道上开错方向

Everyone turns up one sooner or later. 人人迟早都会发生点意外

The reason I called you here... 我叫你过来是因为...

I noticed in your I-file,under occupation, 我发现你在你档案的“职业”一栏

you put down 'unemployed.' 写的是“无业”

That's not true,now,is it? 这不是真的吧?

I know you're a structural engineer,Scofield. 我知道你其实是名结构工程师 Scofield

Shah Jahan built the Taj Majal as a monument 沙迦汗造了泰姬陵

to his undying love for his wife. 为了表达他对妻子永恒的爱

My wife is quite fond of the story. 我妻子很喜欢这个故事

It appeals to the romantic in her. 这唤起了她内心的浪漫情怀

Being married to someone in Corrections... terrible job. 嫁给一位在监狱工作的人

Wouldn't wish it on anyone. 谁愿意呢

And yet,in 39 years my wife has never complained. 但是结婚39年来 我妻子从来没抱怨过

And the worst part about it is,I've never thanked her. 可让我更愧疚的是 我从来没感谢过她

So,because I couldn't say it, 因为我说不出口

I thought,you know,I could build it. 但我觉得我可以造出来

Come June,it's our 40th anniversary. 6月份就是我们结婚40年纪念日

But here,look... 但是 你看这...

you see,the problem is... 问题是...

I build anymore, 我要是再造下去

it's all gonna come down like a house of cards. 就要塌掉

That's where I was hoping you could be of assistance. 希望你能帮上忙

For the favor, 作为回报

I can offer you three days of work a week in here. 我可以让你在这一周工作三天

And it'll keep you off the yard. 你也不用去操场

I can't do it. 不行

Son,it's better for me to owe you one in here 孩子 在这个地方我欠你个人情

than it is for you to owe me one,I can promise you that. 绝对比你欠我个人情要好

I'll take my chances. 我倒愿意试试

Then we're through here. 那么我们就没什么好说的了

Guard! 警卫!

Two pounds of pot? 两磅的大麻?

What were you trying to do,set a record? 你想干什么?留下案底吗?

It's not funny,LJ. 这不是闹着玩的 LJ

You could be going to jail. 你会坐牢的

It's pretty obvious to me you need some guidance. 很明显你需要人给你做做思想工作

Hey. 嘿

Thanks. 谢谢

From who,old Daddy Warbucks? 听谁的说教?Warbucks老爹? <Daddy Warbucks是连载漫画《孤女安妮》里的亿万富翁>

Give him a chance. He's a good man. 别这么说 他是个好人

We got nothing in common. 我们没有共同点

Where is this coming from,LJ? 你究竟是怎么了 LJ?

Last semester you were getting almost all A's and now... 上学期你还全是“优” 可现在...

It's your father,isn't it? 是你父亲的缘故 是吧?

I don't have a father. 我没有爸爸

It wasn't an immaculate conception,honey. 你不是圣灵怀胎出来的 亲爱的

Maybe it's time we went and saw him. 也许我们应该去看看他

Mom... 妈...

Ma... 妈...

Don't. 别

I'm about as excited by the prospect as you are, 我和你对未来都充满了希望

but something's gotta give. 但是需要代价的

You have got too much potential to be screwing up your life like this. 你是个有潜力的孩子 你不能就这么自毁前程

What if they'd sent you to Taylorville or Marion and not here? 万一他们把你关到Taylorville或Marion 而不是这 你怎么办?

I think I'd be doing the same thing I'm doing here. 应该和现在一样吧

Eating Jell-O,drinking Kool-Aid... 吃吃果冻 喝喝葡萄味苦艾...

I know what you're doing. 我知道你想干嘛

It's not luck of the draw that you're in here with Lincoln. 你和Lincoln关在一起绝非巧合

You forget I know you.Both of you. 你忘了我了解你 你们俩

You two have the most dysfunctional idea of love I've ever seen. 你们的兄弟之情恐怕是我见过的最古怪的了

What,he beats you up to keep you off the streets, 他不让你在街头混

so you get yourself tossed into Fox River with him? 你就跑到这个监狱来好跟他关在一起?

To what? 干什么呢?

? 救他?

I deserve to know.I loved him as much as you did. 我应该知道 因为和你一样 我曾经爱过他

Past tense for you,maybe. 你的爱是过去时

Not me. 可我的不是

I gave him a shot when I got back from college. 我大学毕业后曾给他机会

> 我给过

I did everything I could to make it work. 就在那种情况下 我还是努力想搞好关系

And he threw it away. 但他自己把机会扔掉

You ever think maybe he was hurt that you left in the first place? 你有没有想过也许是 因为你当初先离开了他

Don't do this. 你别这么做

Whatever it is you're doing,don't do it. 不管你想干什么 别干

There's a better way. 还有更好的办法

I'm already appealing your case. 我已经提起上诉了

I told you to leave... 我说过让你别...

I've gotten in touch with the diocese about Lincoln. The bishop... 我联系了Lincoln所在的主教教区 主教他...

That won't stop it. 没用的

It'll only delay it. 只是权宜之计

You want to do something? 你要是真想帮忙

You find out who's trying to bury him. 就去查出究竟是谁要至他于死地

Nobody's trying to bury him. 没人要至他于死地

The evidence was there. 证据充足

The evidence was cooked. 证据是伪造的

Visiting hours are now over. 探监时间结束

Take care of yourself. 你多保重

Someone wants him dead,Veronica. 有人要至他于死地 Veronica

Something more is going on here. 这背后有阴谋

This is desperation,Michael. 你是在孤注一掷 Michael

You're grabbing at straws. 想抓救命稻草

You're in denial. Maybe. -你是在拒绝承认痛苦的现实 -也许吧

But I can't watch him die. 但我不能眼睁睁地看着哥哥死去

I won't do that. 我不会这么做的

Gentlemen... 先生们...

What is it about the Burrows situation that I can help you with? Burrows的这个案子我能帮上什么忙吗?

It's our understanding 据我们所知

that you have great influence with the governor. 我在州长那有很大的影响力

I wouldn't say it's great or influence. 我可不敢说什么“很大”或是“影响力”

We're friends. 我们只是朋友

It's also our understanding that you oppose thnalty. 我们也知道您反对死刑

I'm a man of God.How could I not? 我是信仰上帝的人 当然要反对了

In this case,we're hoping you'll suspend that position. 这个案子 我们希望您能保留您的立场

At least temporarily. 至少是暂时的

If the inmate appeals to me for intervention, 如果囚犯需要我的干预

how can I turn my back on him? 我又怎么能袖手旁观呢?

You have a habit of answering a question with a question. 你很喜欢拿问题去回答别人的问题

And you have a way of asking questions that beg more questions. 你也很喜欢问那种越追究 问题越多的问题

Are you saying you won't do it? 你是说您不打算那么做了?

I'm not a man to equivocate. 我不是模棱两可的人

You're what... 62 years old now,Your Excellency. 您...有62岁了吧 主教大人

That's right. 没错

I would assume,then, 那么

that you'd be well-versed in how our government's tax system works. 你应该很清楚我们政府的 税收制度是怎么运作的吧

Taking personal capital gains under the church's tax shelter 把自己的个人所得算到教会名下

well,that would be fraud,wouldn't it,Your Excellency? 应该算是欺诈行为吧 主教大人

I will not be cowed into forsaking my beliefs. 我不会因为被恐吓而去放弃我的信仰

Not by you or anyone else. 你休想 谁也不可能

Admirable. 敬佩啊

Good day,Excellency. 祝一切都好 主教大人

Mr. Kellerman Kellerman先生

What is it about this case that the Secret Service is so interested in? 特勤处的人为什么对这个案子如此感兴趣?

The man killed the vice-president's brother. 那人杀了副总统的兄弟

What'd he say? 他说什么?

You heard me. 你听见了呀

Someone found Fibanacci. 有人找到Fibanacci了

I'm looking at the photos right now. 我正看着他的照片呢

Son of a bitch has a beard,sunglasses 这个混蛋留了胡子 还戴着太阳镜

Witness Protection,if I ever saw. 一看就知道是证人保护计划

Who was this someone? 是谁发的信?

Oh,there's no return address on the envelope. 信封上没有写信人地址

Just. 就是

This folded-up bird made of paper 纸折的鸟

Like origami? 象折纸手工?

Yeah,like that. 是呀 就象那个

Like origami. 象折纸手工

You're Charles Westmoreland,right? 你是Charles Westmoreland吗?

Do I know you? 我认识你吗?

I knew your wife before she passed. 我认识你妻子 没过世前

You knew Marla? 你认识Marla?

You mean Anne? 你是说Anne?

How'd you know her? 你怎么认识她的?

We talked together in Boston. 我们在波士顿谈过话

East Farmington. 东Farmington

You mean West Wilmington? 是西Wilmington?

No more tests. 不会再故意试探你了

I promise. 我保证

Seems you know everything about me. 看来你知道我的一切

Who are you? 你究竟是什么人?

Michael Scofield. Michael Scofield

How'd you get it in here? 你怎么把它带到牢里?

First off,she's not an it. 首先 不是“它” 是“她”

She's Marilyn and she's grandfathered back from the days 她叫Marilyn 自从监狱里允许犯人携带宠物

when prisoners were allowed a creature comfort or two. 她就被获准进来了

I heard you were D.B. Cooper. 听说你外号叫D.B. Cooper

Every new fish comes in here, 凡是新人进来

first thing they hear, 头一个听到的

is that Charles Westmoreland is D.B. Cooper. 便是Charles Westmoreland是D.B. Cooper

I'll tell you like I tell them. 和他们一样 我实话告诉你吧

You want the Cooper story? 你想听关于Cooper的故事?

I can't give it to you,'cause I'm not him. 我没法告诉你 因为我不是他

It's too bad.Sort of wish it was true. 真可惜 倒希望你是

The man's a legend. 那人是个传奇人物

Nowhere near as much as I wish it was true,friend. 朋友 我比你还希望我是呢

I'd have a million-five waiting for me on the outside. 这样我就有150万美元等着我了

I'd put some grass under 'em if I were you. 我要是你就不会招惹他们

This thing would go a whole lot easier if you'd just hire me. 当初你要是直接雇了我这事不就简单多了

What is this all about? 你究竟想干什么?

Say you were able to get outside those walls? 假如你能逃出高墙

Would you have the people in place 你能找到人

to make sure you disappeared forever? 保证你能消声匿迹吗?

What do you care? 关你什么事?

Just curious. 好奇而已

Where's Fibanacci? Fibanacci在哪里?

That's not the way it works. 交易可不是这么作的

They come at me,John... I'm coming after you. 他们要是敢动我 John... 我就追着你不放

I doubt it. 我倒不信


I totally misjudged you,Scofield. 我完全看错你了 Scofield

I didn't think you were agitating type. 我还以为你不是那种容易激动的人

Behavior like that will not be tolerated in my prison. 在我的监狱 这样的行为是不能容忍的

90 days in the SHU! 90天 高度安全禁闭区

That ought to be enough time to convince you of that fact. 这么长时间应该能让你思想上重视起来

90 days. 90天

That's right. 没错

Something you want to say? 你还想说什么?

It's just... 只是...

I'm not of much value to you in the SHU. 我在高度安全禁闭区对你没什么价值

Value? 价值?

Hm-mm... the Taj. 恩...泰姬陵

It'd be a shame if the eighth wonder of the modern 要是因为压力分布不当

world collapsed because the stress is improperly propagated. 而让这世界第八大奇迹 倒塌了就很可惜了

Improperly propagated? 压力分布不当?

Improperly propagated. 压力分布不当

The joints are overloaded. 结合处过载了

They won't provide anywhere near 它们压根无法提供

the sheer strength the completed structure will need. 整个建筑所需要的承受力

ch work are we talking? 还得费多大过程?

You want it by when,in June? 你什么时候要?6月?

Yes. 是的

Then we'd better get started,wouldn't you say? 那么我们最好现在就开工 你说呢?

Who's there? 是谁?

Bishop McMorrow was killed last night. McMorrow主教昨晚被杀了

Someone shot him while he was sleeping. 有人乘他睡觉时把他杀了

I thought you'd want to know. 过来告诉你这个事

Thanks. 谢谢

Michael was right. Michael说的没错

Sink,you got a visitor. “水槽” 有人探监

He was arrested. 他被警察抓了

Possession F 什么事?

Possession F of marijuana. 携带大麻

I figured he could use some fatherly advice before it's 我想他需要听听父亲的忠告 在你...

? 永远离开之前?

didn't mean that. 我不是这个意思

I know you didn't. 我知道你不是

Thanks,Lisa. 谢谢 Lisa

Sit down. 坐吧

? 毒品是吧?

Using or dealing? 吸毒还是贩毒?

What's the difference? 有区别吗?

Then what,you,uh,think it gives you socred? 你以为你这样就能在街头混混 那混个名声出来?

You got a piece o Take advantage. 你现在过的是日子 要珍惜

Look,I get it. 听着 我懂

The whole thing. 你们那一套

She drags me in here,you give me a big speech, 她把我拉到这来 你给我上一课

I walk away a changed man. 我出去后就脱胎换骨了

Straight "A's."Harvard. 全优 哈佛

Grow up and be a dentist. 长大成人 当个牙医

It's better than being here. 总比在这好

You got to realize who's getting punished 你得看清楚了 你做那些事

when you're doing the things you're doing. 到最后受惩罚究竟是谁

You think it's me; it's you. 你以为是我 其实是你

I did the same thing 我也这么做过

punished the old man 'cause he was gone. 因为父亲离开了 就惩罚他

Look where it got me. 可看看我现在身处的地方

I'm not asking you to love me. 我不是在恳求你再爱我

I already screwed up that chance long ago. 很久以前我就失去了这个机会

I'm asking you to love yourself. 我是让你要自爱

You can still put the brakes on this thing. 亡羊补牢 为时不晚

So,that's what fatherly advice is like. 原来这就是所谓的父亲的忠告

Where are you going? 你去哪?

I got homework. 我得写作业

They're putting me to death,LJ. 他们判了我死刑 LJ

In a month's time,I'll be dead. 一个月后 我就死了

You get that? 你明白了吗?

You're already dead to me. 在我心中 你早就死了

Yes. 好的

W-what? You mean yes yes? 什么?你是说那个“好的”

Yes! 是的

Oh,there's just one thing. 还有件事

Of course. 说吧

Mama wants us to wait till you get out. 妈妈想等你出来

Of course,mi amor. 当然 我的爱人

Oh,and we have to get married in a church. 还得在教堂结婚

Okay. Esta bien. A Catholic church. 好的 没问题 要在天主教教堂

Wouldn't want to mess with the Catholic roots,would we? 谁也不想破坏天主教传统 是吧?

You went to Loyola. 你去过Loyola

You've been checking up on me. 你查了我的档案

I like to get to know my patients. 我喜欢了解一下我的病人

I went to Northwestern.Graduated two years after you did. 我上的是西北大学 在你两年后毕业的

Maybe we met before-- you know, 说不定我们还见过呢

drunk,out at a bar somewhere. 比如 在什么酒吧呀 喝醉酒了

I would have remembered. 要真见过 我会记得的

That a compliment? 是在夸我吗?

No. 不是

What? 怎么了?

Your blood glucose is at 50 milligrams per deciliter. 你血液中的葡萄糖含量是每分升50毫克

So? That's hypoglycemic. -怎么了? -血糖过低

Your body's reacting to the insulin like you're not a diabetic. 你身体对胰岛素的反应不象是 糖尿病患者

You're sure it's Type One diabetes you've got? 你肯定你得的是1型糖尿病?

Ever since I was a kid. 从小就是

All right. 好吧

You're not experiencing any tingling sensation,cold sweats or 你身体是否有麻刺的感觉或者出冷汗?

Infirmary. 医务室?

Yes. 是的

Yeah.I did. 是的

No,I did and I do; I need them. 不 我现在就要

Okay. Um,great,well,I'll call him after lunch,then. 好的 午饭后我就给他打电话

Thanks; I'm with a patient. Okay. 谢谢 我这还有别人 好的

I'd like to run some tests next time you're in. 你下次来的时候我要作些检查

Last thing I want is to be administering insulin to a man 我可不想给一个不需要胰岛素的 人注射胰岛素

who Yeah; sure. 好的

Okay. 好吧

How'd you get here,by the way? 你怎么来的?、

Oh,you know. 你知道呀

I don't; that's why I asked. 我不知道 所以我才问

You know. Hector. 你知道的 是Hector

What?! 什么?!

I didn't have any money for the bus, 我连乘车的钱都没有

so he offered me a ride. 他就开车送我过来的

He was really sweet. 他人很好

Honey,he's just a friend. 亲爱的 他不过是我们的朋友

No,he's not "just a friend." 不 他不是什么“朋友”

I know Hector; I know men. 我了解Hector 我了解男人

Men and women can't be friends. 男人和女人不可能成为朋友

A guy doesn't drive a girl 500 miles 一个男的跨越州界驱车500英里

across state lines because he wants to be friends. 送一个女的 恐怕不是为了交朋友吧

Casanova,wrap it up. Casanova 快点

Hey,you got nothing to worry about,okay? 嘿 别担心 好吗?

It's you I'm marrying. 我嫁的是你

It's not you I'm worried about. 我担心的不是你

16 more months. 还有16个月

I love you. 我爱你

Be easy,son,all right? 悠着点 小子

Sucre tells me you're the local pharmacy. Sucre告诉我你是这里的配药师

What you need,man? 你要什么?

Fugnac. Fugnac

I only speak English,white boy. 说通俗点 小子

It's an insulin blocker. 是阻止胰岛素吸收的药物

Standard over-the-counter variety. 非处方药

You can get it at any pharmacy. 任何药店都买的到

You can get that at medical then. 那你去医务室也能搞到

I can't get it at medical. 我搞不到

Why not? 为什么?

Because they're already giving me insulin shots. 因为他们已经给我注射了胰岛素

You're one mixed-up cracker,you know that? 你还真能折腾

Can you get it for me,or not? 你究竟能不能搞到?

Only if you tell me why it is that you want to keep going 前提是你必须告诉我你为什么

back up to medical to get a insulin shot for which you don't need. 老去医务室注射你并不需要的胰岛素

I like the ambiance. 我喜欢那的气氛

We in business? 成交?

Scofield. I don't know what you did, Scofield 我不知道你怎么干的

but Abruzzi wanted me to give you this P.I. card. 不过Abruzzi让我把这个 监狱工作证交给你

Congratulations. 恭喜啊

You just joined the ranks of the employed. 你现在算是有工作一族了

Kudos,Fish. 恭喜你 新手

You got spine. 你有胆量

All right,cons,break it down! 好了 结束了

Move it,guys. 向前走

Saw Veronica came by yesterday. 我昨天看见Veronica了

Still engaged to that guy? 还是和那人订的婚?

Yup. 是的

Could have been me. 本来是我的

If you hadn'estruc? 如果你没有自暴自弃的话

? 你以为我喜欢?

I was just being stupid. 我当时是糊涂了

Hurt. 受到了伤害

Shouldn't have pushed her away,though. 不过不应该把她拒之门外

You pushed everyone away. 你把谁都拒之门外

I'm an anchor. 我就象船锚

All I'll do is drag him down with me. 会拖累别人的

Why did you hire him? 你干吗要雇他?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 要和朋友靠在一起 而与敌人要靠的更近

You mean what you said earlier? 你之前说的是真的?

I'm not here on vacation; trust me. 我来这肯定不是度假的

Getting outside these walls,that's just the beginning. 逃出去只是个开始

You're going to need money. 你需要钱

I'll have it. 我会有的

And people on the outside-- 还需要外面接应的人--

people that can help you disappear. 要帮我们消声匿迹

I've already got them. 我找到了

They just don't know it yet, 他们还不清楚我的计划而已

Look,whatever you got going on,fill me in, 不管你想做什么 你要告诉我

'cause I'm in the dark here. 因为我完全不知情

Chaparral Associates got the contract to retrofit this place in '99. Chaparral Associates1999年 接下了翻新这个监狱的合同

$4 million contract. 400万的合同

Head partner couldn't crack it. 负责人没法搞定这个项目

So,he subcontracted out 他就偷偷地

an under-the-table sort of deal with a former associate. 让给了一个以前的同事去做

That guy was one of the partners in my firm. 而那个人以前是我公司的合伙人之一

We basically ghost-wrote the whole plan 我们基本上造了假

crossed the "t's," dotted the "i's," grouted the tiles. 这边拆拆 那边补补 粉饰下砖瓦

You've seen the blueprints.Better than that. -你看过建筑蓝图 -比那还好

I've got them on me. 我纹在身上了

Are you kidding me? 开什么玩笑

Am I supposed to be seeing something here? 我什么都没看出来啊?

Look closer. 仔细看
非常好 很好 一般 不好 很差
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