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give out/['gɪv-aʊt]/ 分发, 发出, 发表, 用尽, 精疲力竭...



Redress a Mishandled Case 平反错案
Mr. Martin set up a small company that sold many kinds of sensors. His wife set him up in his business. But one day Mr. Martin was charged with serious defalcation. A judger dealt with cases in time sequence. The witnesses appeared in court in sequence. After a series of legal procedure, Mr. Martin was sentenced to three years in prison. The sentence didn't separate the family. The sensible husband comforted his families. His sentimental wife and his sensitive daughter still believed his innocence. And a servant who served the family faithfully for 10 years stayed with them, too. Mr. Martin decided to appeal. The wife set off immediately to see a famous lawyer. When she arrived at his office, the lawyer was presiding over a session. The woman set down her bag and set forth her purpose in coming. Her words set the lawyer off thinking a while. Then, he accepted the case and they set out to the prison. Soon, the lawyer set out to documents, He set about collecting evidences. He filled in the blanks in the sentences to set aside the useful ones. and also he set down every sensible doubtful point. The second trail was set back half an hour. Evidences were set out in front of the jury. An important letter served the lawyer as evidence. It pointed out the real criminal was Mr. Martin's partner. The judge set aside the decision of the lower court. the real criminal was arrested, which served him right.
Survivor game 生还者游戏
Sixteen people (Team A and Team B)entered Survivor Game. Their bodies were in shape. Two teams faced severe tests. The first thing they needed to do was to check the geographical setting and settled down. Team A looked for a shady place that some trees could give shade. Thus, they could sit in the shadow when the sun shed strong light and heat. They sheared some branches from the trees then built a shed. Soon, a shed took shape. Though it was strong, it still would shake when elephants went by. The team menbers shared materials with each other. Team A's leader was very severe. When any one felt sad, he would say, "There is no point in shedding tears." But after the settlement of theire differences, they became friends. He taught them how to make setting with shafts. He led the team to avoid dangerous shallows. It was very sharp of him to see a shedding snake and warned the otheres. The snake's teeth were as sharp as a shark's. A menmber helpped him to shave his head bald because he wanted to save some shampoo. Another one helped to sew the button onto his shirt. Team B was not so lucky. There was a woman who had a rather shallow personality. She had no shame of her sham and shameful words. Team A defeated Team B in the first test. As a shady member of Team B, that woman was eliminated befor the next test.
A Narrow Escape from Danger 死里逃生
A shepherd's name was Tomas, but he was called Tom for short. For this exciting sail, he spent all his shillings. He placed many beautiful shells on a shelf. He found them on the shore. But soon the ship encountered pirates. They shot at the ship. Tom used a shield to protect him from injury. The ship tried its best to flee away successfully. Then a sudden shift in the wind warned of the coming storm. The rain came down in sheets. Tom couldn't find a shelter. He covered himself with a sheet. He shivered from the cold. After the rain, the sun shined again. But the ship ran around. The fresh water was running short. And there was a shortage of food, too. Tom would not await his doom. He and other five people took a boat and went away, trying to find their way out. It was a sheer gamble. They rowed the boat in two shifts. Two days later, they saw a sheer cliff. The land. They took a shortcut to go on shore. Later, they were shocked to hear of the news of shipwreck of their ship. They were lucky to evade it. But one of them, a shopkeeper was sad. He lost his shipment. The mayor cut short his meeting when he knew these people's survival. The reporters gathered material report from Tom. They prepared to take down what he would say in shorthand. But Tom was too shy to say anything. That's his shortcoming. Finally, he broke silence, "In short, we had a narrow escape from danger."
A Pleasant Surprise
Mr. Nathan worked in a bookstore on the side, He was sick of working too much. But he must shoulder his responsibilities. That night after work, Mr. Nathan caught sight of his son. The boy ran forward with a happy shout, "Follow me, dad. Let's do some sightseeing. I will shortly let you know where we go." "It is going to rain, my child, My shirt will shrink when it is wet." "It is only a shower. Besides, we can take a shower after we go home." Mr. Nathan sighed then followed his son. They walked on the sidewalk, side by side. Then they walked sideways through a narrow passage. Suddenly, the boy gave a shriek of a delight. A bird was in sight. The boy waved until it was out of sight. Next, they came to a bar that had a wooden shutter. At first sight, it was very usual as others. A red flag was placed there as a sign. Mr. Nathan shrank. He said to his son shortly, "Your mum won't let me drink" "shut out all bad thoughts from your mind, Dad, Let's go," A waiter showed them in . The bright light showed up the people inside. Mr.Nathan saw his wife smiling at him, "You showed up." The son cried out, "Happy marriage anniversary." Mr. Nathan pretended to be angry, "Don't show off." The boy adjusted the camera's shutter then took a photo for his parents. To appreciate the shrewd son, Mr. Nathan ordered an ice cream on the side. He signed the bill,
Righteousness above Friendship 比友情更高贵的是正义
The simplicity of the following story makes it suitable for anyone. Walter and Tony had been good friends ever since they met at school. There was much similarity on their appearance. They worked in the same company. Walter believed in Tony with childlike simplicity until today. When he was washing dishes in the sink, Tony asked hime to sit for a conference, He'd like Walter to sit in. From last year till now, Tony simplified the working process to save silicon, silk and silver then he sold them secretly. Tomorrow he would leave by airplane. Before he leaved, he would explode the factory. The explosion was timed to be simultaneous with the plane's taking off. "I would be a singular businessman." Tony said. Walter's heart sank when he heard Tony's sins. Now, Tony needed Walter to simulate the boss's signature. He lured Walter with money. But money held no significance for Walter, He signified his rejection with silence, On the contrary, he wanted to stop Tony's silly action. Walter was completely sincere in what he said. His sincerity was evident in every word, but Tony refused him with anger. That night, Walter sat up until midnight, At last, he signaled urgently to the police. A police car raced along with its sirens wailing. Walter's actions were significant. The police arrested Tony and stopped his crime. The noun "action" is singular; it is the singular form of "actions".
Avalanche 雪崩
Abe was a medical student. He was studying the structure skeleton. Abe's elder sister, Fanny was studying history. She was interested in slave and slavery. Fanny was a pretty and slender girl. Her skin was beautiful. She wore skirt of No.11 size. To keep slim, she only had a slice of bread for her breakfast. She was too slight to play basketball. But she was skilled enough in French to translate a novel. One Sunday morning, the sister and the brother watched some slides together in sitting-room. After that, Abe rolled up his sleeves and worked on a sketch of his sister. he was skilful at sketching. Suddenly, Abe suggested to go skiing. He preferred skating better. It's fun to slide on the ice. But last year, he slipped and hurt his leg when he skated. Fanny slapped him on the back and said yes. Both of them disliked skyscrapers. They decided to skirt round the town center. The ski slop was situated just outside the town. Winter was the slack season at most hotels except here. The two young people were skiing happily when they heard a slight voice become louder and louder. Avalanche. The situation was dangerous. Fortunately they hid themselves in a cave in time. They only had a slender hope in their hearts. Rescue workers rushed to the site. A policeman wrote the skeleton of the rescue report. He was careful not to make any slip in his report. Finally, Abe and Fanny were rescued.
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