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occasional/[ə'keiʒnəl]/ a. 偶然的, 临时的 ...


Mr. Lamb was a European. On the one hand. he believed the eternal God and everlasting spirit after death. On the other hand, he had learned that man has evolved from the eip and he had great interest in studying the evolution of man. SoMr. Lamb decided to leave Europe for a new continent. In any event his parents would stand by him even if he could not succeed. But they asked him to telephone them in the event of need. It was a hard journey but his ship eventually reached a continent. That was a day of sunshine. The sun evaborated the morning dew. From the esthetic view, it was a beautiful continent. But there was enough evidence to prove it was not a new one. It was evident that Mr. Lamb's search was a failure.Even then he would not admit his mistake. Instead of it, he established a company with a partner. The establishment of the company took one year. The clerks estimated 100 acres of land every day. And they evaluated the clerks' work every day.Quickly, the company accumulated a lot of estates. Profits were to be divided evenly between Mr. Lamb and his parner.But his partner wanted to have money all to himself. Mr. Lamb encountered a terrible murder, at all events he was notkilled. Furthermore, the bad man was punished for his evil acts.
Nora was an excellent gymnast in this country. She granted a reporter an exclusive interview last week. And the reporter told us exactly how she succeeded. He exemplified the achievement of hard work. He didn't exaggerate the fact at all.To enter a famous exclusive training school, Nora sacrificed an excursion and she had to do a lot of exercises to get rid of her excess weight. At first, Nora liked all her teachers with the exception of Mr. Burton. He was exceedingly strict with her.Nora's performance was good, except for a few steps. Mr.Burton exerted a lot of pressure on her. Nora called him exhaust pipe in her heart, but she had to execute his orders. Little by little, Nora exceeded the other students. She never tookan excessive interest in clothes. And her expenditure never was in excess of income. It seemed that she had an excess of energy. In fact,doing exercises all day exhausted her. Nora's diligence had set an example to the others. It was exceptional fora ten-year-old girl to win the national champion. Nora did it. People exclaimed for her victory. The chief executive of the National Sports Executive Committee often exchanged opinions on sports with her. The other gymnasts excluded Nora because of her success. But she kept calm amid all these excitements.
Recently, there was a fossil exhibition at the museum. Many fish fossils were exhibited. Do you know the existence of one kind of fish that would not expire in the air because it couId expel air from lungs? The fossil showed that it began its expansion of territory millions of years ago. All the fossils were exploited by an expedition. There were many experts who had different expertise in the expedition. So the government had an expectation of good results. The research was important, but the expenditure of time and money was also considerable. For example, it was too much of an expense for them to own three helicopters. The experts found a proper mountain. They explored every part of it. After an experimental explosion, one of the experts exploded the gunpowder, an explosive. The explosion was heard a mile away. Several people were injured.The peace breaker could not provide an explicit explanation. In additions his passport was due to expire in two weeks. So he was expelled from the expedition. In spite of many difficulties, the expedition finished the job well.
The rainy weather extended into October. The river flooded extensive areas. From the mountains, people were able to see the full extent of the flood. To some extent, that was man's fault. Man had logged too many trees. This country exported beef to Europe every year. Since the flood contaminated the beef, it sold the beef to the domestic people, keeping the external world from knowing the truth! A reporter had an extraordinary dream one night. An extinct dinosaur came back to life! The next day, the reporter happened to know this beef event. He raised his eyebrows and then extinguished his cigarette. His forehead was wet with sweat then was dry after exposure to the wind. He maintained a calm exterior, though really he was furious. Soon the reporter exposed the whole event. His political views were rather extreme. He said the government officials were living the extravagant lives while the people were eating the contaminated beef. His speech caught everyone's eye. The newspaper extracted several passages from his speech and printed them on the front page. The consumers were angry. They asked for extra compensation. The government thought the reporter was too extravagant. The police kept an eye on him. They monitored his telephone extension. But the reporter insisted on his fight against the government.
When Herbert was young, he often made a face at class. So he fell behind in his studies. One day, he failed to pass an English exam. The boy and his father sat face to face. Herbert fabricated an excuse to escape punishment. He said, "The temperature that day was 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I fainted in the classroom." His voice became faint. His strength seemed to fade after telling the lie. But his plan fell through. His father looked at him, "We are not going to fall out over this, are we? Your words didn't fall in with the truth. In fact, I have fallen in with your teacher today. It is wrong to fall back on lies. As a matter of fact, one must face up to the failures of his life. Ability, health and honesty are factors of succeeds." To facilitate communication, the father told the son a fable about a puppet. Herbert could not remain calm in the face of the truth. He swore to be honest for evermore. He was faithful to his promise. Furthermore, he found he had the faculty to learn languages easily. So after his college life, he joined the faculty of a famous university. There were 5 faculties at the university. The university repaired the fabric of the Teaching Buildings every year. Every telephone was installed a callback facility. Modem educational aids would be used with great facility. The first time Herbert got his salary, he bought a fine fabric for his mother.
Irene had a fancy for fantastical stories since childhood. Anything to do with old myths and legends fascinated her. Every night, her mind gave in to fatigue and she fell asleep. At the age of 25, Irene won her fame by her first novel. Her novel was by far better than that of any other writers in the city. She became the favorite writer in the readers' hearts. They were in favor of her. They were favorable to her ideas. But Irene's father-in-law was constantly finding fault with her. They had so far failed to reach an agreement. Irene was sure that her husband was far from a fool. But he pretended not to see this. He could not overcome his fatal weakness, cowardly character. So Irene longed to travel to places as far as she could arrive. Her judgment was frequently faulty, but her love for her husband was not false. It was a painful farewell. Then, Irene paid the bus fare to the airport. On the airplane, she fastened her seat belt and wondered what she would face. Ladies liked to follow the fashion. But Irene did not. She did not want to go to a fashionable place. In the country she arrived at, thousands of people died of famine. Irene was not really familiar with local laws, which brought some trouble to her. Sometimes she wondered what fate had in store for her next. All the way, she faxed her essays back to the publishing company.
Aleck went to a local federal college. The college charged high fees. At first Aleck enjoyed the fellowship of his classmates. But soon he was fed up with them. Quite a few students laughed at his feminine features. For example, Aleck had a small figure and he was too feeble to practice fencing. But other students often felled him at the fence class for fun. A person who cornered could be the fiercest one. Aleck belonged to a fellowship of revenge. He felt like doing something fearful. He wanted to be a figure known to everyone. He thought out a feasible plan. One night, Aleck fed in the password and then operated the networking computer. Its feedback was quick. He figured out the exact figures of his classmates' credit cards. At a feudal festival, Aleck provided a feast for all of his classmates at home. Slinkingly, he built a fence around the yard to keep them out. Next, he fetched a bag of chemical fertilizer and exploded it! The fence was on fire! Even Aleck's man-made fiber coat caught fire. Aleck took a ferry to escape. He came to the countryside. Anything grew in that fertile ground. It was a fiction. But who could say it would not happen?
One night, a fishery was on fire. At first the dry sticks caught fire then a firm house nearby it flared up in the wind. The great flames flared through the darkness. The owner of the fishery shook his fist at the fire. The wind flapped in his face and his eyes were flashing. He looked as if he was about to flare up. Flashes of lightning illuminated the scene. The firemen came with their fittings. Fortunately, the casualties were finite. But the fishery was confronted with a financial crisis. The repairs to it would be financed by the government. A new fireplace fixture was fixed in the wall. The lake water passed through a new filter before it was piped to the house. For the owner of the fishery, the government offered him a fitting position in a firm. First of all, he should fill in all the blanks on an application for the job. Finally, the police found out the reason of the accident. A boy set fire to a firework, and it burned on the sticks. The police reported its findings after the thorough investigation.
There was a folk story as follows. Edward ran a bakery. His bread had plenty of flavors. And the price of his bread fluctuated according to the people's needs. Both country folks and town folks liked his bread. Every day a flock of customers waited for his store to open. All that came to his bakery should go over a flyover first. They flattered him about his cooking. Edward would flush with embarrassment. Being shy was the only flaw in his character. As a matter of fact, Edward was very fond of cooking and foodstuff. His bakery was flourishing for four reasons. First, he focused his attention on his work. Second, he made bread with the best flour. Third, he had flexible flesh to work well. He folded the dough and then flattened it with his palms. From time to time, he used some cooling fluid to cool the dough. The last reason was, he could speak dialect fluently. One day, Edward caught a flu. He went to the riverbank to relax. The river flowed southwest to the Atlantic. It flushed after the heavy rain. A fleet was seen in the distance. Several branches floated down the river. One of them was locked by the flaw of a stone. Edward picked it up and flung it into the river. He liked to see foam on the river. The frightened fish fled away. The fog closed in so Edward went home.
I read a story recently. Benny got a new job. The contract would remain in force for a period of 3 years. And it came into force last month. Because Benny was a foreigner, his colleagues often made a fool of him. For example, smoking was forbidden in the forge, but they put cigarettes into his pocket. Benny always forgave them. One day the boss announced a competition and its format. Benny would be foremost to enter it. Like his forefather, Benny had the ability to foresee the future. It was important for a factory to formulate the production process. Benny suggested that the boss format the production process, and so forth. The boss approved his proposal after Benny formulated it. It was fortunate to work for a wise boss. Benny forged a new set of forks with great skill. Before the formation of a new idea, he would touch his forehead with his forefinger. On the day of evaluation, Benny went forth to show the samples. He forecasted that at least one of his products would pass the exam. His mother had told him his fortune and she said luck was forthcoming. Benny won the first prize of the competition. He was awarded a fortnight's holiday and 100 thousand dollars. Both holiday and fortune were satisfying, but Benny liked the former better. The foregoing story was by an English writer.
Robert's father worked in a freight company. His mother was a housewife. The family never had friction. To afford to send their son to go to college, the couple spent only a fraction of their earnings. When he was only 3 years old, Robert knew 1/2 and 1/4 are fractions. And now Robert was a freshman at a big university. The foundation of the university took place over 100 years ago. It was famous for its ornate fountain and its attractive forum. The topic recently was the framework of dinosaur fossils. Robert found that several classmates were friends with him on the first day. To be frank, he wanted to make friends with them too. It was winter, but the air in the campus was fragrant because of winter sweets. Breathing it, Robert felt as if he was set free from a cage. Suddenly, he heard some cry, "Help!" It was from the lake. The ice of the lake fractured under the weight of the students skating on it. It was frequent in the winter. And one of them fell into the lake. The other students were frightened by this. Not only did Robert have a powerful frame, but also a warm heart. He dived into the lake. The student was saved but Roberts leg fractured in two places. When his mother heard of this, she dropped the vase on the floor, and it broke into fragments. In a sliver frame on the table, there was a photograph of her son. She was proud of her brave son but could not help crying.
A frog and a squirrel were neighbors. There was a fundamental difference between the two of them. The squirrel was diligent while the frog was lazy. In autumn, the frog made fun of the squirrel's diligence. He said, "Don't make so much fuss over saving your food." The squirrel answered, "I only fulfill my obligation to build up a reserve fund. The main function of it is to help me to get through the winter. If you make a fuss of yourself in fruitful autumn, you will regret it in the cold winter." The frog frowned at her words and became furious. So he left without a goodbye. The winter came. The squirrel had no expensive furniture, but she had a furnace to keep her warm. Furthermore, she had a beautiful fur overcoat. Her house furnished everything that was needed for one's life. For example, the fuse-box was in the kitchen. Coal was used as fuel. Fried pine nuts were prepared for her dinner. On the contrary, the frog went to and fro on the frontier, looking for something edible. The ground was covered with frost. The terrible weather frustrated his hopes of finding food. He was too tired and hungry to walk any further.The next day, he was found dead, frozen. The squirrel attended the frog's funeral and felt very sorry for him.
Mr. Adams's pictures about the Galaxy were shown in a famous gallery. He was a genius and he won his fame very early. And it was generous of him to contribute a lot of money every year. The lamps of the gallery were full of gaseous neon, which made the light colorful. The opening ceremony was the biggest gathering of the season. A galaxy of artists attended it. All of them wore in nice garments. At the same time, a gang of gays was on the way to the gallery. In general, there was a generation gap between the gays and their parents. Furthermore, some people regarded them as garbage. This hatred was generated by prejudice. In fact, one could not generalize a conclusion from a few facts. Studies showed that a person's *** intention was decided by his or her genes. Fortunately, a new opinion was being generalized in this regard. That is, the ethics should be geared to the society's needs. These men were gay at the thought of seeing the show when suddenly a gear of the generator was broken. They gambled to drive the car to the garage for repair before their gasoline had been used up. A worker fixed their car and added 2 gallons of fuel to their car by using a gauge. Soon, the car galloped along the road again like a horse. Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the gallery, gasping for breath. All of the people including Mr. Adams gazed at them with surprise. But as a genuine gentleman, he welcomed them sincerely.
The school was said to be haunted by a giant ghost. A student did encounter it. The news got around quickly. Somebody did not see what the student got at, so he got down what he saw to get his encounter across. "That evening, after I got through my geometry examination, I got around to doing my geography homework. That was the duty I could not get out of. I got down to some geographical questions. However, I have more interest in geology. And I will get around to explore more places. Ok, I get back to the subject. My homework was getting along much better. Somebody called my name, and I saw a ghost getting in the classroom while gesturing at me! I got off the classroom as quickly as I could. It was surprising that the ghost moved aside to let me get by. I climbed to the top of a tree. The ghost could not get at me, so he waited. How on earth did I get into such a ridiculous situation? I knew I could not let the ghost get the better of me. If only I could get out of my timidness, I would feel better. I managed to get over my fear then got through to the police with my mobile phone. The police car came soon. The policemen got off the car. They got together under the tree. The ghost got away. Then I could get down from the tree. I went home. I got a cold that night. Colds are spread by germs. I got over my illness very slowly."
It was winter morning. The rising sun looked liked an orange globe. It glittered in the gigantic sky. Its light glared on the ice. The skaters glided gracefully over the ice. Charles glorified the glorious scene. There was a glow of health in his face. He put on his gloves then went to work. Charles was a gifted technician. He was a glory of his profession. No one knew he was a business spy. He didn't give himself away so far. The secretary gave out newspapers. He glanced at the headlines in it. Then he saw one of them, "It was criminal to give away business secrets!" Charles glared at the newspaper, feeling gloomy about his future. Though the air-conditioner gave off warm air, he felt cold. A glimpse of his face would tell you that he was worried. He gave back the newspaper to the secretary. Finally, Charles gave in. He gave up his criminal mind. His evilness gave way to his conscience. He made up his mind to give himself up. So he wrote a letter and then glued a stamp onto the envelope. Next, he sent it to the police.
Mr. Carson was a governor of M state. He went in for governing. He used to be a military officer. In a battle, a bomb went off just behind him but he survived. The state went for Democrats. Two years ago, the state went through a test. Schistosomiasis was popular in M state. A female doctor went deeply into it. She went through many documents then invented a kind of medicine that was good for it. She managed to go without others' help. Somebody gossiped that she grabbed at the opportunity of becoming famous. But in fact she did it out of the goodness of her heart. There were enough medicines to go around. So schistosomiasis had been wiped out for good in M state. To appreciate the doctor, Mr. Carson visited her, and two assistants went along with him. He wore a new tie to go with his suit. The police examined their car and allowed them to go ahead. The doctor was a graceful woman. She went for classical music. Also, she went in for playing golf. She played golf as good as a professional. She even went for the golf championship that year. They talked and Mr. Carson knew something about her father. The doctor's father had no head for business, and he went under. He had gone off to Edinburgh. The candle had gone out and Mr. Carson said goodbye to the doctor. But he had made his mind to go after her. He was not the sort of man who would go back on his word. Two years went by, and they married.
Davy was a Greek. He was a graduate of Athens University. He learned a lot of things in the university. For example, the grammar teacher stressed grammatical rules in each lesson. The physics teacher drew a graph to explain gravity. Davy made progress gradually. The commencement was held in the grand hall. That was the gravest occasion Davy had ever taken part in. Each graduate behaved with gravity at it. The gracious principal made a speech. His hair had turned gray, so he put grease on it to make it shiny. Davy was assigned to the countryside. He was granted many privileges to cultivate crops. At that time, corn was the most important grain in his village. But the greedy birds kept eating it. It seemed that they took it for granted. The peasants could not bear wasting a grain of rice. To solute the problem, Davy cultivated a new kind of corn which the birds disliked its taste. The peasants were grateful to him for what he did. To show their gratitude, they gave him a big basket of grapes. A girl gave him a gold necklace of ten grams to express her love. If Davy's mother knew it from the grave, she would feel happy for him.
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