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saw/[sɔ:]/ n. 锯子, 谚语 vt. 锯, 锯开, 来回移动 vi. ...

听美剧学英语《老友记第九季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 06

[00:12.47]Hello. 哈?
[00:16.91]Hello. 哈?
[00:18.71]I love my new job! 我爱死我的新工作了!
[00:20.42]- Honey, you're screaming. - You bet your ass I am! -亲爱的,你在吼叫 -你说的没错,我就是!
[00:23.22]I just had the best first day ever! 这工作是有史以来最棒的!
[00:25.32]The kitchen? Twice as big as Allessandro's. 那个厨房,比之前的餐厅大两倍…
[00:27.82]Oh, that's great. 喔,太棒了
[00:29.86]And clean? Not just health department-clean, Monica-clean! 说到干净,不只是符合卫生局标准 是莫妮卡式的干净!
[00:34.66]Awesome. 酷毙了
[00:36.10]Oh, and the people are so nice. 喔,还有同事都很好
[00:38.67]There's this one guy, Jeffrey, he's the maitre d'. 有一个男的叫杰佛瑞 他是餐厅领班
[00:41.10]Chandler, you will love him! 钱德,你会很喜欢他的!
[00:43.24]He is without a doubt the funniest guy I have ever met! 毫无疑问他是我遇过最风趣的男人了!
[00:49.51]The One With The Male Nanny
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[01:40.10]- This is nice. - I know. -这真棒 -我知道
[01:51.87]- You need both hands for that? - Yeah, I kind of do. -你需要两只手才打得开? -是啊,应该是要
[01:54.84]Well, how's this? 嗯,那这样呢?
[02:07.52]Are you sure that's sweet enough? 你确定那样够甜吗?
[02:13.96]Look at you two holding hands. 瞧瞧你们两个 手握着手
[02:17.73]Is this getting serious? 是不是开始认真了呢?
[02:21.64]Have you not talked about it yet? 你们有没有谈过了呢?
[02:25.47]Am I making you uncomfortable? 我是不是让你们很不舒服呢?
[02:29.48]If you were bigger you'd hit me. 如果你再高壮一点你就会扁我了 对不对?
[02:36.58]I'm sorry. 不好意思
[02:37.85]It's obviously way too early for us to be having that conversation. 很明显地现在就讨论那种事 对我们而言是太早了
[02:42.16]- Is it? - Maybe not. Is it? -会吗? -或许不会,会吗?
[02:45.33]When I got divorced.. 当我离婚后…
[02:46.53]I didn't think I'd feel this way about someone for a really long time. 有一段很长的时间 我不认为会对任何人有这种感觉
[02:49.83]Then again, I didn't think I'd meet someone like you. And.. 而且,我也不认为会 遇到像你这样的人…
[02:52.83]This may be crazy-soon, but I want you to have this. 这或许太疯狂快速了 但我希望给你这个
[02:58.47]No, not.. That's gum. 不,不是…那是口香糖
[03:02.71]Oh, five bucks! I love it when that happens, you know? 喔,五块钱! 我超喜欢这种事发生的,你知道吗?
[03:06.05]- You don't know it's there.. - I know. Keep digging. -你不知道那里有… -我知道,继续挖
[03:08.52]Sorry. 抱歉
[03:14.19]It's a key. 是一只钥匙
[03:15.39]To be honest, I think I'd prefer the five dollars. 老实说,我想我宁可要那五块钱
[03:19.99]- It's to my apartment. - Wow! -我公寓的钥匙 -哇!
[03:23.50]Big step for Phoebe and Mike. 菲比跟麦克 两人关系的一大步
[03:25.20]I don't want you to feel like you have to give me your key.. 我不希望你觉得这样 你也要给我你的钥匙
[03:28.77]- No, I want to. - Thank God. -不,我要 -感谢上帝
[03:33.78]Wow. I was starting to think I'd never meet someone that.. 哇,我本来还在想 我应该不会遇到一个人…
[03:37.58]I wanted to do this with. 让我想要这样做的
[03:40.32]Here you go. 拿去吧!
[03:43.59]- This is cool. - It really is. -这太酷了 -真的是很酷
[03:46.22]I know it. It is amazing. These little things open doors! 我知道,太惊人了 这些小东西可以把门打开!
[03:55.76]So I don't go back to work for another four weeks.. 我四星期之后才需要回去上班…
[03:58.03]but we would like our nanny to start right away.. 但是我们希望我们的保姆可以马上上班
[04:00.13]so that Emma could get a chance to know her. 那艾犸才有时间熟悉她
[04:02.27]I think that's really smart. 我想这样做是很聪明的
[04:04.41]The easier we can make the transition for her the better. 我们换手过程越流畅对她越好
[04:06.94]That's great. Great. 太棒了,很好
[04:08.14]- So do you have any questions for us? - Not really. -那你有没有其他的问题想问我们呢? -没有
[04:10.68]All right. Well, thank you so much for coming. 好了,那谢谢你跑这么一趟
[04:13.18]- Thank you. - It was really nice to meet you. -谢谢 -很高兴认识你
[04:15.95]- We will call you. - Oh, you know, wait. -我们会打电话给你 -喔,等一下…
[04:18.62]I do have one question. 我是有一个问题
[04:20.49]Do you guys do random drug testing? 你们会不定期对人做毒品测试吗?
[04:25.76]Boy, we hadn't really thought of that. 天啊,我们还真的没想过这个
[04:28.63]That's cool. But if you do, I'm gonna need three days' notice. 没关系,但是如果你们要求要做 我需要你们提前三天告诉我
[04:32.97]Okey-dokey! 好的,没问题!
[04:35.94]We're never gonna find a nanny. 我们永远都找不到保姆了
[04:37.64]Come on, Rach. We will. I promise. We have more interviews. 别这样,瑞秋,我保证我们会找到的 我们还有其他的面试
[04:41.34]Worse comes to worst, we can always reconsider the first one we met with. 情况不可能再更糟 我们总是可以重新考虑第一个人选
[04:45.85]- What, the blond with no bra? - She was blond? -什么?那个没穿胸罩的金发女郎吗? -她的头发是金色的吗?
[04:52.02]Just a sec. 等一下
[04:53.45]Okay, this one's name is Sandy. 好的,这个叫做珊帝
[04:56.02]She's got a degree in Early Childhood Education. 她有幼儿教育学位
[05:00.40]She worked for her last family for three years. 她在上个工作的家庭做了三年
[05:06.80]Hi. I'm Sandy. 嗨,我是珊帝
[05:13.11]And she's a little mannish. 而且她看起来有点男性化
[05:23.05]Oh, my God! David! 喔,我的天!大卫!
[05:26.22]- Is this a bad time? - No, it's a great time! Come in! -现在会打扰你吗? -不,现在很好!进来吧!
[05:30.39]Wow! Hi! 哇!嗨!
[05:32.66]Oh, my gosh! What are you doing here? Are you back from Minsk? 喔,天啊!你在这里做什么呢? 你从明斯克回来吗?
[05:36.40]Just for a couple of days. 只回来几天
[05:38.07]I'm here to explain to the people who gave us our grant.. 我是回来跟提供补助款的人解释…
[05:40.64]why it's a positive thing that we've spent all their money.. 为什么我们花光了所有他们给的钱…
[05:44.14]and accomplished nothing. 什么都没有做出 可以是件正面的事
[05:47.54]Who cares? It got you here. 谁在乎呢?反正你回来了
[05:49.54]It got me to New York. Then I got in a cab at the airport.. 我回到纽约,然后在机场叫了部计程车
[05:52.88]and the guy said, "Where to?" 司机问我要去哪?
[05:54.72]I just gave him your address. I didn't even think about it. 我想都没想就给了他你的地址
[06:00.69]Where's your luggage? 你的行李呢?
[06:04.03]Damn it. 该死
[06:07.06]All right, I'll call the cab company. 好了,我来打电话给计程车行
[06:09.33]We can call them later. Can you just stand there for a moment? 我们可以等一下再打 你可以先站在那边一下子吗?
[06:15.84]Boy. 天啊
[06:17.17]There's an old Russian expression that goes: 有一句俄罗斯老谚语是这样的
[06:24.18]Roughly translated, that means: 大略的翻译就是:
[06:26.35]"This thing that I'm looking at: Wow." “我现在盯着的东西,哇!”
[06:31.82]Thank you. 谢谢你
[06:33.32]You should see me when.. Actually, no, I look pretty good. 你应该看看当我… 事实上,不用,我看起来挺不错的
[06:37.96]Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吗?
[06:39.66]You know, when you don't see someone for a long time.. 你知道的,当很久没有见到一个人…
[06:42.50]you build them up in your head, you start thinking: 你会在脑海中建立起这个人的影像 然后开始想
[06:45.13]"Come on, don't be crazy, nobody's that beautiful." “少来了,别发神经了 没有人是那样美的”
[06:48.04]But, well, you are. 但是,嗯,你真的就是那样美
[06:52.47]Well, so are you seeing anyone? 那么,你现在有在跟谁交往吗?
[06:57.08]No. 没有
[07:00.05]I'm just the worst person ever! 我是最糟糕的人!
[07:02.68]How can I not tell David that I'm seeing Mike? 我怎么可以不告诉大卫 我跟麦克在一起呢?
[07:05.29]Maybe he didn't give you a chance. 或许他没有给你机会说
[07:07.19]He said, "Are you seeing someone?" and I said, "No." 他问我有没有跟谁交往,而我说没有
[07:11.73]Well, that would've been your window. 喔,那本来是你可以澄清的机会的
[07:14.93]I mean, I don't know. I was looking in his eyes.. 我真的不知道,我看着他的双眼…
[07:18.53]and I was just thinking, "Oh, my God, it's David. David's here." 然后只能想 “我的天!是大卫,大卫在这里”
[07:22.30]He's so irresistible. 他真是令人无法抗拒
[07:25.07]- Really? The scientist guy? - Really? Chandler? -真的吗?那个科学家? -真的吗?钱德?
[07:34.62]Continue. 继续说
[07:37.69]Then it gets worse.. 然后越来越糟糕…
[07:38.89]because I told him I would see him tomorrow night. 因为我答应他明晚跟他见面
[07:41.36]- Phoebe! - I know! Evil! -菲比! -我知道!邪恶的女人!
[07:46.86]I like Mike so much, you know? It's just going really well. Oh, my God! 我真的好喜欢麦克,你知道吗? 发展得真的很顺利,我的天!
[07:52.77]Isn't it ironic that David would show up.. 大卫出现在你跟麦克 交换钥匙的同一天…
[07:54.97]on the same day that you and Mike exchange keys? 这真是很讽刺吗?
[08:00.14]Yeah. You know, and given my lifelong search for irony.. 是啊,而且你知道我一辈子都在 找寻讽刺的事…
[08:03.54]you can imagine how happy I am! 你可以想像的到我有多开心!
[08:07.65]- What are you gonna do? - I mean, I guess I just have to.. -你要怎么办呢? -我想我只能…
[08:11.35]tell David that nothing can happen between us. 告诉大卫我们之间是不可能的
[08:15.09]Unless I don't. 除非我不用告诉他
[08:17.46]You know, complicated moral situation? 你知道的,复杂的道德情况…
[08:19.63]- No right, no wrong? - You have to tell David. -是没有错或对 -你必须要告诉大卫
[08:22.50]I knew I should've had this conversation with Joey. 我就知道我应该去问乔伊才对
[08:28.80]Funniest guy she's ever met. 她遇过最风趣的男人…
[08:31.61]I'm funny, right? 我很风趣,不是吗?
[08:34.08]What do you know? You're a door. 你知道个什么?你只是一道门
[08:36.58]You just like knock-knock jokes. 你就像是“敲敲门”笑话
[08:41.95]Save it for inside. 等到里面再发挥
[08:47.52]So Oklahoma's a crazy place. You know, they call it the Sooner State. 奥克拉荷马真是疯狂 他们把那里称为早到者之州
[08:52.39]Frankly, I'd sooner be in any other state! 事实上,我还真希望 可以早点离开到其它的州!
[08:56.96]And what's with Oklahoma having a panhandle? 而且奥克拉荷马 为什么有个平底锅柄呢?
[08:59.60]Can all states have stuff like that? 其它的州可以有像那样的东西吗?
[09:01.47]Hey, yeah, I'm from the waistband of Wyoming. 嘿,我是从怀俄明的中腰部来的
[09:05.04]But when I was 7, we headed over to the crotch. 但是当我七岁的时候 我们就搬到胯下部了
[09:10.65]Was your cabin pressurized? 你的机舱是不是有加压呢?
[09:13.81]And don't get me started on the way the people from Tulsa talk. 而且不要让我开始告诉你们 土尔沙人说话的方式…
[09:17.65]Okay. 好的
[09:19.95]What's with the word "y'all"? You know, just two words just pushed together? “你全”到底是个什么字呢? 只不过是“你们”跟“全部”加在一起
[09:25.03]Are we all allowed to do that? Because if so, I say why stop there? 我们可以那样做吗? 因为如果可以,还有很多字可以这样玩
[09:28.93]You know, your new poodle could be your noodle. 你的“新狮子狗” 可以变成你的“新狮”
[09:32.37]And fried chicken could be fricken. “油炸鸡块”可以变成“炸块”
[09:35.70]Waiter? Waiter, excuse me, I'll have the fricken! 服务生?服务生,不好意思 我想要点“炸块”!
[09:41.18]See, that's funny with the fricken, right? 瞧,“炸块”很好笑吧?
[09:43.71]No, it just reminds me of something this guy did today at work. 不,只是让我想起今天工作时 有个人讲的笑话…
[09:47.75]I told you about that funny guy, Jeffrey, right? 我有跟你提过一个风趣的人叫做杰佛瑞 对吗?
[09:50.22]Yeah, he came up. 是啊,你提过
[09:52.72]Well, he did this bit. You probably had to be there.. 嗯,他做了一件事 你应该要在现场才感受的到…
[09:57.19]but it was Liza Minnelli locked in our freezer eating a raw chicken. 莉莎明妮莉被锁在冰箱里面吃生鸡肉
[10:06.77]- Were you there? - No, but it sounds fricken funny. -你在现场吗? -没有,但是听起来“炸块”好笑
[10:13.17]I really understand how hard it's gotta be to leave your child with another person. 我真的可以理解要把孩子交付给 另一个人是很困难的事
[10:17.35]I mean, it's like leaving behind a piece of your heart. 我是说,这就像把心上的一块肉割下
[10:21.38]Sandy, that's exactly what it is. 珊帝,这正是如此
[10:26.39]Are you gay? 你是同性恋吗?
[10:30.39]I'm sorry, that's our Ross. He's just Mr. Shoot Straight From The Hip. 我很抱歉,这就是我们的罗斯 他总是直言不讳
[10:38.63]It's okay. I get that a lot doing what I do. 没关系,我的工作常引来误会
[10:40.94]But I am straight. I'm engaged, actually. 但我不是同性恋,事实上我已经订婚
[10:43.84]- Her name's Delia. - That's pretty. -她的名字叫做狄莉亚 -真是好名字
[10:48.24]So you're just, like, a guy who's a nanny. 所以你只是一个当保姆的男人
[10:54.75]I realize how it's a bit unorthodox for some people. 我知道这对一些人来说是很颠覆传统的
[10:58.25]But I really believe the most satisfying thing you can do with your life.. 但我真的相信一生中最令人感到满足的事情
[11:02.46]is take care of a child. 就是照顾小孩子
[11:04.39]Okay. 好的
[11:08.73]Like at my last job. 就像我上一个工作…
[11:10.26]I met Daniel when he was 3 weeks old. 我在丹尼尔三星期大的时候就认识他
[11:12.57]And I got to watch him grow into this awesome person. 然后我看着他成长变成一个很棒的人
[11:16.37]When I left, I said, "I'll see you soon." 当我离开的时候,我说: “希望很快再见到你”
[11:19.64]And he said to me, "Skadandy?" 然后他说“珊卡丹帝”
[11:24.51]That was his name for me. 那是他给我的名字
[11:27.28]"I'll see you every day right in.." “我每天都会看到你在…”
[11:37.83]- It's okay. - Yeah, kids say all kinds of crap. -没关系 -是啊,小孩子尽是会说些鬼话
[11:46.27]Oh, God, she must need her diaper changed. 喔,天啊,她一定是需要换尿布了
[11:48.67]- I can take care of that, if you want. - That would be great. -我可以帮你处理,如果你要的话 -太棒了
[11:55.54]Just so you know, these dinosaur toys aren't really age-appropriate. 顺便跟你说一下,那些恐龙玩具 可能不适合她的年龄
[12:00.25]They're mine. 那些是我的
[12:05.65]Also not age-appropriate. 同样也是不适龄
[12:10.69]I love him, I love him, I love him! 我爱他,我爱他,我爱他!
[12:13.99]Come on. Rach, he's a guy! 别这样,瑞秋,他是个男人!
[12:16.33]So what? He's smart. He's qualified. 那又如何?他很聪明,资历又符合
[12:18.60]Give me one good reason we shouldn't try him out. 给我一个理由为什么我们不能试用他
[12:21.14]Because it's weird! 因为这实在太奇怪了!
[12:24.94]Why? 为什么?
[12:30.58]Wow, I never looked at it that way. 哇,我从来都没有那样想过
[12:35.55]What kind of a job is that for a man? A nanny? 男人做那种工作像话吗?保姆?
[12:38.55]I mean, it's like if a woman wanted to be.. 我是说,那就像一个女人想要成为…
[12:41.42]Yes? 什么?
[12:44.63]King? 国王?
[12:48.36]I hope you don't mind. I used some of my homemade lotion on Emma. 我希望你不介意,我在艾犸身上 用了我自制的乳液
[12:52.07]It's a mixture of calendula and honey cream. It'll dry that rash right up. 那是混合金盏花跟蜂蜜的乳液 对红疹是立竿见影的
[12:56.37]Plus, it keeps the hands young. 而且,使双手保持年轻
[13:06.28]Yes! Sandy, you're hired! 是的!珊帝,你被录取了!
[13:08.78]That's great! 太棒了!
[13:14.52]I'm sorry. 不好意思
[13:15.79]It's just such an emotional thing when you're welcomed into a new family. 只是被欢迎加入一个新家庭 是一件很令人感动的事
[13:19.59]Oh, God. Come here. 喔,天啊,过来这里
[13:24.80]You gotta be at least bi. 你至少也是双性恋
[13:43.82]I need you to set me up for a joke. 我需要你帮忙 让我讲笑话…
[13:45.65]When Monica's around, ask me about fire trucks. 当莫妮卡在的时候,问我消防车怎样
[13:49.19]I don't know, Chandler. I'm not so good with remembering lines. 我不知道,钱德,我不是很会记台词的
[13:55.70]Thank God your livelihood doesn't depend on it. 感谢上帝你不是靠记台词吃饭的
[13:58.40]I know, right? 我知道,棒吧?
[14:01.37]Why are we doing this? 我们为什么要这样做呢?
[14:03.14]Monica says that her maitre d' is the funniest guy she's ever met. 莫妮卡说他们餐厅的领班 是她遇过最风趣的男人
[14:06.71]- Seriously? She actually said that? - Yes. Am I crazy to be this upset? -真的吗?她真的那样说? -是的,我这样不爽很疯狂吗?
[14:11.01]- No! Being funny's your thing! - Yeah! -不!风趣是你的专利! -是啊!
[14:14.18]Without that, you just got "lame with women"! 没有了它,你还有什么吸引女人的!
[14:18.55]Hi! There you are. 嗨!你们都在
[14:19.89]Fire trucks! 消防车!
[14:33.30]- Hi. - Hi. -嗨 -嗨
[14:35.87]I brought you this from Minsk. 我从明斯克带回来这个给你
[14:38.17]You're not gonna belief this. This is lemon-flavored vodka. 你不会相信的,这是柠檬口味的伏特加
[14:44.68]Yeah, we actually have this here. 是吗?事实上这里也有
[14:47.82]I traded four pairs of Levi's for that. 我用四条牛仔裤换来的
[14:51.82]Thanks anyway. 谢谢你
[14:56.22]Wow. You look even more beautiful than you did yesterday. 哇,你看起来比昨天更美丽
[15:02.30]In fact, I'm going to kiss you now. 事实上,我现在要亲你
[15:05.20]- Wait, wait. - I can't get away with stuff like that. -等等… -我就是没有办法…
[15:07.87]It sounded sexy in my head, so I.. 在我脑海中听起来很性感,所以我…
[15:11.24]No, no, it's not that. 不,不,不是那件事
[15:14.88]Remember when you asked me if I was seeing someone and I said no? 你记得当你问我有没有跟谁交往 而我说没有吗?
[15:18.85]Well, I am. His name's Mike. 事实上我有,他叫做麦克
[15:25.65]- I should've told you. - No. -我应该早点告诉你的 -不用…
[15:29.49]Well, yeah. 嗯,你应该要的
[15:32.09]I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you, but then I just got lost in your eyes.. 我很抱歉,我想告诉你 但是我又沉醉在你的眼神中…
[15:36.96]and I just forgot all about.. 然后我就完全忘了…
[15:41.07]- Mike? - Right, yes. -麦克? -是的,没错
[15:44.14]- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. - Well, it's okay. I understand. -我很抱歉,我很抱歉 -没关系,我可以理解
[15:51.21]Well, are you happy with this guy? 那,你跟这个人在一起快乐吗?
[15:53.31]- I am happy. - Damn it. -我是很快乐 -该死
[15:56.02]I'm sorry. I don't mean that. I want you to be happy. 我很抱歉,我不是那个意思 我要你过得快乐
[15:59.09]But only with me. No, that's not fair. Who cares. Leave him. 但是只能跟我,不,那并不公平 管他的,抛弃他吧!
[16:02.56]I don't mean that. Yes, I do. I'm sorry. 我不是那个意思,是的,我是 我很抱歉
[16:06.16]I think I should probably go. 我想我应该离开了
[16:10.76]But, David, I just want you to know that, you know.. 但是,大卫,我只想要你知道…
[16:14.80]telling you this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. 跟你坦白 是我做过最困难的事
[16:20.31]Well, just so you know.. 嗯,让你知道一下…
[16:22.41]hearing it wasn't exactly a Vladnik carnival, either. 听到这件事也不像在过嘉年华
[16:27.61]- Can we at least hug goodbye? - Of course. Yeah. -我们至少可以拥抱道别吧? -当然,可以
[16:39.36]You know, and a kiss on the cheek wouldn't be totally inappropriate. 你知道的,在脸颊上亲一下 应该不会是太不适当
[16:43.26]- No. No. - I mean.. -不,不 -我是说…
[16:49.10]- In Minsk? - Yeah? -在明斯克… -怎样呢?
[16:50.60]It's two on each cheek.. 是在两边各亲两下…
[16:53.37]- and one on the lips. - Well, if that's what they do in Minsk. -还有一下亲在唇上 -嗯,好吧,如果那是明斯克的习俗
[17:03.88]In New York, it's.. 在纽约,是…
[17:14.96]Oh, boy. 喔,天啊
[17:21.37]Is everything all right? 一切都还好吧?
[17:22.80]Oh, yeah. No, it's fine. It's fine. 喔,是的,很好,很好
[17:24.97]Sandy was just telling me about how he proposed to his fiancee.. 珊帝只是在告诉我他是如何 跟他未婚妻求婚的…
[17:29.18]and it was so beautiful. 实在是太梦幻了
[17:31.21]Her favorite flower is the camellia. From the poem.. 她最喜欢的花是山茶花 从那首诗…
[17:34.65]I can't hear it again! 我没办法再听一次
[17:36.82]You know, I can't tell it again! 我也没办法再说一次
[17:39.72]And I'm fine never having heard it. 而我也还好不用听到
[17:43.86]- Rach, can I see you for a sec? - Yeah. Excuse me. -瑞秋,我可以跟你说一下话吗? -好啊,失陪了
[17:51.67]Do you realize that man has cried in our apartment three times? 你有发现那男人在我们家 已经哭过三次了吗?
[17:57.37]I haven't cried that many times since I moved in! 我从搬进来之后也没哭过那么多次!
[18:00.91]Come on, Ross, you got a little misty when Ben broke your I-heart-fossils mug. 别这样,罗斯,当班打破你的 “我爱化石”马克杯,你也哭了啊!
[18:07.11]I'll have you know that was a farewell gift from my colleagues at the museum. 那个马克杯可是博物馆同事 送我的离别礼物
[18:11.32]- Okay? They all chipped in for that. - They must have all loved you very much. -好吗?他们全部一起出钱买的 -他们一定都很喜欢你
[18:16.92]Look, Ross, Sandy's just sensitive. That's all. 听着,罗斯,珊帝只不过是很敏感 不过是如此
[18:20.29]Okay, okay. See, that is the problem. He is too sensitive. 好了,看吧,那就是个问题 他太敏感了
[18:25.07]Too sensitive to take care of our baby? 太敏感就不能照顾我们的小孩吗?
[18:27.17]No, I mean, that guy.. These are amazing! 不,我是说,那个男的… 这真是太好吃了!
[18:31.44]Sandy made madeleines. 珊帝做的马德琳饼干
[18:33.74]This is exactly what I'm talking about. 这就正是我在说的
[18:38.51]What kind of a guy makes delicate French cookies? 什么样的男人会做精致的法式饼干呢?
[18:42.75]They're not even butch, manly cookies with.. 看起来根本不像是男性化 雄纠纠的饼干,有那种…
[18:46.39]You know, with chunks! 你知道的,大块咬的快感!
[18:53.06]Well, you know, I don't know what to say. 嗯,你知道的 我不知道能说什么
[18:55.96]I mean, I never thought of you as a guy who needed his men to be men. 我是说,我从没想过你是那种 需要“男人”是真正男人的男人
[19:00.07]I gotta tell you, Ross, it's not like you just came in from branding cattle. 我必须告诉你,罗斯 你也不像是会烙印牛只的西部牛仔
[19:08.91]Hey, there's sensitive and there's too sensitive. 嘿,敏感跟太敏感是有区别的
[19:13.15]Okay, what is too sensitive? 好吧,那什么是叫做太敏感呢?
[19:40.97]No, I can't. I can't do this. It's bad. 不,我不能,我不能这样做,这样不好
[19:44.24]But it's nice. And nice is good. 但是感觉很棒,而很棒就是好
[19:48.75]And good is not bad. Ergo, we should keep kissing. 而好就不是坏事 因此,我们应该继续亲吻
[19:52.69]- No, no. No. - But.. -不,不,不 -但是…
[19:55.96]Ergo. 但是什么?
[19:59.09]Look, David, if you had never left, then.. 听着,大卫,如果你没有离开过…
[20:02.20]yeah, we'd probably still be together right now. 那或许现在我们还是在一起的
[20:05.13]But you did leave. And I'm with Mike and I really care about him. 但是你离开了,而我现在跟麦克交往 而且我很在乎他
[20:12.74]Okay. 好的
[20:14.61]Well, he's very lucky. 嗯,他很幸运
[20:17.44]Thank you. 谢谢你
[20:21.11]Goodbye. 再见
[20:30.62]The key works. 钥匙可以用
[20:32.66]Hi, Mike. 嗨,麦克
[20:36.23]And, you, thanks for the face massage! Thank you! 还有你,谢谢你的脸部按摩! 谢谢你!
[20:42.57]Did Rachel tell you we hired a male nanny? 瑞秋有告诉你我们雇了一个男保姆吗?
[20:46.27]I think that's great! 我认为那太棒了!
[20:47.94]Did she tell you he plays the recorder, recites poetry and bakes madeleines? 她有说他会吹直笛,吟诗作对 还会做马德琳饼干吗?
[20:55.98]- How are they? - Lighter than air, but that's not the point. -好吃吗? -好吃极了,但那不是重点
[21:03.32]Rachel and I hired a male nanny. 瑞秋跟我雇了一个男保姆
[21:06.56]Really? 真的吗?
[21:08.20]Guys do that? 男生会做那样的工作吗?
[21:10.43]- That's weird. - Thank you! -真是奇怪 -谢谢你!
[21:13.27]- That's like a woman wanting to be.. - What? -那就像是女人想要成为… -什么?
[21:15.47]- What's the end of that sentence? - Yes. What is the end of that sentence? -成为什么? -是啊,成为什么?
[21:22.31]A penis model! 阴茎模特儿!
[21:29.85]Anyway, did you tell Chandler that some guy from work.. 你有告诉钱德有一个男同事…
[21:32.82]is the funniest guy you ever met? 是你遇过最风趣的男人吗?
[21:34.99]- Yeah. So? - Wow! -有啊,怎样呢? -哇!
[21:38.79]Really? Do you not know Chandler? 真的吗?你是不认识钱德吗?
[21:42.83]Is that why he's acting so weird? He's jealous? 这就是他最近行为诡异的原因吗? 他在吃醋吗?
[21:47.77]Oh, my God, that is crazy. 喔,我的天,这真是太疯狂了
[21:49.10]- It's not like I'm attracted to Jeffrey. - So what? -又不是说我喜欢上杰佛瑞 -那又怎样?
[21:51.67]Being funny is Chandler's thing. Like Ross' thing is.. 风趣是钱德的专长 就像罗斯的专长就是…
[22:01.28]Science? 科学?
[22:03.62]Academia? Being a good father? 学术?好父亲?
[22:11.26]- I can't believe he's that upset. - Are you kidding? -我不敢相信他在不高兴 -你在开玩笑吗?
[22:13.89]That's like Chandler saying he met someone who was more uptight than you. 这就像是钱德告诉你他遇到 比你更急躁不安的人一样
[22:20.33]- Excuse me? - I'm sorry. Sorry. More controlling than you. -什么? -抱歉,对不起,应该是比你更控制狂
[22:25.94]- Well, that's better. - Yeah, okay. -嗯,好多了 -是的,好了
[22:28.21]You have to do some damage control. 你要做一些事来弥补
[22:30.71]Because he's feeling like.. 因为他觉得…
[22:35.12]What are you guys talking about? 你们在说些什么?
[22:38.15]Rachel and I hired a male nanny. 瑞秋跟我雇了一个男保姆
[22:42.29]You got a man who's a nanny? 你雇了一个男人当保姆?
[22:45.59]You got a "manny"? 你雇了一个“男保”?
[22:56.57]You know, I don't mind a male nanny.. 你知道的,我是不介意男保姆…
[22:58.74]but I do draw the line at male wet nurse. 但是我倒是很介意男的擦澡护士
[23:06.28]You are on a roll, mister! 你真是太酷了,老兄!
[23:09.25]If I'd known you guys were coming over, I would've brought more pizza. 如果我知道你们要过来 我就会多买几份批萨
[23:14.52]Okay! Okay! Stop it, you! You stop it! 好了!好啦!停止,你们! 你们停止!
[23:21.03]What is so funny about that? 那有什么好笑的呢?
[23:27.90]Monica? 莫妮卡?
[23:30.20]I don't know, it's.. Just the way you say it. 我不知道,就是… 你说的方式很好笑
[23:33.71]I mean, you're funny. You have that funny thing. You're a funny guy! 我是说,你很风趣 你有风趣的特质,就是很风趣的人!
[23:41.08]Did you tell her what we talked about? 你跟她说我们谈过的事吗?
[23:52.93]So those were pity laughs? Pity laughs?! 所以那些是同情的笑声吗? 同情笑声!
[23:57.43]Honey, listen. 亲爱的,听着
[24:00.13]You have nothing to worry about with Jeffrey. 你根本不需要担心杰佛瑞
[24:02.37]Oh, yeah? Is he funnier than me? 喔,是吗?他比我风趣吗?
[24:04.87]Well, you're different funny. 你们风趣的方式不同
[24:07.54]I mean, you're more sarcastic. 我是说,你是比较挖苦式的
[24:10.04]Well, he does bits and impressions and limericks. 嗯,他是做一些模仿跟打油诗等等的
[24:14.01]I do limericks. 我也会打油诗啊!
[24:15.72]There once was a man named Chandler whose wife made him die inside. 有一个叫做钱德的男的 他老婆让他死在里头
[24:22.16]Honey, you know I think you're hilarious. 亲爱的,你知道我认为你超好笑的
[24:25.06]You know that joke you told me last week? 你知道你上星期告诉我的笑话吗?
[24:27.13]The one about Jerry Lewis and the girl with the lazy eye. 杰瑞路易斯跟有惺忪睡眼女生的笑话
[24:30.33]That slayed me. 那真是笑死我了
[24:32.23]Hey! I made up that joke and told it to you. 嗨!那是我编出来告诉你的
[24:40.07]- Not knowing when to shut up. - Yep, that's my thing. -不知道什么时候该闭嘴 -是的,那就是我的专长
[24:47.28]So how many guys have your key? 有多少男人有你家的钥匙呢?
[24:51.72]It's not as bad as it looks. 实际情况并不像看起来这样糟
[24:54.02]I was saying goodbye to an old friend. 我只是在跟一个老朋友道别
[24:56.26]Your lipstick's on his mouth. 你的口红都在他唇上了
[24:59.19]We just happen to wear the same shade. 我们只是刚好都用相同的口红
[25:03.46]No, David and I did used to go out. 不,我跟大卫以前在一起过
[25:06.97]But years ago. And he lives in Minsk. He's only in town for a couple days. 但是是几年前了,而且他住在明斯克 他只是回来几天而已
[25:12.61]- Did you..? - No. No. -你有没有…? -不,不
[25:14.44]- Kiss him? - Oh, well, yeah. -亲他? -喔,嗯,有
[25:17.74]Yes, but.. Look, she really likes you. 是的,但是… 听着,她真的很喜欢你
[25:21.05]In fact, she stopped what was a pretty amazing kiss. 事实上,她停止了一个相当美好的亲吻
[25:24.48]- David, David, David. - No, no. He should hear this. -大卫,大卫,大卫 -不,不,他应该要知道的
[25:28.19]I don't think you realize just how lucky you are, fella. 我不认为你知道你有多幸运,老兄
[25:31.86]- Don't point your finger at me! - Why? -别用手指指着我! -为什么?
[25:34.36]What are you gonna do about it? 你要怎样呢?
[25:36.33]Well, I'll show you what I'm gonna do about it. 好的,我会让你瞧瞧我能怎样
[25:39.20]- Oh, really? Really? - You want some of that? -喔,真的吗?真的吗? -你想试试看吗?
[25:45.57]Stop it! Stop it! Before someone gets really hurt! 停止!停止! 在有人受伤前快停止!
[25:51.41]Here, David, you should just go. 拿去,大卫,你应该离开了
[25:54.05]All right. 好的
[25:56.58]But if I ever do come back from Minsk, well, you just better watch out. 但是如果我从明斯克回来 你最好小心一点
[26:01.66]- If I go to Minsk, you better watch out. - Oh, you're going to Minsk? -如果我去明斯克,你也小心点 -喔,你会去明斯克吗?
[26:04.93]- Well, I might. - Really? -喔,或许会 -真的吗?
[26:07.93]Well, if you do, come in the spring. It's just lovely there. 如果你要去,最好在春天 春天是很宜人的
[26:11.93]I've heard that, actually. 事实上我有听说过
[26:13.67]Okay, well, guys? 好了,你们
[26:17.44]- Goodbye, Phoebe. - Bye. -再见,菲比 -再见
[26:19.27]- Hey, what, are you kidding me? - Right-o. Right-o. -嘿,你在开玩笑吗? -没事,没事
[26:26.51]Take good care of her. 好好照顾她
[26:31.28]I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. 我很抱歉,非常抱歉
[26:33.62]If you want your key back, I totally understand. 如果你想拿回你的钥匙 我完全理解
[26:38.53]- It's never gonna happen again, right? - Right. Never. I swear. -这不会再发生了,对不对? -没错,我发誓绝不
[26:45.43]I just want to say, if you do ever come to Minsk, that's my number. 我只想说,如果你来明斯克 这是我的号码
[26:49.67]We'll party up Vladnik-style. 我们可以以俄罗斯方式开派对
[27:09.06]Yeah! All right! 是!好的!
[27:11.02]Hey, Ross! Check it out! Sandy taught me "Hot Cross Buns"! 嘿!罗斯!快过来! 看珊帝教我吹“甜蜜家庭”
[27:15.83]Really? Sounded like "Three Blind Mice." 真的吗?听起来像是“三只瞎眼鼠”
[27:18.73]- "Three Blind Mice" goes like this. - I swear to God. -“三只瞎眼鼠”是这样 -别逼我
[27:25.24]- Who's up for puppets? - Me! I'm up for puppets! -谁想要看布偶秀呢? -我!我要看布偶秀!
[27:29.08]Well, please welcome: 喔,请欢迎…
[27:32.08]The Snufflebumps! 鼻塞小子!
[27:34.21]Who wants to be Mr. Wigglemunch and who's gonna be the Grumpus? 谁想要当摇摆先生 还有谁想当小挑剔?
[27:38.05]How exactly is a 2-month-old supposed to appreciate puppets? 一个两岁大的婴儿怎么看得懂布偶呢?
[27:43.62]Studies show that the movement and colors help their cerebral development. 研究报告显示动作跟颜色 可以帮助大脑发展
[27:47.93]The whimsical characters are just for us. 这些古怪的角色只是要让我们笑而已
[27:55.57]I want to be Mr. Wigglemunch! 我想要当摇摆先生!
[27:59.61]Oh, my God. 喔,我的天
[28:01.11]Well, I guess we know who's gonna be the Grumpus! 嗯,我想我知道谁要当小挑剔了!
[28:09.38]- That was kind of rude. - Oh, I'm sorry. -你实在是有点没礼貌 -喔,我很抱歉
[28:12.12]Please apologize to Sandy and the Snufflebumps for me. 请代我跟珊帝还有鼻塞小子道歉
[28:16.76]- You know, he was just doing his job. - You know what? -你知道的,他只是在做份内的事 -你知道吗?
[28:19.83]I'm sorry I'm the only one who isn't in love with Gary Poppins out there. 我很抱歉我是唯一 一个不喜欢《陈鸿作菜》的人
[28:28.54]But I just.. I can't go through with this. 但是我只是… 我就是没有办法接受
[28:31.47]- Come on. - No! You know what? -别这样 -不!你知道吗?
[28:33.17]I would never force you to hire someone you were this uncomfortable with. 我绝对不会强迫你雇用你不喜欢用的人
[28:41.75]That's true. 那倒是真的
[28:43.85]Thank you. 谢谢你
[28:45.29]You want to fire him, so you have to go do it. 是你要解雇他的,你去跟他说
[28:50.92]So you see, Wigglemunch, that's why it's important to share. 所以,摇摆先生 这就是分享的重要
[28:58.63]I am learning so much from you. 我从你身上学到好多
[29:06.84]Well, I'm off to Tulsa. 好了,我要去土尔沙了
[29:08.48]So if your maitre d' friend has any funny Oklahoma jokes.. 如果你的领班朋友有任何 好笑的奥克拉荷马笑话…
[29:11.88]tell him to e-mail me at www-dot-ha-ha-not-so-much-dot-com! 叫他寄电子邮件到 WWW点,一点都不好笑,点COM!
[29:18.85]Honey, you can relax. 亲爱的,你可以放轻松了
[29:20.65]Last night at work Jeffrey told this really sexist joke. 昨晚工作时杰佛瑞说了个 很性别歧视的笑话
[29:24.19]- After that, not so funny anymore. - Really? -从此之后,再也没有那么好笑了 -真的?
[29:27.49]See, that's the thing. You gotta keep it smart, people! 瞧,都是这样的 要学聪明一点的!
[29:32.37]Don't miss that flight. You know I love you. 别错过班机,你知道我爱你
[29:35.00]I love you too. 我也爱你
[29:37.37]- And I like you as a friend. - Right. -而我像朋友一样喜欢你 -没错
[29:41.31]- See you later. - See you. -再见 -再见
[29:45.41]- Did the guy really make that joke? - No, he still kills me. -那个男的真的有说那个笑话吗? -没有,他还是让我捧腹大笑
[29:49.12]Last night he had me laughing so hard, I swear a little pee came out. 我发誓昨晚他让我笑到 真的有点尿跑出来
[30:01.73]Here goes. 好了
[30:03.13]I can't watch. It's like firing Elmo. 我没有办法看,这就像开除爱摩一样
[30:11.04]Sandy? Hi. 珊帝?嗨
[30:12.64]- Hi. - We.. -嗨 -我们…
[30:14.54]We kind of need to talk. 我们可能需要谈谈
[30:20.58]I'm afraid it's not working out. 我想恐怕这样是行不通的
[30:28.02]I mean, Rachel and I think you are great with Emma. 我是说 瑞秋跟我认为你带艾犸实在是很棒
[30:33.23]- We just feel.. - You! You feel! -我们只是觉得… -你!是你觉得!
[30:37.36]I just feel.. 我只是觉得…
[30:42.04]that the chemistry isn't right. I'm sorry. 磁场不和,我很抱歉
[30:45.57]We're more than happy to give you a good recommendation. 我们很乐意帮你写推荐信的
[30:48.61]No, that's okay. I had a lot of offers from other families. 不,没关系,我还有很多其他的家庭 要我过去帮忙
[30:52.98]I just picked you guys because.. 我挑选你们是因为…
[30:55.45]- I liked you the best. - Oh, damn you, Geller! -我最喜欢你们 -喔,该死的,盖勒!
[31:02.79]Anyway, well I'm glad there's no hard feelings. 好了,我很高兴没有任何不愉快
[31:06.19]None at all. You need to be happy with whoever is in your home. 一点也没有,你们需要跟一个 能相处融洽的人才行
[31:11.06]Although, if you don't mind telling me.. 不过,如果你不介意告诉我…
[31:14.77]what was the problem? Maybe it's something I can work on in the future. 问题是出在哪里呢? 或许是我在将来可以改进的地方
[31:18.94]No, you know, it's nothing you did. It's my issue. 不,不关你的事,是我的问题
[31:25.71]What is it? 是什么呢?
[31:29.75]Please? 拜托?
[31:34.95]You know, I'm just not that comfortable with a guy who's as sensitive as you. 我只不过是不习惯 跟像你一样敏感的男人相处
[31:42.46]That's fair. 可以谅解
[31:44.53]Although, can I ask, why do you think that is? 但是,我可以问你为什么会是这样吗?
[31:48.80]Why? I don't know. 为什么?我不知道
[31:58.34]Maybe because of my father? 或许是我父亲的缘故
[32:05.25]You know, when I was growing up, he was a tough guy. 在我的成长过程中 他总是像个硬汉一样
[32:09.19]You know, and as a kid, I wasn't the athlete I am now. 小时候,我不像现在一样这么有运动感
[32:15.16]I play squash! 我会玩壁球!
[32:21.53]Anyway, I always got the feeling he thought I was too sensitive. 反正,我总是觉得他认为我太敏感
[32:27.64]That must have been hard. 那一定很难受
[32:30.51]It was hard. 的确是很难受
[32:33.81]I remember I was in my bedroom, playing with my dinosaurs.. 我记得有一次我在房间 跟我的恐龙玩…
[32:40.09]Playing and learning. 是一边玩一边学习
[32:44.09]And my father walks in and says, "What are you doing with those things? 然后我父亲走了进来说 你是在跟那些东西做什么?
[32:50.16]What's wrong with you? Why aren't you outside playing like a real boy?" 你有什么不对劲?为什么你不能去外面 像真正的男生一样玩呢?
[32:56.50]- But you are a real boy. - I know I am! -但是你是真正的男生啊 -我知道我是的!
[33:01.94]And when it's summer and it's hot, why can't you wear a tank top?! 夏天很热的时候 为什么不能穿背心装呢?
[33:08.45]It's all right. Crying is good. It lets the boo-hoos out. 没关系,哭泣是好事 大声哭出来吧
[33:17.36]Here comes some more! 再哭出来吧!
[33:24.66]Emma, one day you're gonna grow up and be a big girl, just like your daddy. 艾犸,有天你会长成大女孩 就跟你爹地一样
[33:36.41]And what's the one kind of boat that can never ever sink? 哪一种船是永远不会沉的船呢?
[33:40.01]- What kind? - A friend ship! -哪一种? -“友船”(音同友谊)!
[33:46.72]Wow! You blow my mind! 哇!你真让我大开眼界!
[33:51.99]I gotta go. 我要走了
[33:54.23]- How much do I owe you? - Twenty bucks. -我该给你多少呢? -二十块
[33:56.63]It's like the cheapest college ever! 就像是史上最便宜的大学了!
[34:00.03]- I'll see you tomorrow. - Okay, bye-bye, Skadandy. -明天见 -好的,掰掰,珊卡丹帝

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