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demonstrable/['demənstrəbl]/ a. 可论证的...

听美剧学英语《老友记第七季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 23

[00:02.70]Do you realize this is the last time we'll be here... 你们知道这是最后一次 我们以六个单身朋友的身分…
[00:06.77]as six single people? 共聚一堂吗?
[00:08.54]What's happening to the coffeehouse? 咖啡厅怎么了?
[00:15.11]From now on, it's you four and me and the missus. 从现在开始,是你们四个好朋友 我跟我太太了
[00:18.91]The little woman. The wife. The old ball and chain. 我的小女人,好老婆 老的系绊
[00:23.08]-Old? -The young, hot ball and chain. -老的? -你是年轻性感的系绊
[00:26.22]-Much better. -We gotta go. -好多了 -我们得走了
[00:28.92]-Where? -Get the dress and lunch with mom. -去哪里? -我要去拿婚纱,跟妈妈一起吃午餐
[00:33.06]Joey, you too? 乔伊,你也要去?
[00:35.13]I just heard "lunch." 我听到了“午餐”
[00:37.83]Yeah, I can go. Sure. 对,我可以去,当然
[00:42.60]Actually, I'm glad they're leaving. 事实上我很高兴他们离开了
[00:46.71]I need to talk to you about something. 有件事我得跟你谈一谈
[00:49.78]-What's up? -This may be a little awkward. -什么事? -这或许会有点吓人
[00:52.78]If you need money, it's a bad time. I'm buying 128 dinners tomorrow. 如果你需要钱,时机真的不太对 明天晚上我得请一百二十八个人吃晚餐
[00:58.29]No, it's not that. 不,不是那样的
[01:01.22]I'm not gonna say this as your friend... 我不是以你朋友的身分 跟你说话…
[01:04.63]but as Monica's older brother. 我要以摩妮卡大哥的身分跟你谈
[01:07.26]-But you're still my friend? -Not for a few minutes. -但你还是我朋友吧? -接下来的几分钟不是
[01:10.97]-Right now, are you still my best man? -No. -现在你还是我的伴郎吗? -不是
[01:16.97]Do I still call you Ross? 我还是可以叫你罗斯吗?
[01:21.18]You guys are getting married, and I couldn't be more thrilled. 你们要结婚了,我真的很高兴
[01:27.02]But as her older brother, I have to tell you this: 但身为她的大哥 我得告诉你一件事
[01:32.39]If you ever hurt my little sister... 如果你敢伤害我妹妹…
[01:36.32]if you ever cause her any unhappiness of any kind... 如果你敢让她不快乐…
[01:42.00]I will hunt you down... 天涯海角我都会找到你…
[01:45.00]and kick your ass. 我会痛扁你
[01:53.71]What? I'm serious. 什么?我是认真的
[01:58.35]-Dude! Stop it! I'm not kidding. -I hear what you're saying... -兄弟,别闹了,我不是在开玩笑 -我听到你的话了…
[02:04.22]and thanks for the warning. 谢谢你的警告
[02:06.55]No problem. 别客气
[02:08.56]Are we friends again? 我们又是朋友了?
[02:11.36]Yeah. 对
[02:13.39]You won't believe what Monica's brother just said to me! 你不会相信刚刚摩妮卡的 哥哥跟我说了什么!
[02:18.43]The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding 摩妮卡和钱德的婚礼上集
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[02:57.21]What you doing, Mon? 你在做什么?摩妮卡
[02:58.91]I'm listing things that could go wrong at the wedding. 我在列出 婚礼上可能会出差错的事情
[03:04.75]So I can be prepared. 那样子我可以做好准备
[03:06.61]-What are they? -"The dresses won't get picked up... -哪些事会出差错? -到目前为止有婚纱忘了拿…
[03:11.25]veil gets lost, and I'm missing something blue." 我的头纱不见了 或是我忘了拿蓝色的东西
[03:14.92]I'm responsible for all those. 那是我负责的事
[03:18.43]I had to go with the odds. 我得做好万全准备
[03:23.13]Remember I didn't get that part? 你们还记得之前我去试镜 没有拿到那个角色的事吗?
[03:25.87]-The commercial? -That play? -那个广告? -那出舞台剧?
[03:28.04]That other play? 另一出舞台剧?
[03:30.00]-The movie? -Yes! -那部电影? -对
[03:32.01]The one about the dog who flies planes? 那部狗会开飞机的电影?
[03:34.64]No. But man, that one hurt. 不,但我真的很伤心
[03:37.81]-This is the one about WWI soldiers. -Oh, yeah. -这部电影在描述一次大战的士兵 -喔,对
[03:42.25]Back then we called it "The Great War." 以前我们叫它“大战”
[03:46.42]It really was. 它真的是大战
[03:49.59]A guy they wanted backed out! I start shooting today! 他们录取的那个角色不演了! 我今天就要开始拍戏!
[03:53.63]Congratulations! 恭喜!
[03:55.03]-Today's the dinner. -I'll be done by then. -今天有彩排晚宴 -我一定会赶过去的
[03:58.67]Oh. Then way to go, you big movie star! 喔,那么太棒了 你成了电影明星!
[04:01.67]See you. I'm off to fight the Nazis. 待会见,我要去跟纳粹作战了
[04:04.61]Wait, Joey. We fought the Nazis in WWII, not WWI. 等一下,乔伊,纳粹是我们 在二次大战的敌人,不是一次大战
[04:11.55]Who was in WWI? 谁是我们在一次大战的敌人?
[04:16.48]Go ahead. 你说吧
[04:18.32]You're gonna be late! Go! Go! 你要迟到了!快去…
[04:23.26]Who did we fight in WWI? 谁是我们在一次大战的敌人?
[04:26.09]-Mexico? -Yes. Very good. -墨西哥? -对,非常棒
[04:44.51]-Hey, Joey. We're ready. -Yeah, me too. -嘿,乔伊,我们准备好了 -我也是
[04:47.62]Richard, we're ready for you. 理查,我们准备好了
[04:49.88]Joey Tribbiani, Richard Crosby is playing Vincent. 乔伊崔比亚尼,这位是理查克洛斯比 他要饰演文森
[04:54.79]-I'm acting with you? -Nice to meet you. -我要跟你演对手戏? -很高兴能认识你
[04:57.83]I can't believe this. Incredible. You just won an Oscar. 我不敢相信,这太不可思议了 你刚刚拿下奥斯卡金像奖
[05:02.66]No, I didn't. 不,我没有
[05:05.10]I think you did. 我知道你有
[05:07.90]I think I lost, three times. 我想三次我都输了
[05:12.47]-Cookie? Would you...? -No. -饼干?你要…? -不
[05:15.51]We're about an hour away from getting the scene lit. 再过一小时我们就要正式开拍
[05:19.75]-Can you guys run it a couple times? -Yeah, sure. -你们能对一下戏吗? -没问题
[05:24.22]All right. Let's do it. 好了,我们开始吧
[05:27.32]And... action! 好了…开始!
[05:30.12]-We have to find the platoon! -Forget it, the platoon is gone! -我们得找到其他士兵! -算了吧,他们已经不在了!
[05:37.37]-What? -Platoon's dead! Face facts, Tony! -什么? -他们都死了!面对现实吧,东尼!
[05:43.04]What'll we do? We have no reinforcements or food. 我们该怎么办? 我们没有援兵或食物
[05:46.57]There's food in the basement. Potatoes and some pasta. 地下室有食物 有马铃薯跟一些意大利面
[05:51.58]Hang on. Joey, you keep touching your face. 等一下,乔伊,你一直在摸你的脸
[05:55.15]Something wrong? 有什么问题吗?
[05:57.19]No. 不,没有
[06:00.69]I thought it might be a cool character thing. 我以为这么做会很酷
[06:03.93]He's a face toucher. 他是个喜欢摸脸的人
[06:10.37]I don't think so. 我可不那么认为
[06:13.20]Let's take it back to Richard's last lines. Action! 我们从理查 最后一句台词开始,开始!
[06:18.11]No weapons, but we still have food. 虽然我们没有武器 但我们还有食物
[06:20.91]Potatoes, pasta... 马铃薯,意大利面…
[06:22.94]and a few tins of tuna! 跟几罐鲔鱼
[06:27.58]Honey, we gotta go! 甜心,我们得走了!
[06:29.98]Here's a question you never want to ask: 这个问题真的很难启齿
[06:32.95]Can my dad borrow one of your pearl necklaces? 我爸能借用你的珍珠项链吗?
[06:37.79]Did he say what kind of neckline he's wearing? 他有提到 他的领口剪裁是哪一种的吗?
[06:41.00]No. 没有
[06:42.70]I just met him once, but I'm guessing... 我只见过他一次但我猜…
[06:45.30]plunging? 是低胸的?
[06:46.60]He is more of a if-you've-got-it- flaunt-it kind of father. 他是那种不吓死人不罢休的爸爸
[06:52.41]Let me see if Rachel has anything. 我去问问瑞秋有没有适合的项链
[06:54.81]Yes, include more people. 对,把更多的人扯进来
[06:58.95]Do you realize that tomorrow we're gonna be getting married? 你知道明天这个时候 我们要结婚吗?
[07:03.22]I have a date tomorrow night. 我明天晚上有约了
[07:06.59]-I can't believe we made it. -Don't sound so surprised. -我不敢相信我们真的办到了 -别一副很讶异的样子
[07:10.96]I'm sorry, but... 对不起,但是…
[07:13.29]-Nothing. -What? -没事 -什么?
[07:17.10]Well, honestly? Ever since we got engaged... 喔,真的吗?自从我们订婚后…
[07:20.64]I've waited for you to flip out. 我一直在期待 发生什么事让你退缩
[07:23.67]Honestly? Me too. 真的吗?我也是
[07:27.04]-Really? -Yeah. -真的吗? -对
[07:28.81]I think that something will come up and I'll... 我以为会发生什么事 然后我会作…
[07:33.01]go all Chandler. 钱德会作的事
[07:34.82]-But nothing has. -I'm so glad. -但什么事都没发生 -我很高兴
[07:37.75]Thank you for staying so calm during this. 谢谢你在这段时间 一直都非常地冷静
[07:40.76]It's made me stay calm. 它让我非常地冷静
[07:44.36]I could've been worse. 我可能会更差的
[07:46.96]I'll be right there. 我马上回来
[07:55.17]Before Saturday, you've reached Monica and Chandler. 如果你在星期六前打电话来 这里是摩妮卡跟钱德家
[07:59.04]But if you're calling after Saturday, you've reached Mr. and Mrs. Bing. 但如果你在星期六后打电话来 这里是宾氏夫妇家
[08:04.41]Please leave a message for... the Bings! 请留话给…宾氏夫妇!
[08:24.20]Maureen! 嘿,墨琳!
[08:27.24]-This is my cousin, Maureen. -We're the Bings. -她是我表妹墨琳 -我们是宾氏夫妇
[08:33.91]Hi! You guys look so beautiful. 嗨,你们都很漂亮
[08:36.88]Mr. and Mrs. Bing! 宾先生跟宾太太
[08:41.62]Wow, Monica. 摩妮卡
[08:43.89]So you know, I had my older-brother talk with Chandler. 你知道的,我以 “大哥的身分”跟钱德谈过
[08:47.92]What is that? 你说了什么?
[08:49.96]I told him that if he ever hurt you... 我告诉他如果他敢伤害你…
[08:52.86]I would hunt him down and kick his ass. 天涯海角我都会找到他 痛扁他
[08:59.73]What is the matter with everybody? I'm serious. 大家是怎么了?我是认真的
[09:03.27]I would kick his ass! 我会痛扁他!
[09:07.38]Ross, please, my makeup! 罗斯,拜托,我的妆要糊掉了!
[09:12.78]-Chandler. -Mom. -钱德 -妈
[09:15.28]Thanks for wearing... something. 谢谢你记得穿…衣服来
[09:20.12]This is so exciting! I thought we screwed you up too much for this. 我真的很兴奋 我以为我们害得你不敢结婚
[09:26.46]Just think, soon there will be lots of little Bings. 你想想,很快地 就会出现很多宾氏小孩
[09:35.94]I can't believe I'm going back to get spit on again. 我不敢相信我要回去 让人家喷口水
[09:39.64]You're lucky, the people who spit on you are famous. 你很幸运 至少喷你口水的人都很有名
[09:44.75]-Who spits on you? -I don't want to talk about work. -谁对你喷口水? -我不想谈工作的事
[09:49.62]Mrs. Bing? These are my parents, Judy and Jack Geller. 宾太太?他们是我爸妈 茱蒂跟杰克盖勒
[09:53.99]-It's lovely to meet you. -Are you his mother or father? -很高兴能见到你 -你是他妈妈还是他爸爸?
[09:58.03]Jack! 杰克!
[10:00.70]What? I've never seen one before. 什么?我没看过变性人
[10:03.53]Dad, there's Ross. Go talk to him. 爸,罗斯在那边 去跟他谈一谈吧
[10:06.10]I wasn't even able to act like I'm okay with it. 我甚至没办法 假装我不会在意
[10:12.44]Hello, all. 大家好
[10:15.14]Hi... Dad. 嗨…爸爸
[10:19.65]Hi, Mr. Bing. 嗨,宾先生
[10:22.98]-Nora. -Charles. -诺拉 -查尔斯
[10:27.92]-It's so great to see you both here. -Yes. -很高兴你们两个都来了 -对
[10:30.99]Although we may be seeing too much of some people. 虽然有些人是衣不蔽体
[10:37.47]Aren't you too old to wear a dress like that? 你不觉得自己太老了 不该穿那种衣服吗?
[10:40.97]Don't you have too much penis to wear a dress like that? 你不觉得自己是个男人 不该穿那种衣服吗?
[10:46.81]Oh, my God. 喔,我的天啊
[10:51.21]Of course you can kick his ass, son. 你当然可以痛扁他,儿子
[10:54.08]You could kick anyone's ass you want to. 你想痛扁任何人都没有问题
[10:58.49]Thanks, you guys. 谢谢你们
[11:04.56]-Rach, Rach? -Yeah? -瑞秋? -什么?
[11:06.16]Talk to Chandler's dad and keep him away from Chandler's mom. 快去跟钱德的爸聊天 别让他跟钱德的妈妈杠上了
[11:10.40]-What's he look like? -A man in a black dress. -但我不知道他长什么样子 -他穿着黑色洋装
[11:22.08]I'm Rachel, a friend of Monica and Chandler's. 嗨,我是瑞秋 摩妮卡跟钱德的朋友
[11:26.01]-I'm Amanda. -Oh, I get it. -我是亚曼达 -喔,我懂了
[11:29.38]"A man, duh!" “男人,啊!”
[11:37.29]Could I have your attention? 请大家听我说
[11:40.36]-I'm Ross Geller. -Dr. Ross Geller. -我是罗斯盖勒 -罗斯盖勒博士
[11:45.77]Dad, please. As I was saying... 爸,拜托,我刚刚说过…
[11:50.00]I'm Dr. Ross Geller. 我是罗斯盖勒博士
[11:54.21]And I'm the best man. 我是伴郎
[11:56.91]This marriage is doubly special for me... 这段婚姻对我来说有双重意义…
[12:01.05]because not only is the groom my best friend... 不只因为新郎是我的好朋友…
[12:05.12]but the bride is my little sister. 更因为新娘是我的妹妹
[12:12.03]She's the greatest sister a guy could ask for. 她是所有男人 梦寐以求的好妹妹
[12:16.40]Please join me in raising a glass... 请大家跟我一起举杯…
[12:19.57]to the couple we're here to celebrate. 敬这对新人
[12:22.84]-To the Bings. -To the Bings! -敬宾氏夫妇 -敬宾氏夫妇!
[12:34.55]I'm gonna steam my dress. 我要去熨婚纱了
[12:36.92]Who will make sure nothing happens to it? 谁负责确定它不会有问题?
[12:39.75]-I'll do it. -Who wants it? Anybody? -我会负责 -谁要负责?有人愿意吗?
[12:43.09]-I said I'll do it. -Nobody? -我说我会负责 -没有人吗?
[12:45.66]-All right, I'll do it myself. -I'm not gonna screw it up. -好吧,那么我就自己来 -我不会搞砸的
[12:49.93]You're right. I'm sorry. You were a big help tonight. 你说的对,对不起 今晚你帮了大忙
[12:53.80]Thanks for helping my grandmother get to the hotel. 谢谢你帮忙 将我奶奶安全地送回饭店
[12:57.64]-Of course! That's what I'm here for. -Okay. Sorry. -当然,那就是我的工作 -好吧,对不起
[13:03.68]What grandmother? 什么奶奶?
[13:09.45]-Where have you been? -Taking my parents to the hotel. -你跑到哪里去了? -我送我爸妈回饭店
[13:13.29]-Going back to work? -Yeah. -你要回去工作了? -对
[13:15.62]-Nice shades. -If I wear these in my scenes... -很酷的太阳眼镜 -我想如果我能戴上它拍戏
[13:19.39]I won't get spit in my eyes. 我的眼睛就不会喷到口水了
[13:22.66]And, if I remember correctly, Ray-Ban was the official sponsor of WWI. 如果我没有记错 雷朋是一次大战的正式赞助商
[13:28.60]Great! All right! 太棒了!帅啊!
[13:31.97]I'll see you later. -待会见 -好吧
[13:33.91]-Where's Chandler? -I think he's in Rachel's room. -钱德在哪里? -我想他在瑞秋的房间里
[13:38.61]Chandler? 钱德?
[14:04.71]-Is Monica here? -She's steaming her dress. Why? -摩妮卡在吗? -她在熨婚纱,怎么了?
[14:09.21]-I think Chandler's gone. -What? -我想钱德走了 -什么?
[14:12.71]-He left that. -"Tell Monica I'm sorry." -他留下了这个 -“告诉摩妮卡我很抱歉”
[14:17.35]Oh, my God. 喔,我的天啊
[14:19.72]What's up? 怎么了?
[14:23.29]"Tell Monica I'm sorry." “告诉摩妮卡我很抱歉”
[14:27.60]Tell her yourself. 你自己去告诉她
[14:35.87]Oh, my God. Chandler just left, though? 喔,我的天啊,钱德走了?
[14:39.14]Maybe it's not what we think. 或许事情不是我们想的那样 或许他是说:
[14:42.01]"Tell Monica I'm sorry I drank the last of the milk." “告诉摩妮卡我很抱歉 我把牛奶都喝光了”
[14:46.25]Or maybe he was writing to tell her that he's changed his name: 或许他写这张字条告诉她 他改了名字
[14:51.09]"Tell Monica, I'm Sorry." “告诉摩妮卡我叫抱歉”
[14:56.62]-It means he freaked out and left! -Don't be so negative! -这表示他吓得逃跑了! -别那么消极!
[15:02.13]Good God, isn't it possible that "Sorry" is sitting in there right now? 天啊,有没有可能“抱歉” 现在就坐在里面
[15:08.64]Phoebe, I think Ross is right. What are we gonna do? 菲比,我想罗斯说的对 我们该怎么办?
[15:13.01]I'm gonna have to go find him and bring him back. 我得去找他,把他带回来
[15:16.71]You make sure Monica does not find out, okay? 你们别让摩妮卡 发现这件事,好吗?
[15:20.58]But, if you don't find him and bring him back... 如果你没办法找到他 把他带回来…
[15:23.95]I am gonna hunt you down and kick your ass! 天涯海角我都会找到你 痛扁你!
[15:29.96]I will find him. 我会找到他的
[15:34.90]Joey? Can you go through these lines with me? 乔伊,你能跟我对一下台词吗?
[15:38.47]Oh, man, they just re-did my makeup. 喔,天啊,他们才帮我补好妆
[15:42.80]-Just the last two pages. -All right. -只要对最后两页 -好吧
[15:50.34]I found the picture! 我发现照片了!
[15:53.55]Picture? What picture? 照片?什么照片?
[15:55.45]The picture of my wife I found in your pack. 我在你的背包里 发现了我太太的照片
[15:59.82]-Could you lower the script? -I don't want to. -你能把剧本放下来吗? -我不想
[16:04.46]I need to see your face so I can play off your reaction. 我得看到你的脸 才能知道你的反应
[16:09.36]Okay, look. 好吧,听我说
[16:11.20]I know you're great and play all those Shakespeare guys... 我知道你的演技很棒 演过很多莎翁名剧…
[16:16.07]but you're spitting all over me, man. 但你喷得我满脸是口水
[16:18.94]-Of course I am! -You know you've been spitting? -那当然! -你知道你会喷口水?
[16:22.34]That's what real actors do. 真正的演员都会那么做
[16:26.11]Enunciation is the mark of a good actor. 发音是好演员的注册商标
[16:29.52]And when you enunciate, you spit! 发音正确时就会喷口水!
[16:34.86]Wow. Didn't know that. 我不知道这件事
[16:37.69]Thanks. Okay, check it out. 谢了,好吧,看我的
[16:41.53]Picture? What picture? 照片?什么照片?
[16:53.17]-Have you seen Chandler? -No, I haven't seen him. -阿甘,你看到钱德了吗? -不,我没有看到他
[16:57.18]-Damn. -He's getting married tomorrow, right? -该死 -他明天要结婚了,对吧?
[17:00.48]Yes. Don't worry. Everything's fine. 对,别担心,一切都会没事的
[17:03.68]-See you at the wedding. -I wasn't invited. -明天婚礼上见 -我没有被邀请
[17:08.49]Then we'll see you the day after tomorrow. 那么后天见
[17:14.73]Mom? Dad? 妈?爸?
[17:17.03]What are you doing here? 你在这里做什么?
[17:19.00]We thought we'd see what the fuss is all about. 我们想看看 这里到底有什么特别的
[17:22.70]-I see why the girls like coming here. -Why? -我知道为什么女孩们喜欢来这里 -为什么?
[17:26.64]The sexy blond behind the counter. 为了吧台后面那个性感大帅哥
[17:34.95]-Gunther? -She just added him to her list. -阿甘? -她刚刚把他列入她的名单
[17:39.92]-Your list? -Of people we're allowed to sleep.. -什么?你的名单? -我们可以上床的对象…
[17:43.92]I know what the list is. 我知道那是什么样的名单
[17:46.59]Come on, sit down. Have a cup of joe. 快坐下吧,喝杯咖啡
[17:51.03]Dad, I can't. I'm sorry. 爸爸,我没空,抱歉
[17:53.27]If you see Chandler, tell him I'm looking for him. 如果你看到钱德 告诉他我在找他
[17:56.94]And if you see Rita Moreno, let her know I'm looking for her. 如果你看到丽塔莫雷诺 告诉她我在找她
[18:06.71]Action! 开始!
[18:11.55]I found the picture! 我发现照片了!
[18:13.89]What picture? 什么照片?
[18:17.09]A picture of my wife, in your pack! 我在你的背包里发现了我太太的照片
[18:20.79]You went through my personal property? 你偷翻我的私人物品?
[18:24.83]Why do you have a picture of Paulette in your pack? 你的背包里 为什么会有宝丽蒂的照片?
[18:31.61]Because, Vincent, we were lovers... 文森,因为我们交往过…
[18:36.08]for two years! ...两年!
[18:38.28]Cut! Wonderful! 卡!太棒了!
[18:43.92]Great scene, huh? 真的是太棒了!
[18:45.49]You were awesome. In that last speech, you soaked me. 你真的很棒 最后那一段你喷得我的脸都湿了
[18:49.72]-Tomorrow's call sheet. -I'm not working tomorrow. -这是明天的通告表 -明天我不会工作
[18:53.03]-You are now. -No, you gotta get me out of it. -现在是了 -不,你得帮我这个忙
[18:56.33]I have plans. Important plans! 我已经有约了,这件事非常重要!
[19:06.87]-Still no word from Chandler. -Oh, man. -罗斯说还是没有钱德的消息 -喔,天啊
[19:10.98]But they found the grandmother wandering down 5th. 但他们发现 奶奶在第五大道上游荡
[19:15.68]Okay, well there's one down. 好吧,至少找到一个人了
[19:19.35]I'm getting married today! 今天我要结婚了
[19:25.03]I cracked a rib, but I don't care. Today's my wedding! 我断了一根肋骨,但我不在乎 今天我要结婚了!
[19:28.96]My day is finally here! 我终于要结婚了!
[19:34.27]She might not even notice he's gone. 或许她不会注意到他不见了
[19:38.47]I'm gonna start getting ready! 我要开始准备了!
[19:42.64]We can't let her start getting ready. This is too awful! 我们不能让她开始准备 这太可怕了!
[19:46.88]She'll be in the gown, and he won't show up. 但等她换上婚纱 而他又没有出现时…
[19:50.28]Then she'll have to take off the gown.. 这时候她得脱掉婚纱…
[19:53.35]Stop it. You can't do this here. 冷静点,你不能在这里抓狂
[19:57.66]I'm sorry. I'm sorry. 对不起,抱歉
[19:59.39]It's just so sad. 那真的是太悲伤了
[20:02.06]Pull it together. She can't see you like this. 振作一点 别让她看到你这个样子
[20:05.37]-She'll know something's wrong. -I know. I know. -她会发现不对劲的 -我知道,天啊!
[20:09.40]There's no tissue. 没有面纸了
[20:11.31]Can you grab me some toilet paper? 你能拿张卫生纸给我吗?
[20:13.94]Oh, that's gone too. This is Monica's bathroom, right? 喔,卫生纸也没有了 这里是摩妮卡的浴室吧?
[20:18.68]I found one. -我找到一张了 -好吧
[20:24.72]Thank you. -拿去吧 -谢谢
[20:26.05]Oh, God. 喔,天啊
[20:30.36]Can I have another one? 能再给我一张吗?
[20:33.36]Sure. 没问题
[20:37.90]Do you need some floss? 你需要牙线吗?
[20:41.57]I can't imagine what will happen if he doesn't show up. 我无法想像如果他不出现 会发生什么事
[20:45.47]Here's a whole bunch. 这里有一大堆卫生纸
[20:47.21]She'll be at the wedding waiting... 她会在礼堂等他…
[20:49.64]and people will be whispering, "That poor girl." 大家会窃窃窃窃私语 “喔,那个可怜的女孩”
[20:53.38]Then she'll have to come back here and live alone. 然后她得回来这里 独自一个人过生活
[20:56.95]-Oh, my God. -What? -喔,我的天啊 -什么?
[20:59.09]There was a pregnancy test in the garbage, and it's positive. 垃圾桶有一根验孕棒 是阳性反应
[21:05.13]Monica's pregnant. 摩妮卡怀孕了
[21:09.43]So I guess she won't be totally alone. 我猜她不会寂寞了
[21:19.14]Next time on Friends: 下集提要
[21:20.44]-We've gotta tell her. -No, we can't. -我们得告诉她他失踪了 -不,我们不能那么做
[21:23.51]She's getting ready. 她很快就会开始做准备
[21:25.31]Can't you stall her? 你不能拖延她吗?
[21:27.51]I'm never gonna get married. 我永远都没办法结婚了!
[21:31.18]We've just got one scene with you two, and Richard is a pro. 我们只要拍一场戏 就你跟理查,他是职业高手
[21:36.99]-Are you drunk? -No! -你喝醉了吗? -没有
[21:39.16]Yes, you are! 你喝醉了!
[21:40.59]All right. 好吧
[21:43.23]-How's Chandler? -Great! -钱德还好吗? -他好极了
[21:45.30]-Where are you? -On the set. -你在哪里? -我还在片场里
[21:47.03]It's turning into the worst wedding ever. 这将会是有史以来 最糟糕的一场婚礼

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