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wipe out/[]/ 擦洗...的内部, 勾销(债务), 消灭 ...

听美剧学英语《老友记第六季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 02

[00:04.33]Did everything go okay with the annulment? 手续办得还顺利吗?
[00:06.94]No problems. It's all taken care of. 没问题,都办好了
[00:09.44]Ross,thank you. 罗斯,谢谢你
[00:12.34]Want to go see a movie? 你们要不要去看电影
[00:14.11]Yeah,why not? 好啊
[00:15.31]I'll get my sweater. 我去穿毛衣 好
[00:20.25]Want to hear something weird? 想不想听一件奇怪的事?
[00:22.02]Always. 当然
[00:24.99]I didn't get the annulment. 我没去办注销
[00:28.32]What? 什么?
[00:29.62]We're still married. 我们还是夫妻
[00:32.36]Don't tell Rachel. See you later. 不要告诉瑞秋,待会见
[00:38.20]Do you have any gum? 你有口香糖吗?
[00:41.87]Wait! Wait! Ross,can I just talk to you for just a second? 等等! 罗斯,可以跟你谈一下吗?
[00:46.01]We'll be late for the movie. 但是电影快开演了
[00:48.01]There's a cab. Taxi! 那里有计程车,计程车
[00:50.51]That's great.
[00:52.31]What timing! My God,huh? There you go. 来得正好,上车吧
[00:55.68]We're gonna walk. It's right at the Angelika. 我们要走去前面的安洁丽戏院
[00:58.62]The Angelika! Go! Go! 安洁丽戏院,开车
[01:02.29]You didn't get the annulment?! 你没去注销?
[01:04.23]I know. 我知道
[01:07.46]I tried,but when I got to my lawyer's office, all I heard was: 我试过,但在律师楼我只听到
[01:11.07]"Three divorces! Three divorces!" “离婚三次,离婚三次”
[01:13.77]Yes,in that high voice. 没错,是女高音
[01:17.27]I just don't want my tombstone to read: "Ross Geller: Three Divorces." 我不希望我的墓碑上刻着 “罗斯盖勒,离婚三次”
[01:22.04]Don't worry about that. Your tombstone can say whatever you want. 你不必担心那个 你爱刻什么就刻什么
[01:25.88]It can say, "Ross Geller: Good at Marriage." 你可以刻 “罗斯盖勒,婚姻高手”
[01:29.65]You know? Mine's gonna say, "Phoebe Buffay: Buried Alive." 我的会刻 “菲比布非,活埋在此”
[01:34.56]All I know is,I can't have another failed marriage. 反正我不能再添一次失败婚姻
[01:38.29]So you're gonna be married to a girl who doesn't even know about it? 所以你要娶个不知情的女生?
[01:42.43]Woman. Sorry. 女人,抱歉
[01:46.27]Okay,so I don't have it all worked out quite yet. 我还没想好要怎么做
[01:49.50]Just don't say anything to Rachel. 拜托你先别告诉瑞秋
[01:52.07]Rachel is one of my closest friends. 瑞秋是我最要好的朋友之一
[01:55.31]But being the only one that knows about this makes me feel special. Okay. 不过当唯一知情的人感觉不赖 好吧
[02:02.45]Okay,stop,stop! Phoebe? 停车 菲比?
[02:05.12]Hey,Rach! 瑞秋
[02:07.69]What was that? 你在搞什么?
[02:09.49]Sorry. Mix-up. 抱歉,弄错了
[02:12.19]How was the movie? 电影好看吗?
[02:14.26]I haven't seen it yet. 我还没看
[02:16.33]You'd better hurry. The Angelika! Go! 那就要快了 安洁丽戏院,开车
[02:22.04]The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel 本集播出:“瑞秋的反应”
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[03:02.84]When I move in, can I get a gumball machine? 等我们同居 我可以买一台泡泡糖机吗?
[03:05.55]Of course. Joey wouldn't let you have one? 当然可以,乔伊不让你买?
[03:08.72]No, when it comes to sweets, he's surprisingly strict. 对,他对甜食要求特别严
[03:13.02]Did you tell him you're moving out? 你想好要怎么说了吗?
[03:15.39]No,I keep trying. And I can get out,"Joey,I have to.." 还没,我试了好几次 我只能说出“乔伊,我得…”
[03:18.93]Then I lose my nerve and I finish with, "go to the bathroom." 然后就退缩改说“去上厕所”
[03:23.46]He may think I'm sick. 他可能以为我有病
[03:25.87]I have to tell Rachel,but.... We just gotta get it over with. 我真的得告诉瑞秋了 早死早超生
[03:29.60]Next time we see them, we'll just tell them. That's it. 下次见到他们,我们就说
[03:33.04]That's how it'll work now? You'll just order me around? 就这么决定 以后你都要这样指使我是吧?
[03:37.08]-Pretty much. -All right. 差不多 好
[03:41.28]Hey,man,you feeling better? 摩妮卡 你有没有好一点?
[03:48.09]We have something to tell you. 乔伊,我们有事要说
[03:50.79]Oh,my God! 天哪
[03:52.29]You're pregnant! 你怀孕了
[03:55.66]No! 不是
[04:01.00]Look, Joe,here's the thing. 乔伊,是这样的
[04:04.97]Monica and I have decided to live together, here. 摩妮卡和我决定在这里同居
[04:09.61]I'm gonna be moving out, man. 所以我会搬出来
[04:18.95]I'm really happy for you guys. Congratulations. See you later. 我真替你们高兴 恭喜,回见
[04:24.19]Are you okay? 等等,乔伊,你还好吗?
[04:25.46]I gotta go. I've got an acting job. 很好,我得走了,我有戏要演
[04:30.10]Like you'd believe that. 你们会信才怪
[04:33.20]This sucks! 讨厌啦
[04:34.87]I'll be across the hall. And I promise you... 我只是要搬到对门,我保证
[04:37.71]the minute Monica and I break up, I'm moving right back in. 摩妮卡和我一分手 我就回去跟你住
[04:42.34]Maybe that's now. 你是说现在吗?
[04:45.28]If you're gonna move in with him... 好,如果你要跟他住
[04:47.48]I feel it is my responsibility to tell you the truth about him. 我有责任揭穿他的真面目
[04:51.15]He's a terrible roommate. Terrible. 他是个很烂的室友
[04:53.45]He forgets to.... 他会忘记…
[04:56.32]He always,he always.... 他老是…
[04:59.59]Who am I kidding? He's the best roommate! 我骗谁啊,他最棒了
[05:06.87]-Hey,Phoebe. -Hey. 菲比
[05:08.87]Oh, look, here's an article about people who marry people and don't tell them. 有一篇文章在讨论 结了婚却不告诉对方的人
[05:12.77]-Really? -Yeah, I'm reading Ross Geller Magazine. 真的? 对,我在看罗斯盖勒杂志
[05:18.61]Have you seen Rachel? 菲比,你有看到瑞秋吗?
[05:19.78]-No, why? -I have some exciting news. 没有,怎样? 我有个好消息
[05:22.52]You're pregnant. 你怀孕了
[05:25.02]No! 不是
[05:27.62]Chandler and I are moving in together. 钱德和我决定同居
[05:29.69]Oh,that's good! 太好了
[05:31.46]But if you were pregnant, what would you name it? Hint,Phoebe. 不过如果你有宝宝要叫什么? 提示:菲比
[05:39.07]What's up? 怎么样?
[05:42.30]Chandler and I are moving in together. 钱德和我要住在一起
[05:44.94]Oh,my God. 天哪
[05:47.44]Oh,my little sister and my best friend... 我妹妹和我的死党…
[05:51.25]shacking up. 搞在一起
[05:54.55]That's great. That's great. 太好了
[05:57.49]Guys, I'm happy too. 喂,我也很高兴
[05:59.22]Okay,come here. 好,一起来
[06:01.62]Big day,huh? People moving in. People getting annulled. 今天真热闹 有人要同居,有人办注销
[06:09.40]I gotta go find Rachel. 我要去找瑞秋了,不过…
[06:11.50]If you see her,give her some really bad news, so mine doesn't seem so bad. 你们能不能先灌些坏消息给她 减轻一些冲击?
[06:19.27]Something bad to tell Rachel. 讲给瑞秋听的坏消息…
[06:23.41]Bad news for Rachel. What could that be? 什么是她的坏消息?
[06:27.08]Can you just lay off, please? 你能不能别再提了?
[06:29.62]My life is an embarrassment. I should just go live under somebody's stairs. 我的人生很难堪 我应该去住在别人的楼梯底下
[06:34.99]It's not that big a deal. You'll have been divorced three times. 根本没那么严重 离婚三次又怎样
[06:38.69]You'll have a life,you'll date.. 你还是会有私生活、会约会…
[06:40.96]No, I won't. I'll be at the bottom of the dating barrel now. 才不会 我的约会指数降到谷底
[06:45.43]The only guys below me will be Four-Divorce Guy... 比我低的只有离婚四次的人
[06:48.44]Murderer Guy... 杀人犯和…
[06:50.67]and geologists. 地质学家
[06:53.71]Ross, you're being ridiculous. You are cute and smart and sweet. 罗斯,你别傻了 你可爱聪明又体帖
[06:57.98]That is much more important than three stupid divorces. 这比离婚三次重要多了
[07:01.35]Have you dated anyone who's been divorced three times? 是吗? 你交过离婚三次的男朋友吗?
[07:04.55]That's not fair. Most guys that have been divorced three times are 60. 这样问不公平 离三次婚的人通常都60了
[07:10.63]You're young. 你多年轻啊
[07:13.66]That's true,I am young. 我是很年轻
[07:18.80]Nobody cares about this except you. 只有你自己在意
[07:21.50]This embarrassment thing is all in your head. 什么难堪都是你在想像
[07:25.84]-Here,I'll show you. Come here. -What? 我证明给你看 过来 干嘛?
[07:28.84]Hi. My friend Ross is about to be divorced for the third time. 我朋友罗斯即将三度离婚
[07:33.18]But wouldn't you date him? 但你们会和他约会吧?
[07:35.95]And if you wait right here, I'll go get Ross. 你们稍候,我去找罗斯来
[07:43.89]Thought you were Rachel. 我还以为你是瑞秋
[07:45.53]What gave me away? 我哪里露出破绽了?
[07:47.96]I gotta tell her. 我得赶快告诉她
[07:49.40]I told Ross and Phoebe. She's the only one left. 我已经告诉罗斯和菲比 只剩她了
[07:51.87]It's official. We're moving in together. 所以大家都知道了 我们确定要同居了
[07:54.74]No turning back. Are you scared? Are you?! 不能反悔 你怕吗?怕吗?
[07:59.27]No. 不怕
[08:00.58]That was my scariest voice. You're brave. 那是我最可怕的声音 你真勇敢
[08:07.55]The worst day. 今天真惨
[08:08.92]You're finally making progress at work, then your boss calls you Racquel. 你以为自己终于受重视了 结果老板却叫你拉蔻儿
[08:14.72]Listen,for the first four years of my work, everybody called me.... 我进公司前4年 大家都叫我夏拉拉
[08:25.17]-Seriously. -I believe you. 是真的 我相信
[08:28.77]It was in the middle of a meeting, so no one wants to correct her. 当时正在开员工大会 当然不会有人纠正她
[08:32.81]So everyone's calling me Racquel. 于是大家都叫我拉蔻儿
[08:34.78]By the end of the day,the mailroom guys were calling me Rocky. 到了下班前 收发室的人已经叫成洛基了
[08:40.11]Well,I still think you're very,very nice and very pretty. 我还是觉得你很好很漂亮
[08:44.65]What? 什么?
[08:47.42]All yours, babe. 交给你了
[08:51.93]Have a seat. 坐
[08:55.00]Listen,Chandler and I... 听我说 钱德和我...
[08:58.10]are going to live together. 要一起住在...
[09:00.30]Here. 这里
[09:04.67]Oh,my God. 天哪
[09:07.38]That's so great! 真是太棒了
[09:10.61]I'm so happy for you guys! 我真替你们高兴
[09:13.21]Really? 真的?
[09:14.62]And that was so sweet of you to ask. 你真好,还先问我
[09:17.12]The three of us are gonna have such a good time living together! 天哪 我们三个在一起一定会很开心
[09:22.82]Yes,we are. 是啊
[09:25.03]Chandler, you'll have to watch those long showers you take... 钱德,你早上不能慢慢冲澡了
[09:28.46]because you know Racquel can't be late. 因为拉蔻儿不能迟到
[09:33.13]He'll work on that. 瑞秋 他会注意的
[09:36.04]This is so exciting! 好兴奋喔
[09:41.01]Come and knock on our door 来敲我的门 (影集“三人行”主题曲)
[09:45.65]We'll be waiting for you 我们等着你
[09:54.06]See? Once you know the stories, it's not that bad. 一旦知道内情就没那么糟了
[09:57.26]First marriage: Wife's hidden sexuality. Not my fault. 第一次,老婆隐瞒性向 不是我的错
[10:02.00]Second marriage: Said the wrong name at the altar. 第二次,宣誓时叫错人
[10:05.23]A little my fault. 有一点点是我的错
[10:08.17]Third marriage: They shouldn't let you get married... 第三次 怎么能让...
[10:11.54]when you're drunk and have writing on your face. 脸上涂鸦的醉鬼结婚
[10:14.11]Nevada's fault. 内华达州的错
[10:17.21]So what do you think, ladies? Who wouldn't want to date him? 你们觉得怎样?谁会没兴趣? 谁会不想和他约会?
[10:21.52]The divorces don't bother me. I'd date him. 离婚无所谓,我会和他约会
[10:24.12]But not while he's still married. 但他得先恢复自由身
[10:25.85]And you,wouldn't you want to date? 那你呢?你也想吧?
[10:28.09]I'm not dating at all anymore. 事实上我再也不约会了
[10:30.29]I was only dating guys that were bad for me. 我老是看上对我不好的男人
[10:33.13]So I decided that.. 在我解决这个…
[10:34.80]Good. Good. Whatever. 随便啦
[10:37.57]And you,Meg? 梅格你呢?
[10:38.80]Well,I don't care about the divorces, either. 我也不在意离婚的事
[10:41.80]But I wouldn't date him. 但我不会和他约会
[10:44.14]Normally, he doesn't sweat this much. 他平常不会流这么多汗
[10:48.21]It's just that he's obviously still in love with this Rachel girl. 他显然还爱着这个瑞秋
[10:52.11]What? 什么?
[10:53.41]She said,"He's obviously still in love with this Rachel girl." 她说 “他显然还爱着这个瑞秋”
[10:59.85]This is crazy. I mean, yes, Rachel is my good friend. 这话太扯了 没错,瑞秋是我的好朋友
[11:03.42]And I have loved her in the past... 我过去确实爱过她
[11:06.29]but now, she is just my wife. 但现在她只是我的妻子
[11:10.90]Phoebe, will you help me out here? 菲比,帮我说句话好吗?
[11:13.23]Well, I thought you loved her when you married her. 你娶她时我也以为你爱她
[11:16.54]We were drunk! I would've married Joey with that amount of alcohol. 我们喝醉了 喝那么多我连乔伊都会娶
[11:21.94]You could do a lot worse than Joey Tribbiani! 比乔伊崔比亚尼烂的人多得是
[11:27.15]I'm sorry, but you guys are wrong. 很抱歉,但是你们错了
[11:29.22]I just don't want to be divorced three times. 我只是不想离三次婚
[11:32.65]Now he's using this three-divorces reason... 没错,他以此为藉口...
[11:35.22]because he wants to stay married to her because he loves her. 不想离婚 因为他爱她
[11:38.73]I must say, well done. Bravo,Meg. 我必须说:梅格,干得好
[11:42.83]Fine. If this is what you think, forget about... 好,如果你们这么想
[11:46.07]the whole three-divorce thing. 那我就不管了
[11:47.80]I'll go to my lawyer's office right now and get this marriage annulled. 我现在就去找律师办注销
[11:52.34]She means nothing to me. 因为我一点也不爱她
[11:54.28]Nothing! 一点也不爱
[11:57.98]Okay, now I wouldn't date you because you seem a little creepy. 现在是你的神经质让我发毛
[12:02.18]I am so attracted to him right now. 我突然觉得他好有魅力
[12:09.76]When will we tell Rachel what actually will happen? 我们什么时候要跟瑞秋说实话
[12:12.76]Soon. 快了
[12:13.96]I just couldn't before. You saw how upset Joey got. 我刚才说不出口 你也看到乔伊多难过
[12:17.00]I couldn't do it. She's my best friend. 我不忍心伤害我最好的朋友
[12:19.53]Joey's my best friend. 乔伊也是我最好的朋友
[12:21.84]I'm not your best friend? 我不是吗?
[12:25.27]You just said.. 你自己刚才说…
[12:28.28]Of course you're my best friend. 你当然是
[12:31.31]Would you tell Rachel? 但请你告诉瑞秋好吗?
[12:33.21]All right. At least I'm prepared. 好啦,至少我现在有准备 好
[12:37.65]Oh,yes. 漂亮
[12:41.06]-They're not for you. Are you upset? -I am now. 不是给你的,你有不开心吗? 现在有了
[12:46.69]Hey,roomie. 室友
[12:48.53]Okay,bye. 好,再见
[12:55.24]There's something important I have to tell you. 瑞秋,我有重要的事要告诉你
[12:59.04]Are you pregnant? 你怀孕了?
[13:01.58]No, but I'm throwing this shirt away. 没有,但我要扔掉这件衣服
[13:05.25]I think there was a little misunderstanding before. 刚才有一些误会
[13:09.05]When I said that Chandler and I wanted to live together... 我说钱德和我想住在一起
[13:14.56]we meant alone together. 意思是只有我们两个人
[13:21.56]Oh,my God. That's funny. I can't believe I did that. 天哪,真好笑,我居然会误会
[13:25.00]No, sweetie. You know what? This is my fault. 不,是我不好
[13:27.90]I wasn't clear. 我没说清楚
[13:29.74]I'm really sorry. 真的很抱歉
[13:32.51]Listen,you take as much time as you need to move out, okay? 你可以慢慢找房子
[13:36.18]There's absolutely no rush. 一点也不用急
[13:39.11]Okay. 好
[13:47.39]Don't you want a cookie? 你不吃饼干吗?
[13:49.86]Sure. 好啊
[13:53.56]Thanks. 谢谢
[13:54.86]Do you need a tissue? 需要面纸吗?
[14:00.27]-Where did you get these? -I made them. 这是哪里的饼干? 我做的
[14:03.04]Oh, God, they're so yummy! 天哪,真好吃
[14:08.68]-Okay, whose is this? -That's mine. 这是谁的? 我的
[14:11.45]-And what about this? Whose is this? -That's mine. 那这个呢? 也是我的
[14:13.95]Okay, whose dishwashing soap is this? 那这罐洗碗精呢?
[14:17.38]That was here when we moved in. 我们搬进来时就有了
[14:21.96]Oh,I guess it really is concentrated. 难怪浓成这样
[14:28.03]It's gonna be weird when I come home and you're not here. 以后我回家你就不在了
[14:31.80]No more Joey and Chan's. 没有乔伊和钱德家了
[14:33.80]No more J and C's. 没有乔和钱家了
[14:36.37]Want to go to Joey and Chandler's? Can't. It's not there. “要不要去乔伊和钱德家?” “不行,已经不在了”
[14:40.57]I'll be across the hall. We can still do all the same stuff. 我只是搬到对面 我们还是可以跟以前一样
[14:44.21]We won't be able to have those long talks at night... 但以后就不能半夜起来
[14:47.25]about our feelings and the future. 促膝长谈感觉和未来了
[14:50.32]Not once did we do that. 我们一次也没做过
[14:52.99]Don't you remember that night, it was late and I was feeling sick... 不是有一次很晚了,我不舒服
[14:56.89]and you said I would feel better tomorrow? 你说我“明天”就会好一点?
[15:02.06]Oh, yeah. I remember that. 对,我记得
[15:04.30]I don't know. I'm just gonna miss living with you. 我会想念那些事
[15:08.20]Yeah,me too,man. 我也是
[15:10.84]-What the hell is that? -That's disgusting. 那是什么? 好恶心
[15:17.51]I told Rachel that it's just gonna be the two of us. 我告诉瑞秋我们要自己住了
[15:20.88]Oh,yeah? Well,how'd she take it? 是吗?她还好吗?
[15:23.75]Really well. 非常好
[15:25.75]Surprisingly well. 令人意外的好
[15:27.55]She didn't cry. She wasn't angry or sad. 没有哭,也没有生气或难过
[15:33.69]And you're upset because you didn't make your best friend cry? 你很不爽没把手帕交弄哭?
[15:37.93]All I'm asking for is a little emotion. 我只求一点真情流露
[15:40.47]Is that too much to ask after six years? 我们6年室友耶
[15:42.87]What,are Rachel and l not as close as you guys? 我们没你们要好吗?
[15:45.81]I mean,did we not have as much fun? Don't I deserve a few tears? 没你们开心吗? 我不值得她掉几滴泪吗?
[15:51.38]When we told Joey, he cried his eyes out. 乔伊一听到就哭得死去活来
[15:54.78]I did not cry my eyes out! 我才没有哭得死去活来
[15:57.95]Come on, it's like the end of an era. 这就像一个时代的结束
[16:00.29]No more J-Man and Channy's! 再也没有乔兄和钱哥了
[16:04.22]Okay,I gotta ask,who calls us that? 我一定要问 有谁那样叫我们?
[16:13.10]You got married again? 你又结婚了
[16:16.40]Yes. 对
[16:18.34]So that's your second marriage in two years? 这是你2年内第二次结婚
[16:22.11]Yes. Second in two years. 对,2年两次
[16:24.65]Third,overall. 总共三次
[16:27.75]I have been a divorce attorney for 23 years... 罗斯,我当了23年离婚律师
[16:30.75]and never have I had so much business from one client. 没有一个客户比你捧场
[16:35.76]Why don't you tell me what happened? 告诉我怎么回事
[16:39.49]Basically,Rachel and I were in Vegas,a nd we got drunk. 基本上,瑞秋和我在赌城 我们喝醉了…
[16:43.50]I'm sorry, is this the same Rachel whose name you said... 抱歉,她就是你上次结婚
[16:47.13]at the altar in the second marriage? 叫错的那个瑞秋?
[16:49.17]Yes,yes,yes. 对
[16:51.27]But I do not love her. 但是我并不爱她
[16:54.68]That's better then. 这就好多了
[16:57.78]This was just a drunken mistake, and I need to get it annulled. 这只是酒醉犯错,我要办注销
[17:01.48]I see. 我懂了
[17:03.05]Have you considered therapy? 你考虑过接受治疗吗?
[17:07.55]I think just the annulment for today. 我想今天办注销就好了
[17:11.66]-There are some forms to fill out. -Easy. 要填几份表格 简单
[17:14.23]We'll need witnesses who can testify that you were not of sound mind. 必须有证人证明 你们当时神智不清
[17:18.83]No problem. 没问题
[17:20.97]We'll need you and Rachel to testify before a judge. 你和瑞秋得向法官说明
[17:27.81]There's no way to do this without her? 不能不找她吗?
[17:30.34]Because I kind of already told her it was taken care of. 我已经告诉她事情都办妥了
[17:34.42]Of course you did. 你当然这么说
[17:38.32]Look, you can't get an annulment unless you and Rachel are both there. 罗斯,你和瑞秋都在场 才能办理注销
[17:44.53]What about someone who looks like Rachel? 那找一个长得像瑞秋的人呢?
[17:49.23]I will think about the therapy. 我会考虑接受治疗
[17:58.91]So I was thinking that maybe we should start dividing up our stuff. 我想我们应该开始分东西了
[18:03.94]Okay. 好
[18:05.91]No point in dragging it out. 没必要拖拖拉拉的
[18:08.38]Dragging out the long process of you moving out... 我是说你搬走
[18:11.72]and us not living together anymore. 我们分开的事
[18:20.93]What about this? Who gets this? 瑞秋,这个要归谁?
[18:23.70]I don't know if I want it because it might be too many memories. 我不知道我想不想要 它有太多回忆
[18:29.10]-What is that? -I don't know. 那是什么? 我不知道
[18:34.21]How about this? I want you to have the big plate. 瑞秋,大盘子呢? 我要你留着大盘子
[18:38.08]Wow, Monica, thanks. I love this plate. 谢谢,我很喜欢这个盘子
[18:41.72]Something to remember me by. 这样你就会记得我
[18:45.75]Mon, you're not dying. I'm just moving out. 你又不是快死了 我只是要搬出去
[18:49.32]We're gonna see each other all the time. 我们还是会天天见面
[18:52.16]But still,it's a big change. 但这是个大转变
[18:55.26]The end of an era, you might say. 甚至是一个时代的结束
[19:01.30]Are you okay? You're not blinking. 你还好吗?眼睛都没眨
[19:04.40]I'm fine. I was thinking about how it's an end of an era. 我很好 我只是在想一个时代要结束了
[19:09.01]Oh,all right. 好吧
[19:12.48]But I gotta say, I don't think six years counts as an era. 但老实说 6年应该称不上一个时代
[19:16.95]An era is defined as a significant period of time. 一个时代就是一段重要的日子
[19:20.02]It was significant for me. Maybe it wasn't significant to you! 我觉得重要 或许你不觉得重要
[19:23.62]-What is the matter with you? -What is the matter with you?! 你是怎么了? 你才怎么了?
[19:28.46]Why aren't you more upset? 你为什么没有更不开心?
[19:30.30]Aren't you gonna be sad that we're not living together? 我们要分开了你不难过吗?
[19:33.63]Aren't you gonna miss me at all? 你都不会想我吗?
[19:35.87]Monica, all right. But don't get mad at me. 好吧,说出来你别生气
[19:40.44]It's just a little hard to believe. 我只是有点难以相信
[19:43.81]What's hard to believe? 难以相信什么?
[19:45.45]I mean,it's you guys. You do this kind of stuff,you know? 你们啊,你们就是这样
[19:49.85]You were gonna get married in Vegas, and then you backed out. 你们在赌城说要结婚又不结了
[19:54.19]I'm not upset because I don't see you going through with it. I'm sorry. 我并不认为你们会真的同居 对不起
[20:04.73]It's going to happen. 瑞秋,事情已经确定了
[20:07.17]Chandler will move in here. 钱德会搬进来
[20:08.74]-But I.. -I know,just let me finish, okay? 但是… 你先听我说完
[20:12.57]This isn't something that we just impulsively decided to do in Vegas. 这不是在赌城的一时冲动
[20:16.58]This is something that we both really want. 我们真的想要住在一起
[20:20.88]And it is going to happen. 我们会住在一起
[20:24.08]It is? 是吗?
[20:27.65]Really? 真的?
[20:29.39]Yeah,sweetie. 没错
[20:32.86]You mean,we're not gonna live together anymore? 我们不能再住在一起了?
[20:42.44]Oh,my God. I'm gonna miss you so much. 天哪,我会好想你
[20:45.41]I'm gonna miss you. 我也是
[20:48.44]I mean, it's the end of an era! 这是一个时代的结束
[20:50.38]I know! 我知道
[20:55.35]-Okay, bye. -Oh,no. 再见 又来了
[20:58.45]So did you get the annulment? 你去办注销了吗?
[21:00.95]-I couldn't. -I knew it. Because you love Rachel. 我办不了 我就知道,因为你爱瑞秋
[21:04.89]It's not that. Annulments are more complicated.. 不是那样的 事情比想像中复杂…
[21:08.06]Complicated because of the love. 爱让它变得复杂
[21:10.76]I do not love Rachel. 我不爱瑞秋
[21:13.63]I'm telling her about the whole thing... 我现在就去告诉她
[21:15.77]so we can get this marriage annulled as fast as possible. 好尽快把手续办好
[21:19.27]Would I do that if I loved her? 我如果爱她会这么做吗?
[21:21.41]I've never been more convinced of your love for her. 我现在更确信你爱她
[21:24.78]I do not have feelings for Rachel, okay? 我对瑞秋没有感觉,好吗?
[21:32.05]Oh,what's wrong? 怎么了?
[21:35.56]Monica and Chandler are moving in here... 摩妮卡和钱德真的要同居了
[21:37.92]and I have to move out and everything is changing. 我得搬出去,一切都要变了
[21:40.83]Oh, my God, come here, come here. It's okay. 过来,别难过,不会有事的
[21:44.60]Everything's gonna be okay. 不会有事的
[21:47.10]-Thank you. -Of course. 谢谢你 不客气
[22:00.05]So Ross and Rachel got married. 罗斯和瑞秋结婚了
[22:03.85]Monica and Chandler almost got married. 摩妮卡和钱德差点结婚
[22:06.85]You think we should hook up? 我们要不要送做堆?
[22:10.56]Oh,we do. 要
[22:12.03]But not just yet. 但不是现在
[22:14.86]Really? Well,when? 是吗?那是什么时候?
[22:19.97]Well, first Chandler and Monica will get married... 好,首先钱德和摩妮卡会结婚
[22:23.20]and be filthy rich,by the way. 还会发大财
[22:25.64]But it won't work out. 但婚姻会破裂
[22:27.87]I know. 天哪 是啊
[22:30.48]Then I'll marry Chandler for the money. 然后我会为钱嫁给钱德
[22:33.18]And you'll marry Rachel and have the beautiful kids. 你会娶瑞秋生几个漂亮小孩
[22:36.82]Great. 太好了
[22:38.89]But then we ditch them and we get married. 接着我们就抛弃他们结婚
[22:41.99]We'll have Chandler's money and Rachel's kids. 我们会有钱德的财产 瑞秋的孩子
[22:44.83]Getting custody will be easy because of Rachel's drinking problem. 监护权很好抢,因为瑞秋酗酒
[22:50.10]What about Ross? 那罗斯呢?
[22:51.37]I don't want to go into the whole thing. 我不想多说,不过…
[22:53.77]But we have words and I kill him. 我们吵架,我杀了他

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