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imperturbability/[]/ n. 沉着, 冷静, 泰然自若...

听美剧学英语《老友记第四季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 14

[00:03.23]So,what is this? 这是什么?
[00:04.70]Googlie Worm. 扭扭虫
[00:07.20]And this? 这个呢?
[00:08.40]Glow Pop Jiggly Jam. 毛毛球
[00:11.41]It's so funny! 好好玩喔
[00:15.14]What's this? 这是什么?
[00:17.25]A hunk of sandwich from last year. 去年剩的一块三明治
[00:20.88]Geller's got one hooked! Looks like a big one! 盖勒钓到了!看来是条大鱼
[00:25.82]It's the classic struggle between man 经典的人鱼大战…
[00:31.53]Someone knocked over a lamp. 有人撞倒一盏台灯
[00:35.03]You know what'll be great about the fishing trip? 这次去钓鱼最棒的是
[00:38.17]When my Dad asks,"What are you doing with your life?"... 到了湖中央 爸会问我“你都在忙什么”
[00:42.07]...I can say,"I'm doing a movie with Charlton Heston. 我可以说 我要跟却尔登希斯顿演电影
[00:45.57]What about you?" 你呢?
[00:51.85]Don't stop having fun just because I'm here. 别因为我出来就低气压
[00:54.85]Kathy didn't cheat on all of you. 凯西没有背叛你们
[00:59.19]Well,except you. 除了你
[01:10.10]You know what is so sweet? Those birds have not left his side the whole time. 最感人的是 那两只鸡鸭一直跟着他
[01:14.37]Yeah,I wish that rooster were dead. 那只公鸡怎么不死
[01:17.61]You shouldn't leave Chandler alone. They broke up only two days ago. 乔伊,你不该丢下钱德 他跟凯西才分手2天
[01:22.48]Go fishing next week. 下周再去钓鱼吧
[01:24.21]There's nothing I can do. He's still in his sweats. 我帮不上忙,他还穿着运动裤
[01:27.15]That's only phase one. 现在才第一阶段
[01:30.72]I'll be back for phase two. I'd never miss that. 我第二阶段会回来 我从不错过第二阶段
[01:34.39]Phase two? 什么第二阶段?
[01:35.69]Getting drunk and going to a strip club. 喝个烂醉,上脱衣舞厅
[01:39.93]How does going there make him better? 那样怎么会有帮助?
[01:42.73]There are naked ladies there. 那里有裸女
[01:45.47]Then to phase three: seeing yourself with other women. 然后就是第三阶段 对别的女人产生性幻想
[01:48.44]There are naked ladies there too. 那个阶段也有裸女
[01:52.94]Would you give me one minute,please? 让我清静一下好吗?
[01:57.48]The One with Joey's Dirty Day 本集播出:“失恋大作战”
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[02:45.16]These will match the jacket you picked out last week? 这跟你上星期挑的外套配?
[02:49.16]There we go. 这就对了…
[02:52.13]There it is. 就是这样…
[02:54.77]You know what I need? Gloves. 你知道我需要什么?手套
[02:57.07]Brown leather dress gloves. 棕色的皮手套
[02:59.77]Well,let's see.... 好,我看看...
[03:01.84]This one is large. 这只手是大号
[03:03.44]And this one.... 这只手…
[03:05.65]Also large? 也是大号?
[03:08.15]Two larges coming right up. 对,两只大号的手套马上来
[03:15.79]-Damn you. -Could I have a moment? 瑞秋,耽误你一下
[03:19.19]My niece,you see, is in town from London. 我的?┡?勇锥乩赐
[03:22.33]Shropshire,but you know. 其实是什罗普郡
[03:24.20]She's about your age,I'd say. 她跟你差不多大
[03:26.50]Anyway,I have tickets for the opera. Die Fledermaus. 总之我有两张歌剧的票 “蝙蝠”
[03:30.61]Would you like to keep her company tonight? 你今晚愿意陪她吗?
[03:33.24]Sure. You got it! 好,没问题 太好了
[03:35.01]Count me in. Me. Fledermaus. Great! 算我一份 我和“蝙蝠”,太棒了
[03:38.25]Yes,of course. Thank you so very much. 好,谢谢,谢谢,谢谢你
[03:42.88]So? 所以…?
[03:46.65]So? 怎样?
[03:52.19]-Gloves? -Sorry,I'll be right back. 手套? 对喔,我马上去拿
[03:55.16]Actually,I got to take off. 其实我该走了
[03:57.50]I was curious. Do you have plans tonight? 不晓得你今晚有没有事?
[04:00.94]No,nothing! 没有,没事
[04:02.77]I invested in a nightclub. It opens tonight. Want to come? 我投资的夜总会今晚开幕 你要去吗?
[04:05.94]That would be great! 好啊,太棒了
[04:08.11]You're into hard-core S & M,right? 你喜欢性虐待的主题吧?
[04:12.88]-Well,I guess. -I'm kidding. 应该… 开玩笑的
[04:17.52]I'll put you on the VlP list. Look for me. 我会先到,我会把你列为贵宾 进来找我
[04:21.19]Great! You bet. 好,没问题
[04:22.39]I'll see you tonight. 晚上见 好
[04:25.56]-I almost forgot the tickets. -What? 差点忘了给你票 什么?
[04:28.30]For you and Emily. Tonight. Die Fledermaus. 你和艾蜜莉,今晚 “蝙蝠”
[04:33.87]Oh,right. 对喔
[04:35.07]You'll like it. It has two out of the three tenors. 你一定会喜欢 三大男高音去了两个
[04:45.65]I can't believe Kathy did this to me. 凯西居然这样对我
[04:48.05]I really thought she was the one. 我真的以为我要定下来了
[04:50.65]I'll tell you what. 告诉你们
[04:52.05]I'm not getting out of this chair. Ever! 我再也不离开这张椅子了
[04:54.92]From now on,this chair is the one! 以后我要定在这张椅子上
[04:58.06]You know what else is the one? My sweatpants. 还有这条运动裤
[05:01.66]Just take the sweats off,okay? 别这样,把运动裤脱掉
[05:05.00]Take them off and we'll have some fun. 脱掉,我们来玩
[05:11.87]Wow,and I can't resist that line. That's why I never wear sweatpants. 我抗拒不了这个诱惑 所以我都不穿运动裤
[05:20.42]Did you catch any fish? 有钓到大鱼吗?
[05:22.02]You guys have no idea. 说出来吓死你们
[05:24.19]-You stink! -Are you kidding? 你好臭 搞什么
[05:27.06]Three days without a shower. Plus,I fell in a big tub of worms! 我3天没洗澡 还掉进一桶鱼饵里
[05:34.16]How's he doing? 他怎么样?
[05:35.50]He hasn't left that chair in two days. 坐在那里坐了2天
[05:38.23]Hey,buddy,how's it going? 兄弟,你还好吗?
[05:46.11]You see? He just needed his pal to come home. 好兄弟回家就没事了
[05:49.28]I got to memorize my lines. 我得背台词
[05:51.45]Me and Charlton Heston, bright and early tomorrow,baby! 明天一早 要和却尔登希斯顿演戏
[06:00.46]What's the matter? 怎么了?
[06:03.36]Joshua invited me to this fancy club opening tonight. 约书亚约我参加夜总会开幕
[06:08.46]But I already told Mr. Waltham... 但我已经答应沃森先生
[06:10.73]...that I would take his niece to the dumb old opera. 要带他的?┡?タ蠢系粞栏杈
[06:15.54]So,what are you going to do? 能怎么办呢?
[06:19.04]-I don't know. -No! Help me! 我不知道 不行,救救我
[06:21.78]-I can't. I have to work. -Phoebe? 我不行,我要工作 菲比?
[06:24.61]I would,but I get my morning sickness in the evening. 我很想,但我都在晚上害喜
[06:28.42]Unless she wants to spend the night holding my hair back for me. 除非她想整晚帮我捞住头发
[06:32.72]You guys,come on! I have to meet Joshua. 拜托啦,我一定要去找约书亚
[06:35.62]It's my one chance for him to see the "fun" Rachel. 这样他才能看到有趣的瑞秋
[06:38.46]The "wouldn't it be great if she were my wife?" Rachel. “娶来当老婆会很棒”的瑞秋
[06:44.17]Are Joey and Chandler back? 乔伊和钱德回来了吗?
[06:46.47]Chandler's still in phase one, and Joey's that thing you smell. 钱德还在第一阶段 乔伊就是臭味的来源
[07:02.18]So.... 所以…?
[07:06.15]No. 不要
[07:07.92]Come on! 拜托啦
[07:11.09]-She's here. -Wait,wait. 应该是她 等一下
[07:12.63]Ross,please? 罗斯,拜托啦
[07:14.80]You want me to take some girl I've never met to the opera... 你要我带一个不认识的女生 去看歌剧
[07:18.87]...so you can go to a club and flirt with some guy? 好让你去夜总会 跟某个男人打情骂俏?
[07:23.10]That is a toughie. 真难决定啊
[07:25.54]She's looking down the hall. 她在看走廊
[07:28.64]She looked right at me. 她在看我
[07:30.95]You can't see people through that hole,can you? 这样看是看不到的,对吧?
[07:40.62]I'll be right there! Okay,Ross,please. 马上来 罗斯,拜托啦
[07:43.36]I thought we had moved on. 我以为我们已经放得开了
[07:45.13]I thought we could be happy for each other. 我以为我们可以彼此祝福了
[07:48.23]I mean,was that just me? 难道只有我是?
[07:51.73]All right,I'll do it. 好吧
[07:53.13]Thank you,thank you. 谢谢你,谢谢
[07:56.17]Emily. I'm Rachel Greene. 艾蜜莉 我是瑞秋葛林
[07:59.81]Thank goodness! 谢天谢地
[08:01.58]There's been a teeny change of plans. I'm not free tonight 计划有小小的变动 我晚上没空,所以…
[08:05.71]Really? 是吗?
[08:08.08]I must've missed your call,though I didn't leave the flat all day. 太好了,我一定是没接到电话 虽然我整天都没出门
[08:12.55]Well,l 我…
[08:13.86]That's not rude. It's in keeping with the trip... 不,这也没什么 我来到这里
[08:16.72]...where I've been run down by one of your wiener carts... 先是被你们的热狗车撞倒
[08:20.66]...and been strip-searched at the airport. 在机场又被脱衣服搜身
[08:23.53]Apparently,I look like someone who's got cocaine stuffed up their bum. 显然我长得就像 屁股里塞了可卡因
[08:31.11]I think you look great. 我觉得你很漂亮啊
[08:34.71]Good night. It was very nice to meet you. 再见,很高兴认识你
[08:40.88]I'll get her. 我去追她
[08:43.08]Please,hurry. 快去 好
[08:46.52]Don't you just love the way they talk? 他们讲话好好玩
[08:59.20]-What? -The baby kicked! 怎么了? 宝宝在踢
[09:01.37]Oh,my God.
[09:02.94]No,wait. The elastic in my underwear busted. 不对,是内裤的松紧带断了
[09:08.28]Oh,my God! I overslept! 完了,我睡过头了
[09:10.71]I was supposed to be on the set half an hour ago! 通告是半小时前,我得赶快
[09:14.25]You can't go like that! You stink! 你不能这样去,你好臭
[09:16.75]I fell asleep. Now I don't have time! 我睡着忘记洗澡 现在没时间了
[09:19.79]Just 10 blocks away. If I run,I'll make it. 才十条街,用跑的还来得及
[09:22.39]Run 10 blocks. That'll help the smell. 跑十条街会更臭
[09:25.63]Slow down! No,keep moving. 慢一点!不,你走吧
[09:28.63]How did it go last night? 昨晚怎么样啊?
[09:30.77]Well,I didn't see Joshua. 我没见到约书亚
[09:33.94]But I did punch a girl in the face. 但我揍了一个女生一拳
[09:36.97]The whole night was horrible. It was pouring. 昨晚真的很倒霉,雨下得很大
[09:39.91]There was no Rachel Greene on the list. But there was a Rachel Greep. 到了现场名单上没有瑞秋葛林 但有一个瑞秋葛皮
[09:44.95]So did you get to meet her? 你有见到她吗?
[09:49.85]There is no Rachel Greep. But this girl overheard us. 根本没这个人 但有个女生听到了
[09:53.69]And she said,"I'm Rachel Greep!" And he let her in. 大叫“我就是瑞秋葛皮” 结果她就进去了
[09:57.29]So you hit her? 所以你揍她?
[09:58.86]No,she was already in. 不是,她已经进去了
[10:00.49]This big bitch behind me tried to steal my umbrella... 不过后面有个肥婆想偷我的伞
[10:03.63]...so I clocked her. 我扁了她
[10:06.80]All I wanted was a few hours... 真是的,我只想在工作之余
[10:09.54]...outside of work to see Joshua... 跟约书亚相处一下
[10:12.71]...so he could go ahead and start falling in love with me. 好让他有机会爱上我
[10:19.15]Pheebs. 菲
[10:22.68]Honey,that's your name. 那是你的名字
[10:25.85]That's short for Phoebe? I thought that's what we called each other. 我以为那是我们之间的匿称
[10:32.99]-You're wearing pants! -That's right. 你穿上裤子了 没错
[10:35.40]Where are the guys? I'm ready to get drunk and see strippers. 男生呢?我要买醉看脱衣舞了
[10:39.73]It's 9:30 a.m. 才早上9点半
[10:41.04]They got a breakfast buffet. 那里有早餐吃到饱
[10:47.54]Let me talk to him! 让我跟他说
[10:48.68]-Oh,my God! -Can't I just? 天哪 我能不能…
[10:51.25]-It's my phone and she's shush -Please! 我的电话她还嘘我 别吵啦!
[10:53.71]What's he saying? 他说什么?
[10:55.65]He's with Emily in Vermont. 他跟艾蜜莉在佛蒙特投宿
[10:58.15]What? Oh,my God! 什么?天哪
[11:00.09]Who the hell is Emily? No. 艾蜜莉是谁?不!
[11:03.96]When we first met her, she was soaking,her feet were wet.... 刚见面的时候 她从头到脚都湿透了
[11:07.46]Who wouldn't be miserable? 任谁都会心情不好
[11:09.23]I'm telling you,once l got her into a dry pair of shoes... 我一让她换上干的鞋子
[11:11.83]...she was a totally different person. 她就完全变了
[11:13.63]They're in Vermont? How did this happen? 他们在佛蒙特?怎么会?
[11:17.84]How'd he end up in Vermont with that witch? 他怎么会跟那个巫婆去佛蒙特
[11:21.14]Maybe she doesn't hit him all the time. 也许她没有一直打他吧
[11:24.41]There's a deer outside eating fruit from the orchard! 罗斯,快来 外面有只驯鹿在吃果园的水果
[11:28.18]I got to go! There's a deer eating fruit from the orchard! 我要挂了 外面有只驯鹿在吃果园的水果
[11:34.66]He had to go. There was a deer eating fruit from the orchard. 他挂了 外面有只驯鹿在吃果园的水果
[11:39.99]I don't get this. She was horrible! 我不懂,她很机车耶
[11:42.40]I'm going to go stand over there. 我要去站在那边
[11:46.27]Why do you care? 你干嘛这么在乎?
[11:48.37]I don't care. 我才不在乎
[11:51.57]I'm just upset that I'm getting nowhere with Joshua. 我只是很气我跟约书亚没进展
[11:55.18]You do not just meet someone and go flitting off to Vermont! 但哪有人一认识 就跑去佛蒙特的
[11:59.38]When you first met Barry, you flitted off to Vail. 你和贝利一认识就跑去维尔
[12:03.08]Could you,just for once... 你能不能偶尔有一次
[12:05.45]...not remember every little thing? 不要什么小事都记得
[12:10.59]So you know,when's he getting back? 他什么时候回来?
[12:13.23]A couple of days. 过两天吧
[12:14.60]I knew something like this would happen. 我就知道会这样
[12:17.36]What are you doing? 你干什么?
[12:20.94]You can't go back a phase! 钱德,你不能让阶段倒流
[12:23.00]You're thinking about time. You can't go back in time. 可以,时间才不能倒流
[12:28.41]Why don't you do your phase two strip club thing with us? 我们跟你去进行第二阶段好了
[12:33.01]We can be guys! 对呀,我们可以当男生
[12:34.88]No,you can't. 你们不行
[12:37.42]Let us be guys! Maybe we want to be guys. 让我们当嘛,也许我们想当
[12:40.35]No,you don't. You'd be all hairy and wouldn't live as long. 你们才不想,全身是毛还短命
[12:45.36]Would you just stop being such a wuss and get those off? 别这么孬种 把运动裤脱掉
[12:49.90]And come with us and watch naked girls dance! 跟我们去看裸女跳舞
[12:54.54]Okay. 好
[12:57.54]I'm sorry. 对不起
[13:04.28]Joey Tribbiani. I'm here. 我是乔伊崔比亚尼,我来了
[13:06.28]Calm down,we got time. We're running late. 别急,来得及,进度有点落后
[13:11.62]All set.
[13:16.92]Look at that. Charlton Heston eating licorice. 你看,却尔登希斯顿在嚼甘草
[13:20.93]Yeah,he loves them. I've never seen him with 他很爱嚼甘草,老是…
[13:28.47]What the hell is that? What smells so bad? 搞什么? 什么东西这么臭?
[13:32.01]You. 你
[13:34.18]I could see why you would think that. But you know who it is? 难怪你会这么想,不过,你知道其实是谁?
[13:39.11]You? 你?
[13:40.75]No,no. It's Heston. 不,是希斯顿
[13:45.59]What? 什么?
[13:46.72]He reeks like he went on a three-day fishing trip,then ate licorice. 他臭得好像去钓了3天鱼 现在还嚼甘草
[13:51.86]No way. He's the only one with a shower in his dressing room. 不可能 只有他的休息室有浴室
[13:56.43]Really? A shower? 真的?浴室?
[13:58.43]Which room might that be? 是哪一间?
[14:01.20]The one with "Heston" on it. 门口有写“希斯顿”的那间
[14:04.94]Interesting. 有意思
[14:19.69]I got some ones. You want to put them in her panties? 我换了零钞 你要不要去塞她的小裤裤?
[14:23.62]No,thanks,Mom! 不用了,娘
[14:29.53]That. 抱歉
[14:31.10]You have to put that out because I'm pregnant. 你得熄掉,我怀孕了
[14:34.03]Maybe you and your baby ought to go to another strip club. 也许你和你的孩子应该去别家
[14:38.71]It's not my baby. 这才不是我的孩子
[14:43.44]Very good. 很好
[14:46.91]Really good. I enjoyed it. Very exotic. 太棒了,我喜欢,很火辣
[14:51.95]I just checked our messages and Joshua didn't call. 我查过留言,约书亚没打来
[14:55.46]You'd think he'd be worried about me not showing up. 我还以为我没去他会担心
[14:59.09]You know what makes it worse? 更糟的是
[15:00.96]Ross is all happy in Vermont. 罗斯正在佛蒙特风流快活
[15:03.90]Come on,look where you are! 拜托,你在看脱衣舞耶
[15:08.17]Another round of daiquiris. 再来一轮
[15:10.34]Virgin for me. 记得我要汽水
[15:12.27]Don't let me leave without the name of that carpet guy. 记得提醒我问那个人的名字
[15:19.45]Come on! 拜托!
[15:22.38]You know what? I'll go home and call Kathy. 算了,我要回家打给凯西
[15:25.65]If it'll help. 如果有用的话
[15:27.19]That was a test. In a few hours,I'll be drunk. 不,那是个考验 再过几小时我会喝醉...
[15:30.36]I'll want to call her. You'll have to stop me. ...想打给她 你们得阻止我
[15:32.99]Then I'll be so drunk, I'll want to call Janice. 接着我会烂醉到想打给珍妮丝
[15:35.96]You should! How is she? 你是该打,她好吗?
[15:39.47]I think somebody needs another lap dance. 有人需要再来一次腿舞喔
[16:00.52]Who's in there? 谁在里面?
[16:07.66]How you doing? 你好吗?
[16:09.90]Who in the hell are you? 你是谁?
[16:12.33]Would you believe me if I said I was Kirk Douglas? 我说寇克道格拉斯 你不会信吧?
[16:17.10]Put some pants on,kid, so I can kick your butt. 把裤子穿上,我好踹你的屁股
[16:21.61]No,wait. You don't understand. 不,等等,你有所不知
[16:25.05]I'm an actor. 我是个演员
[16:27.88]Joey Tribbiani. I'm doing a scene with you today. 乔伊崔比亚尼 今天跟你有一场戏
[16:31.09]And I stink! 但是我很臭(演得很烂)
[16:33.39]You're in this picture? 你有演这部片?
[16:35.52]I'm a cop who won't work with you because you're a loose cannon. 对,我演不肯跟你合作的警察 因为你很我行我素
[16:39.39]Anyway,I'm really sorry. 总之我很抱歉
[16:41.30]But I stink. 但我真的很臭(演得很烂)
[16:44.37]Joey,right? 乔伊是吧?
[16:50.04]Every actor,one time or another 每个演员或多或少…
[16:56.11]Every actor thinks he stinks. 都会觉得自己烂
[16:58.11]Even Laurence Olivier sometimes thought he stank. 连劳伦斯奥立佛 有时也会这么想
[17:01.82]Bob Redford won't even watch himself. 劳勃瑞福根本不看自己演戏
[17:04.49]You don't understand. 不,你没听懂
[17:05.75]Listen to me. 听我说
[17:08.99]I don't know one actor worth his salt... 每一个好演员
[17:11.89]...who,one time in his career, didn't say,"God,I stink!" 在演艺生涯中都曾说过 “天哪,我真烂”
[17:15.93]I just did a scene out there. First take,I stunk the place up. 我刚拍完一场戏 第一次我演得烂透了
[17:23.24]The important thing, and you must remember... 重要的是你要记住
[17:26.27]...no matter how badly you think you stink... 不管你认为自己有多烂
[17:29.44]...you must never,ever bust into my dressing room and use my shower! 也不能闯进我的休息室 用我的浴室
[17:35.42]Do you understand me? 懂了吗?
[17:37.28]-Yes,sir. I'm very sorry. -Wait a minute! 是,很抱歉 等等
[17:40.62]Take your pants. 把裤子带走
[17:44.19]Sorry. I'm really sorry. 对不起,很抱歉
[17:49.00]What a business. 演艺圈
[17:54.64]We did okay at the strip club,right? 我们表现得还好吧?
[17:57.14]Great. Thanks to you, the hottest waitress is quitting... 好得很 你们让最性感的服务生 要辞职...
[18:00.97]...to teach the third grade! ...去当小学老师
[18:03.91]-He still hasn't called. -Who,Josh? 他居然还没打来 约许吗?
[18:07.11]It's Joshua. 是约书亚
[18:08.45]-He doesn't like "Josh"? -No,I don't. 他不喜欢约许? 是我不喜欢
[18:12.49]I'm going to put my sweats back on. 我要把运动裤换回来
[18:15.16]You know what? You were right. 不要啦!你说得对
[18:16.99]We weren't great at being guys. You know why? 我们当男生当得不好 你知道为什么?
[18:20.19]Because we're girls. 因为我们是女生
[18:23.86]-You know what girls are good at? -Stripping! 你知道女生最擅长什么? 跳脱衣舞
[18:29.30]No,listening! 不,是倾听
[18:30.74]Sit. 坐下
[18:32.47]Maybe it would really,really help if you would just talk. 如果你肯一吐为快 或许就没事了
[18:37.41]Yeah,come on. What's going on in there? 是啊,你的心在想什么?
[18:43.22]And you know,if you want to cry, that's okay too. 你想哭也没关系
[18:47.75]I'm going to have to ask you all to leave. 我要请你们都离开
[18:52.23]Forget it. We tried, but phase three is a lost cause. 算了,我们试过了 但第三阶段没希望了
[18:56.73]Those strippers were hot,and l couldn't picture myself with them. 那些舞娘都很辣 我却无法产生性幻想
[19:05.27]They really were pretty, weren't they? 她们真的很漂亮
[19:07.67]-I liked that fighter pilot one. -Candy? 我喜欢一号战斗机驾驶 糖糖?
[19:10.34]She was so spunky! 她好有劲 对啊
[19:14.15]I think if I were going to be with a woman... 要是我要跟女人在一起…
[19:19.69]...it'd be with someone like Michelle. 我会选蜜雪儿那型的
[19:22.42]She was just so petite. 她好娇小
[19:24.96]For me,it would have to be Chantal. 我会选香妲
[19:27.86]没错 天哪
[19:31.63]She had the smoothest skin. 她的皮肤好嫩
[19:33.70]I stuck that dollar in her G-string and grazed her thigh 我塞钱给她时 手擦过她的大腿…
[19:37.70]Phase three! I just achieved phase three! 第三阶段! 我进入第三阶段了
[19:43.08]I am totally picturing you with all those women! 真的? 我可以想像你们跟她们在一起
[19:47.21]That's not phase three. 那不是第三阶段
[19:48.78]Well,I'm there too! 我也在场
[19:52.49]Are we all together in a group? 我们在开性派对吗?
[19:54.45]Stop it,you're killing me! 别说了,我快疯了
[19:56.89]I think I moved on to phase four! 我进入第四阶段了
[19:58.99]-What is that? -I don't want a relationship ever! 那是什么? 我再也不想谈恋爱
[20:03.10]I just want sex with strippers and my friends! 只想跟脱衣舞娘和朋友上床
[20:09.14]Come on. 来嘛
[20:10.67]Let me see that smile. 让我看看你的笑容
[20:12.91]I don't want to. 我不想笑
[20:14.91]Please? 拜托啦?
[20:16.68]I wanted to go to the strip club! 人家想看脱衣舞嘛
[20:19.85]You'll have plenty of chances. 你有的是机会
[20:21.78]There are thousands of women out there, just waiting to screw me over. 有成千上万的女人等着伤害我
[20:27.09]Yeah,all right. 好吧
[20:31.69]How was Vermont? 这趟玩得怎样?
[20:33.53]Emily is... 艾蜜莉真是…
[20:36.00]...incredible. There are no words to describe her. ...太棒了 她好得无法形容
[20:39.93]The whole weekend was like a dream. 整个周末就像一场梦
[20:44.77]And you! Rach! 还有你,瑞秋
[20:47.87]You were so right. 你说得一点也没错
[20:49.61]What? 什么?
[20:50.81]What you said about us finally being in a place... 你说我们总算到了一个
[20:54.35]...where we could really be happy for each other. 可以彼此祝福的阶段
[20:58.35]I admit,I wasn't quite there. 我原本没那么放得开
[21:01.86]The thought of you and that Josh guy 想到你和那个约许…
[21:05.06]Joshua. 约书亚
[21:07.33]Joshua guy at that club, dancing,having a good time. 约书亚,在俱乐部里跳舞狂欢
[21:11.40]And the thought of it kind of.... 我就觉得…
[21:14.30]You know? But now! 你懂吗?但现在…
[21:16.50]But now,I'm totally there. 我完全放开了
[21:19.54]I'm finally where you are. 我终于跟你一样了
[21:21.91]Thank goodness! 谢天谢地
[21:25.18]And thank you for Emily. 谢谢你把艾蜜莉介绍给我
[21:27.51]No problem. I'm so glad I could help,you know? 不客气,我乐得帮忙
[21:31.08]I'm happy for you. 我很替你开心
[21:32.99]Happy for you. 我才替你开心
[21:35.19]Oh,no,happy for you. 不,我才替你开心
[21:41.70]All right. Here's what we'll do. 好,接下来是这样
[21:44.20]You are going to take off my clothes. 你帮我脱衣服
[21:46.93]You two,go get the oils. 你们两个去拿精油
[21:49.14]And you,just constantly scream... 你就一直兴奋的叫
[21:51.54]..."Chandler's the king! Chandler's the king!" “吾王钱德万岁!”
[21:54.64]I want to be with her. I like her. 我想跟她在一起,我喜欢她
[21:56.91]That's fine. Go with your instincts! 没问题,大家随意
[22:00.08]What am I doing again? 我要做什么?
[22:01.65]Pay attention. I could wake up at any moment. 专心一点,我随时都会醒来
[22:04.65]I'm Joshua. I'm here to pick up Rachel. 我是约书亚,我来接瑞秋
[22:07.39]That's not Joshua. 他不是约书亚
[22:10.12]What do you want from me? I never met the guy. 你想怎样?我又没见过他
[22:13.43]I'm sorry you can't stay. 可惜你要走了
[22:15.46]The rest of us have a lot of work to do. 我们还有很多事要忙
[22:22.40]What are you doing? 你干什么?
[22:24.97]All right,listen. I got to wake up. 好,我得醒过来
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