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bliss/[blis]/ n. 福佑, 天赐的福 ...

听美剧学英语《老友记第三季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 21

[00:02.30]Whose idea was it to put everybody in the diner on skates? 是谁出主意 让服务生都穿溜冰鞋的?
[00:05.43]Some idiot customer put a suggestion in the suggestion box. 某个白痴客人投意见箱的
[00:08.74]-Oh,my God! They took my idea! -That was you? 天哪,他们盗用我的想法 是你?
[00:12.77]Okay,there you go. 过去吧
[00:14.81]Rachel,I made you cocoa. 瑞秋,我帮你泡了可可
[00:16.85]Oh,that's so.... 小心…
[00:20.12]Oh,my God! Are you guys okay? 天哪!你们还好吗?
[00:26.00]Oh,my. 辣喔
[00:30.03]The One With a Chick and a Duck 本集播出:“鸡同鸭讲”
[01:22.88]You know,with that goatee, you kind of look like Satan. 你留山羊胡有点像撒旦
[01:27.75]So that's why the priest threw holy water on me. 所以神父才会对我沥圣水
[01:33.35]You have to cheer up. 你得开心一点
[01:35.32]You should come out with Ross and me. 你应该跟我和罗斯出门
[01:37.73]Anything is better than sitting here crying all day about Kate. 总比整天坐着为凯特伤心好
[01:41.76]I was crying because nobody believed Quincy's theory. 我伤心是因为 没有人相信昆西的理论
[01:48.50]I'm gonna be on TV! 我要上电视了
[01:50.17]No way! 不会吧
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[01:51.67]They're putting together a panel to talk about the fossils in Peru. 有一个讨论秘鲁化石的座谈会
[01:55.51]The Discovery Channel's filming it! 探索频道要去拍摄
[01:57.35]Oh,my God! Who's gonna watch that? 天哪!谁会看?
[02:02.55]Thanks. You ready to go? 谢了,可以走了吗?
[02:04.69]I saw a girl with that vest. 我看过一个女生穿那件背心
[02:06.72]Thanks. 谢了
[02:10.29]Most of us think of chocolate and baskets as traditional Easter gifts. 大部份的人都视巧克力和篮子 为传统的复活节礼物
[02:14.63]Some people insist on giving live chicks as presents. 有些人坚持送活的小鸡
[02:18.90]Unfortunately,most of these guys won't live to see the 4th of July. 不幸的是,大部份的小鸡 都活不到国庆日
[02:24.24]As a result of improper care, they will be dead. 由于照顾得不妥善 它们马上就会死
[02:28.08]You guys got any of those baby chicks? 你们有小鸡吗?
[02:30.08]I was watching this commercial on TV, and,man,those things are cute! 我看到电视上的广告 那些小鸡好可爱
[02:39.-4]Pete,you're back! Hey,check this out! 彼特,你回来了!你看
[02:42.89]Skates! 溜冰鞋
[02:48.40]You're sturdier than Chandler. He crumbled like a piece of paper. 你比钱德结实,他一撞就倒
[02:52.47]How was your trip? 旅途顺利吗?
[02:54.34]What'd you bring me? 你送什么给我?
[02:57.67]Hotel toiletries from Japan! 日本饭店的化妆品
[03:01.24]These are gonna go in my permanent collection. 我要永远保留下来
[03:04.15]-Want some coffee? -That'd be great. 要喝咖啡吗? 好啊
[03:10.19]Regular or decaf? 普通还是低咖啡因?
[03:12.35]Whichever's closest. 最近的就行了
[03:15.49]-Ask me what I did today. -What did you do today? 问我今天做了什么 你今天做了什么?
[03:18.63]I bought a restaurant and I'd like you to be the chef. 我买下一家餐厅 想请你当主厨
[03:28.-2]Can you believe he offered me a restaurant? 他居然要送我一家餐厅
[03:30.37]What a jerk. You want me to kick his ass? 那个混蛋,你要我踹他吗?
[03:34.18]It's been my dream since I got my first Easy-Bake Oven... 从我拥有好烘烤箱 开了好吃糕饼店起
[03:37.35]...and opened Easy-Monica's Bakery. 就在梦想这一天
[03:47.-3]I would kill for this job. I can totally do this job... 我死也甘愿,我绝对能胜任
[03:50.46]...and God knows,I've paid my dues. 我吃的苦头也够多了
[03:55.56]But Pete's doing this because he has a crush on me. 但彼特这么做是因为他喜欢我
[03:58.57]And you're still not attracted to him at all? 你对他还是没兴趣?
[04:02.74]How could I accept a restaurant from him? I can't. 我怎么能接下这个餐厅? 我不能
[04:05.64]I couldn't accept a necklace from Stu Vincent in the 7th grade. 七年级时史都文森 送我项链我也没收
[04:09.-1]But,Mon,that was totally different. He was your health teacher. 这是两回事 他是你的健康教育老师
[04:14.35]What,honey? 怎么了?
[04:16.25]My side hurts from when you crashed into me. 被你撞到的地方好痛
[04:19.09]Oh,God,I'm so sorry. 天哪,对不起
[04:20.89]Oh,God! 天哪
[04:23.06]Hey,you guys. Guess what? 嗨,你们猜怎样?
[04:29.56]Got a job on a riverboat? 你在邮轮上找到工作?
[04:33.37]I didn't wear this suit for a year, because you hated it. 我一整年没穿这套西装 因为你不喜欢
[04:36.70]You're not my girlfriend anymore,so.... 你不是我的女朋友了,所以…
[04:39.04]I see. This suit is making a point. 我懂了,你想要强调
[04:41.51]Now that you're on your own,you're free to look as stupid as you'd like. 你现在孤家寡人 可以尽情的出丑
[04:46.51]You like it,right? 你喜欢这套西装吧?
[04:47.68]I like it even more on you than I did on Colonel Sanders. 当然,你穿起来 比肯德基爷爷好看
[04:52.02]Ross,I'm kidding. Come here. 罗斯,开玩笑的,回来
[04:54.-3]What were you gonna tell us? 你要说什么?
[04:55.79]Was it how you invented the cotton gin? 你发明轧棉机的过程?
[05:00.13]So after you put the suggestion in the box... 你投书到意见箱之后
[05:03.10]...how long did it take for it to happen? 多久才得到回应?
[05:05.63]About three months. 大约三个月
[05:07.60]So I guess that's about two weeks before the topless thing kicks in. 所以离上空的规定 大约还有两星期
[05:17.65]I got you something. Open it! Open it! 我买了一个东西 打开来看
[05:28.39]It's a chicken. 是一只鸡
[05:31.33]It's cute,huh? 很可爱吧?
[05:32.83]You guys? Do you know anything about chicks? 两位,你们了解鸡吗?
[05:35.43]Fowl? No. 家禽?不了解
[05:37.93]Women? No. 女人?不了解
[05:41.34]They are a huge responsibility. 养鸡是重责大任
[05:43.84]Especially at this age. They require constant care. 尤其是小鸡 需要无微不至的照顾
[05:46.91]They need just the right food and lots and lots of love. 它们不能吃错东西 需要很多关爱
[05:50.31]Well,no problem there. 这个没问题
[05:58.35]Easy,Lenny. 轻一点,大母鸡
[06:04.43]So,I mean,have you thought about it? 你考虑过了吗?
[06:07.50]Okay,here's the thing. 是这样的
[06:09.-3]Not "the thing." I hate "the thing." 我讨厌“是这样的”
[06:12.10]What's "the thing"? 是怎样的?
[06:15.00]I can't do it. 我不能接受
[06:16.44]I'm sorry. I wish I could... 抱歉,我也很想接受
[06:18.51]... but you have these feelings for me. 但你对我有特殊情感
[06:21.54]That's what you're worried about? 你在担心这个?
[06:24.-4]If that's the problem, we've got no problem. 如果是这个问题 那就没问题了
[06:27.82]I was gonna tell you over dinner, but I met somebody else,on my trip. 我正打算吃饭时告诉你 我这趟出国认识了一个人
[06:33.05]Her name's Ann. She's a journalist. We met on the plane. 她叫安,是记者 我们在飞机上认识
[06:36.22]She wanted to finish off my peanuts. 她想把我的花生吃完
[06:37.89]I thought she said something else. We had a big laugh. 我听成别的(花生音同阴茎) 我们大笑一场
[06:43.66]I got tired of waiting. 我等烦了
[06:46.30]That's great. I'm sorry, but I'm so happy for you. 太好了 抱歉,但我好为你高兴
[06:51.74]-Now I can work for you! -I guess you can. 我可以为你工作了 看来可以了
[06:54.14]Oh,my God! This is incredible! 天哪,太棒了
[06:58.91]You know what? I'm gonna roll right into that office and quit! 你猜怎样? 我要溜进办公室去辞职
[07:02.75]All right! 好
[07:04.82]Could you give me a little push? 推一下,好吗?
[07:07.06]Good luck! 祝你好运
[07:08.16]I'm quitting! 我要辞职了
[07:14.10]I'm okay! I'm all right! 我没事,我很好
[07:19.70]That's exciting. You went to Japan,made up a woman. 真叫人兴奋啊 你去日本,认识一个女人
[07:24.14]What? 什么?
[07:25.54]I'm just saying,this "woman," I mean,she's fictitious,no? 我是说这个女人… 是虚构的吧?
[07:30.34]-Why would you say that? -You're still into Monica. 为什么这么说? 你还是喜欢摩妮卡
[07:32.85]You said there's somebody else so she'd work with you. 你谎称认识别人 好让她为你做事
[07:36.02]If you spend time together, maybe something might happen. 相处久了,也许就会产生感情
[07:40.69]You're good. You're good. 你真行
[07:43.46]No,I'm fairly intuitive. And psychic. 我只是直觉准,还会通灵
[07:46.93]It's a substantial gift. 很实在的天赋
[07:50.36]Can you promise me that you won't tell her? 请答应我不要告诉她
[07:53.20]Absolutely. I promise. Tell her what? 没问题,我答应你 告诉她什么?
[07:57.77]Thanks a lot. 谢谢你
[07:59.31]No,I'm serious. I'm intuitive,but my memory sucks. 我是褚的 我的直觉很准,但记性很差
[08:04.38]Okay,but this is the last time. 好吧,但这是最后一次
[08:07.15]With a chick-chick here And a chick-chick there 这里吱,那里吱
[08:10.25]Here a chick,there a chick Everywhere a chick-chick 这里吱,那里吱 到处都在吱吱叫…
[08:13.15]Chicken.... 鸡…
[08:18.43]How's she doing? 鸡妹妹好吗?
[08:20.39]She? 妹妹?
[08:22.06]Don't you think it's a she? 你不觉得是妹妹吗?
[08:24.60]I don't know. 我不知道
[08:36.08]I can't tell. Whatever it was went back in too quickly. 看不出来,那个东西 一下子就缩回去了
[08:40.28]I gotta change. I'm meeting some of the cast for drinks. 我要换衣服 我要去跟其他演员喝酒
[08:43.62]Excuse me? 什么?
[08:45.09]What? 怎么了?
[08:46.52]I stayed home while you were at rehearsal... 你排练时,我留在家里
[08:48.92]...so somebody could be here with our chick. 好陪着我们的小鸡
[08:51.76]Who was up from 2:00 this morning until 5:00... 是谁从半夜两点撑到五点?
[08:56.-3]...trying to get her back to sleep? 好哄她睡觉?
[08:58.53]You don't think I get up when you get up? 你以为我没起来吗?
[09:01.67]Oh,here it comes. 又来了
[09:03.14]Yes! Here it comes! I'm stuck here all day! 没错,又来了 我整天困在这里
[09:07.01]And then you come in and spend two seconds with us... 你才回来陪了我们几秒钟
[09:11.81]...and then expect to go off gallivanting with your friends? 就要出去跟朋友花天酒地?
[09:15.38]Well,I don't think so,mister! 这样不行喔,先生
[09:18.49]I need to relax,okay? I was working all day. 我需要轻松一下 我忙了一整天
[09:22.39]And you don't think taking care of our chick is work? 照顾我们的小鸡就不忙?
[09:28.23]That's not what I said. I just meant 我不是那个意思,我是说…
[09:31.03]I know what you meant! 我知道你想说什么
[09:39.74]Did you notice that ever since we got this chick... 你有没有发现,自从有了小鸡
[09:43.08]...we've been fighting a lot more than we used to? 我们争吵的次数变多了?
[09:48.02]I don't know,maybe we weren't ready to have a chick. 也许我们还不适合养小鸡
[09:52.92]I'll take her back tomorrow. 我明天送它回去
[09:55.46]We'll get our $3 back? 三块钱会退吗?
[10:02.66]I have that TV thing in two hours, and I need your help. 我两小时后要录影 请你们帮个忙
[10:06.10]What do you think? This blue suit or this brown one? 怎么样?蓝色还是棕色的好?
[10:10.61]The brown one brings out your eyes. 棕色可以突显你的眼睛
[10:12.67]But your butt looks great in the blue one. 但蓝色那套让你的屁股很翘
[10:17.-1]Really? 真的?
[10:32.53]That aspirin dance really works. 祈药舞还真有效
[10:38.27]-ls that still...? -I'm fine. 你还是… 我没事
[10:40.94]-No,you're not! -Yes,I am. 你有事 我没事
[10:43.07]Look,I'm fine. Watch. Look at that. 我很好,看我的
[10:47.58]You've got to go to a doctor,okay? 你得去看医生,好吗?
[10:50.65]I have to get ready and go to a dinner at my boss's house. 我要去我老板家参加晚宴
[10:53.88]There's people there that I have to meet. 有几个人非见不可
[10:56.38]I'm sure you'll make a great impression. "Hi,I'm Rachel. 你一定会令人印象深刻 “你好,我是瑞秋”
[10:59.65]It's nice to meet you." “很高兴认识你”
[11:02.66]Come on,you probably have a broken rib. 你的肋骨可能断了
[11:04.76]I'll go to the hospital tomorrow. It'll still be broken then. 我明天再去医院,它还是断的
[11:08.26]But you know,I could use a hand getting ready. 但我打扮时需要帮忙
[11:10.83]Either help me,or go. 你不帮忙就走
[11:13.27]Fine. I'll go. 好,我走
[11:16.10]But before you go, could you help me first? 走之前能不能先帮忙?
[11:22.31]Sure. I'll help you. 好,我帮
[11:25.31]Good! Do you guys know how to get a chick out of a VCR? 你们在要怎么把小鸡 弄出录影机?
[11:38.43]You know what? I cannot do this with my left hand. 你知道吗?我不会用左手化
[11:43.10]Would you please help me with this too? 你能不能也帮我化妆?
[11:53.77]Let's use this brush. 用这一支好了
[11:56.44]-This stuff? -Careful. 这个? 小心一点
[11:58.28]Light. 沾一点
[11:59.45]Just sweep it across the lid. Just sweep it. 在眼睑上刷一下就好 刷一下
[12:04.42]Sorry! 对不起
[12:06.32]That's just poking me in the eye. 你是在戳我的眼睛
[12:08.06]I'm sorry. Close.... 对不起,闭上…
[12:09.59]-Just sweep it. -I'm sweeping. 刷一下就好 我在刷
[12:12.-3]Sweep,sweep.... 刷、刷…
[12:14.30]Now make it even, because we don't.... 刷均匀,不要…
[12:16.90]I don't want it to be too much. I want it to be subtle. 不要太多,隐隐约约就好
[12:19.83]You don't wear enough of this. 你的妆不够浓
[12:27.17]Since when do you think I don't wear enough of this? 你几时觉得我的妆不够浓了?
[12:31.28]Close your eye. You're gonna like this better.... 闭上眼睛,你一定会喜欢
[12:35.65]-Close,close. -Blow it. 闭眼睛 吹一下
[12:39.-4]Because I think this will make you a little more sophisticated. 这样看起来比较世故、成熟
[12:43.00]Sophisticated like a hooker? 跟妓女一样世故?
[12:49.16]-Guess what I'm doing tonight. -What? 你猜我今晚要做什么? 什么?
[12:51.20]I'm checking out the restaurant with Pete. 我要跟彼特去看餐厅
[12:53.37]Monica,I am so excited for you! 摩妮卡,我好替你兴奋
[12:57.14]I have to tell you something. 我有一件事要告诉你
[12:58.84]What? 什么事?
[12:59.91]I can't tell you. 我不能告诉你
[13:03.01]Wouldn't it be easier to tell me something that you could tell me? 把不能说的事说出来 不是会比较舒坦?
[13:06.81]Well,sure,in a perfect world. 哪有那么好的事
[13:10.65]But no. I promised I wouldn't tell, and I swore to all my Gods. 我答应不说 我对所有神明发过誓
[13:17.69]Does it have to do with Ross and Rachel? 跟罗斯和瑞秋有关吗?
[13:20.86]Does it have to do with Joey? 跟乔伊有关吗?
[13:23.26]Does it have to do with Chandler and that sock he keeps by his bed? 跟钱德和他 床边的袜子有关吗?
[13:29.14]No,but let's come back to that later. 不是,不过你待会儿要告诉我
[13:35.18]There you go! Good enough for your party? 好了,够美了吧?
[13:44.72]Sure. 是啊
[13:46.72]Sure. I'll just sit next to the transsexual from purchasing. 是啊,我会坐在 采购部那个人妖旁边
[13:55.70]All right,I gotta go, So good luck at the party. 我得走了,祝你晚宴愉快
[13:59.20]Could you just stay and help me get dressed? 再帮我换一下衣服?
[14:04.61]Sure. 当然好
[14:06.67]Great. Okay,just turn around. 太好了,转过去吧
[14:10.61]What? 什么?
[14:11.85]I don't want you to see me naked. 我不想让你看到我的身体
[14:14.05]I've seen you naked a million times. I ate hot fudge off you naked. 我看过几万遍了 我在你身上吃热奶油
[14:18.19]I sucked that mini-marshmallow out of your bellybutton. 我从你的肚脐眼吸出小软糖
[14:22.69]Yeah,but that was different. We were going out then. 那个不一样,我们那时在交往
[14:25.56]Now it's weird. 现在很奇怪
[14:27.53]Rach,you know,I can see you naked anytime I want. 我随时都能看到你的裸体
[14:31.70]What? 什么?
[14:33.53]All I have to do is close my eyes. See? 我只需要闭上眼睛,你看
[14:41.-1]Ross,stop that! 罗斯,别闹了
[14:44.58]Come on! Don't think of me like that anymore. 拜托,别再那样想我了
[14:47.41]Sorry. Nothing you can do about it. 抱歉,你管不到
[14:49.38]It's one of my rights as the ex-boyfriend. 这是前任男友的权利
[14:55.09]Stop it! Cut it out! Cut it out! 别闹了,够了
[14:58.69]I'm sorry. It will never happen 对不起,我不会再…
[15:01.06]Wait a minute! Wait,wait.... 等一下
[15:02.73]Now there are 100 of you, and I'm the king! 现在有一百个你,我是国王
[15:09.24]Would you grow up? It's no big deal. 成熟一点,这又没什么
[15:12.61]All right. Fine. 好吧
[15:19.58]See what you did? I'm gonna be doing it by myself now. 很好,我决定自己换衣服
[15:24.12]Oh,my God. All right,look,look.... 天哪,听我说
[15:27.69]Easy. Easy. You have to go to the hospital,okay? 小心,你得去医院,好吗?
[15:31.19]I do. I really do. 我真的得去了
[15:33.23]I'll get your coat, then I'll put you in a cab. 我去帮你拿外套,再送你上车
[15:35.93]You're not gonna come with me? 你不陪我去吗?
[15:41.30]Of course I am. 当然要
[15:43.74]I just have to make a call. 我得先打个电话
[15:46.74]Thank you. 谢谢
[15:54.11]What's wrong? 怎么了?
[15:55.42]I'm sorry. I just can't go to the hospital looking like this. 对不起,我不能这样去医院
[16:00.32]Does it involve travel? 跟旅行有关吗?
[16:02.69]Does it involve clogs? 跟木屐有关吗?
[16:05.13]Clogs or claws? 木屐还是爪子?
[16:08.03]Clogs. 木屐
[16:09.76]Claws? 爪子?
[16:14.03]So it doesn't involve Ross or Rachel or Chandler or Joey. 所以不是罗斯和瑞秋 也不是钱德和乔伊
[16:18.44]What about Pete? 那彼特呢?
[16:20.67]What is it? 怎么样?
[16:23.18]-What about Pete? -I don't know! 彼特怎么了? 我不知道
[16:27.38]I feel like I'm talking to Lassie. 我好像在跟灵犬莱西说话
[16:31.-4]-Phoebe,would you just tell me? -I can't! 菲比,你就直说好吗? 不行啦
[16:34.79]-I gotta go. -But you're so close! 我得走了 但是很接近了
[16:37.89]Something to do with Pete's company? 跟彼特的电脑公司有关吗?
[16:40.03]Go! You'll never get it! 你走吧,你死也猜不到的
[16:51.24]I know. 我知道
[16:54.21]See,yes. That's Yasmine Bleeth. 没错,那就是雅丝敏布丽丝
[16:56.64]She's a completely different kind of chick. 她是一种完全不同的“鸡”
[17:03.38]I love you both. 你们两个我都爱
[17:06.42]But in very different ways. 是非常不一样的爱
[17:14.09]What are you doing? You were gonna take her back. 你在干什么?不是要送她走?
[17:17.13]I did. But the store wouldn't take her back. 我有,但是店里不收
[17:19.27]Then I took her to the shelter. You know what I found out? 我带她去收容所 你猜我发现什么?
[17:28.51]If they can't find a home for her, they kill her! 要是找不到人领养 就要杀了她
[17:32.45]I won't let that happen to little Jasmine. 我绝不让小雅丝敏惨遭毒手
[17:37.12]Good,good,because I was kind of having second thoughts too. 很好,其实我也有点反悔
[17:41.72]And it's not just chicks. It's all kinds of other animals. 不只小鸡,所有的动物都一样
[17:45.29]That's horrible. You did the right thing. 太可怕了,你做得对
[17:48.06]Thanks. I'm glad you see it that way. 谢了,你这么想就好
[18:02.58]Funny story! 说来好笑
[18:06.85]I don't believe this! 真不敢相信
[18:09.15]Look at this refrigerator! It's gigantic! 你看这个冰柜,有够大的
[18:12.79]I could live in this thing! I'd be cold,but I'm always cold! 我可以住在里面 会冷,不过我本来就很冷
[18:18.19]Oh,my God! Look at these spider burners! I love spider burners! 是传统火炉 我最喜欢传统火炉了
[18:21.93]So you like it? 你喜欢罗?
[18:23.53]It is so perfect! Thank you so much. 太完美了,真谢谢你
[18:27.50]You're welcome. 不客气
[18:35.68]Did you just smell my hair? 你刚才在闻我的头发?
[18:38.35]No! No way! What? 怎么可能,没有啊
[18:41.48]-Oh,God. -What? 天哪 怎么了?
[18:45.02]You still have feelings for me. 你对我还是有感觉
[18:47.12]I'm just excited about the restaurant, that's all. 我只是对餐厅的事很兴奋
[18:51.86]I love you. Is that so bad? 我爱你,有这么糟吗?
[18:55.46]No,it's not bad. It's not bad at all. 不糟,一点也不糟
[18:57.93]It's really nice. 其实很好
[19:00.27]The only one who stands to get hurt is me,and I'm okay with that. 会受伤的人是我 我都不介意了
[19:05.14]You may be okay with getting hurt... 你或许不介意受伤
[19:07.-2]...but I am not okay with being the one who hurts you. 我却不能当那个伤你的人
[19:12.11]That's why I can't take this job. 所以我不能接受这份工作
[19:14.11]What? 什么?
[19:16.55]We probably shouldn't see each other anymore. 我们也不该再见面了
[19:20.32]I'm sorry. 对不起
[19:24.32]I mean,if that's really what you want,okay. 你如果真的这么想,那好吧
[19:38.74]I'm sorry things 很抱歉事情…
[19:40.-2]Shut up for a second and let me just see something. 你先闭嘴,让我确认一下
[19:58.26]You'd tell me the truth? 你有说实话吗?
[20:00.00]Rach,you can't look fat in an x-ray. X光片看起来怎么会胖
[20:05.40]Now you stay out here and you think about what you did! 你给我在这里好好反省
[20:11.61]-That's a duck! -That's a bad duck! 那是一只鸭子 一只坏鸭子
[20:17.04]How'd the thing go tonight,Ross? 今晚的事顺利吗?
[20:21.-4]What thing? What thing? 什么事?
[20:22.45]Nothing. There was this thing at the museum. Come on. 没什么,博物馆有事 走吧
[20:25.75]Easy. 小心
[20:28.56]Now,when you come back,I hope you remember that that chick is not a toy! 等你回来,请记住 小鸡不是玩具
[20:37.26]What "thing"? What is this "thing"? 到底是什么事?
[20:39.37]I was kind of supposed to be on TV tonight for the Discovery Channel. 我今晚本来要上探索频道
[20:44.24]Oh,my God! 天哪
[20:46.37]Ross,why didn't you tell me that? 罗斯,你为什么不说?
[20:48.38]I knew that if I told you, you'd make me go... 我一说,你就会逼我去
[20:51.31]...and I knew you needed someone to be with you tonight. Come on. 我知道你今晚 需要有人陪着,来吧
[20:56.25]-I cannot believe you. -What? 我真不敢相信 怎么了?
[20:58.82]That is the sweetest thing. 你对我太好了
[21:12.13]You should get some sleep. 你该睡觉了
[21:16.67]Sorry I spoiled your evening. 抱歉搞砸你的计划
[21:18.57]As long as you're okay. 你没事就好
[21:21.-2]So I'll see you tomorrow. 明天见
[21:33.15]See you. 再见
[21:47.13]What did you do? 你犯了什么错?
[21:59.71]What you doing? 你们在干什么?
[22:01.01]Having a swim. 游泳
[22:03.38]What about the chick? 小鸡呢?
[22:05.79]Chicks don't swim. 鸡不会游泳
[22:07.49]Are you sure? 确定?
[22:10.86]I don't know. 不晓得
[22:13.86]-Should we try? -Sure. 要试试看吗? 好啊
[22:23.64]See,I told you. They don't swim. 看吧,我就说它不会游
[22:27.-2]Well,give him a minute. 再等一下
[22:30.71]It's okay. It's okay,baby,baby,baby. 乖,没事了

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