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dormancy/['dɔ:mənsi]/ n. 不活动性, 休眠, 蛰伏 ...


Part One 熟悉单词

1. dump倾倒 倾销

This chemical pollution has two sources: the factories, which dump polluted water directly into the river, and the local community, which dumps untreated human wastes into the river.

2. earn赚得 挣得 获得

Yuppies are young people who earn a lot of money and live in a style that is too expensive for most of people.

3. ease不费力 安适 自在

Have you heard about the plane crash yesterday? It caused 120 deaths. I’m never at ease when taking a flight.

Though we often hear about the air crashes and serious casualties, flying is still one of the safest ways to travel.

4. economic经济的 经济学的 经济学

For them, the economic benefit they reap surpasses the risk of dying or losing property in one of the volcano’s frequent eruptions.

5.edition版 版本

Hi, Louise, I’ve got a used copy of our chemistry textbook for half price.

I’m afraid you wasted your money, yours is the first edition, but we’re supposed to be using is the third edition.

6. electricity电

Benjamin Franklin’s Experiments with electricity and lightening led directly to the invention of the lightening rod.

7. electronic电子的 电子学 电子设备

I’m told Alice is trying to find a job in an electronic company.

As far as I know, she is good at anything but electronic.

8. elementary基本的 初级的 基础的 小学的

Youth in elementary school sites completed one version of the survey, while youth in junior high site completed a different version.

9. embarrassed尴尬的 窘迫的

Boys, for example, cry only about a quarter as oftener as girls when they reach the teenage years, and we all cried a lot less now than we did as babies, could it possibly be that we face less stress? Maybe we found other ways to deal with it, or maybe we just feel embarrassed.

10. emergency紧急情况 突然事件

A few months ago, millions of people in London heard alarms all over the town. The Emergency Services, the Fire Departments, the Police, hospitals and ambulances stood by, ready to go into action.

11. employ雇佣 使用 利用

The factories here employ 3000 people in the area where there is very little alternative employment.

12. employment工作 职业雇佣

After the earlier period of settlement, the first sharp increase in immigration took place in the 1830s and 1840s, this brought to American crafts people from northern Europe who lose employment in the industrial Revolution.

13. enable使能够 使可能 使可行

Benjamin Franklin worked hard to enable the American colonies to gain independence from Britain.

14. encourage鼓励 支持

The program will encourage governments to establish building standards, emergency response plants and training programs.

15. engage占用 使从事于 雇 使订婚 参加

Young children should be not allowed to engage in activities at the same time that they eat.

16. engine发动机 引擎 机车

In the earlier days, horses pulled the trains. The train had no engine and no power of their own.

17. enjoy享受 喜爱 享有

During the summer, people started work very early in morning, so they can finish early and enjoy a leisure afternoon.

18. ensure保证 担保 确保

Laws have been written to govern the use American national flag and to ensure proper respect for the flag.

19. entertain招待 款待 给…娱乐

Good movies not only entertain us, they also help us understand a little more about life.

20. entertainment娱乐 文娱节目 款待

Movies are the most popular form of entertainment for millions of Americans.

21. enthusiasm热情 巨大兴趣

Your son certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm on the tennis court.

I only wish he’d show much for his studies.

22. enthusiastic满腔热情的 热心的 倍感兴趣的

You didn’t seem to be terribly enthusiastic about the performance.

You must be kidding. I couldn’t have clapped any harder. My hands are still hurting.

23. environment环境 周围状况 自然环境

Yoga is a corporeal practice which emphasizes on a work on a body in a specific environment.

24. epidemic流行病

Some people believe that the obesity epidemic is a result of a more evolutionary development of the sedentary life-style in modern society.

25. erupt(火山、喷泉等)喷发 (危机、问题等)爆发

Mount Etna does erupt frequently, but those eruptions are usually minor, So the overall risk for people living nearby is relatively small.

26. especially特别 尤其 格外

As immigrants were accustomed to poverty, they were willing to work for very lower wages. This made other workers, especially those in Lab unions, afraid that immigrants would thus lower wage levers and take job away from them.

27. establish建立 创办 确立

Asians like Koreans and Vietnamese then began to arrive, many of these new comers have worked very hard to establish themselves in their new land.

28. estimate估计 估量

In lower paid occupations, where paid wages have been reduced, workers have added hours in over-time or extra job to preserve their living standards. The government estimates that more than 7 million people hold a second job.

29. eventually终于 最后

Miss Susan Brown felt she needed to change for one thing, and for another, she hoped to eventually become a head nurse.

30. evidence根据 证据 迹象

The comparatively mild effects of the northern California earthquake in 1999 are good evidence that we do have the technology to prevent vast destruction.

31. evidently明显地 显然

As we mentioned earlier, the relations between firms and their stakeholders are evidently not all of the same kind.

32. excellent优秀的 卓越的 杰出的

I’ve read the newspaper, that the novels you are reading is excellent.

I’ve also read some negative reviews.

33. except除了 要不是

It’s nice and quiet here, away from the dust and noise city. And our departments are new and well furnished.

It’s a good place except it’s a bit far away from where we work. Anyway, I’ll talk with my husband tonight, and give you a call tomorrow.

34. excess过量 过量的 额外的

The vast majority of the individuals who want to change their body weight do it for the sake of appearance. Most want to lose excess body fat, while a smaller percentage of individuals actually want to gain weight.

35. exchange交换 兑换 调换 交流

Gabriella Mistral tried to break through the national barriers that hindered the exchange of ideas among the Spanish speaking people of South America.

36. executive执行者 行政官

For example, in the media industry, successful executives are often seen to eat fried and boiled insects from time to time while working at their desks.

37. exercise锻炼 练习 演习 锻炼 行使

This exercise Flood call didn’t cause panic in London. Most people knew it was just warning. one lady said,’ it’s a flood warning, isn’t it?” the water doesn’t look high to me.

38. existence存在 生存 生活(方式)

Americans go to the movies to escape their normal everyday existence and to experience a life more exciting than their own.

39. exotic奇异的 外(国)来的 异国情调的

These safe-to-eat insects can be found and ordered on the internet, and young people are logging on to exotic websites and ordering samples of prepared insects to serve at their dinner parties.

40. expect预料 期望 盼望

How do you do on your on the maths exam? John.

I barely made it, it was just a passing score but better than I had expected.

41. experience经历 经验 经历

As corporations have experienced stiff competitions and slow in growth of productivity, they have pressed employees to work longer.

42. expertise专门知识(或技能等) 专长

Who do you think should get the job? How about Mr. Becket?

Mr. Becket? I am not sure, he is a nice fellow, of course, and easy to get along with. But I doubt his professional expertise. I want someone to get the job done.

43. explain讲解 解释 说明

“It’s no secret that the children learn words, but the words they tend to know are linked to the specific situations in the home,” explained Shaffer.

44. explanation解释 说明 阐述

What was the traditional explanation of left-handers having more accidents?

45. export出口(物) 出口

You can use to close all windows to close the active window or to export the current window to excel.

46. express表示 表达 陈述

I don’t agree with on Mr. Johnson on his views about social welfare. He seems to suggest the poor are robbing the rich.

He might have used better words to express his ideas, but I find what he said made a lot of sense.

47. extend延伸 扩展 伸展 延伸

The farmers were forced to leave their lands when Lord Chestfield, their landlord, refused to renew their traditional lease last year in order to extend the reservation area for birds.

48. extinct灭绝的 绝种的

All the traditional banking will be coming extinct in the 21th century. Just like the dinosaur, if they cannot suit to the electronic development properly.

49. extra额外的 外加的 特别的

We should take extra time and spent extra money to build disaster safety into our lives.

50. factor因素 要素

Which according can most seriously endanger airplane according to this passage?

51. failure失败 失败的人或事 失灵 故障

What were the circumstances? Were they bad weather, a fire, or engine failure?

Apparently, there were some lower clouds in area, but mostly it was just miscommunication between the pilots and the traffic controllers.
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