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platoon/[plə'tu:n]/ n. 排, 一组, 一群人...



74. Regret 遗憾


A: I regret I didn’t study English when I was young. If I had begun studying English when I was about five, I wouldn’t be having so much trouble with pronunciation.


B: Don’t worry about it. You can improve your pronunciation if you follow Crazy English method.



A: You know, I regret that I have to break up with my boyfriend.


B: Why are you going to do it?


A: I don’t have any choice. He has a drinking problem.


B: Oh! I can understand why you feel that way.


75. Sympathy 同情


A: I am sorry I can’t come to your birthday party. My wife has been ill and I’ve got to take her to the hospital.


B: Very sorry to hear that. I hope it’s nothing serious.



A: Tom’s father passed away. He was just over 40.


B: Oh, How terrible for Tom. I’m so sorry.



A: What’s the matter with your brother?


B: He failed in business.


A: That’s really tough.


76. Being tired of 厌烦


A: I am really tired of her gossip.


B: So am I.



A: I am fed up with typing eight hours a day.


B: But that’s the work of a secretary.


77. Displeasure and Anger生气和恼怒


A: His behavior made me sick.


B: What has he done this time?



A: Can I have a talk with you for a moment?


B: No, I’m tired of your annoying me all day – go to hell!



A: I can’t stand it when people throw litter all over the park.


B: I know. To me, throwing litter all over the park is very annoying.


A: It sure is.


78. Resignation 无可奈何


A: The government raised the income tax again.


B: Well, I suppose there’s nothing we can do about it.



A: You know, the rich always can receive a better education than the poor. It’s unfair!


B: Well, that’s life!


79. Fatigue 疲劳


A: What a day! I’m about to drop.


B: Just have a good rest!



A: I must be getting old. I’m just so tired at the end of the day.


B: Just relax. You work too hard.


80. Warning 警告


A: You’d better get out of the way! The train is coming.


B: Thanks for the warning.



A: Be careful!


B: Excuse me?


A: You’d better not walk over there!


B: Oh?


A: The floor is wet! You might slip!


B: Thanks for warning me.


81. Condemning 谴责


A: Behave yourself, Tom. Don’t be so childish.


B: Mind your own business!



A: How can you do such a foolish thing? It’s so impolite. You’re an idiot!


B: I apologize for my rudeness. I am an idiot!



A: You ought to be ashamed of what you’ve done.


B: But you know it was not my fault.



A: You know… perhaps it’s none of my business, but you shouldn’t have driven through that stop sign.


B: If I had realized it was there, I would have stopped.



A: Didn’t you realize that as a result of your withdrawing $200 from our account, we can’t write any more checks until I get paid?


B: Please forgive me.


82.Threatening 威胁


A: Get lost, or I’ll call the police to arrest you.


B: Don’t you dare!



A: Please stop talking, or I’ll kick you out.


B: Very well, go ahead and do it.


83. Comforting 安慰


A: Don’t worry. Everything will turn out all right.


B: You really think so?



A: Come on! It’s not the end of the world. It could happen to anybody.


B: Thank you. You are my real friend. You always cheer me up when I have a problem.


84. Promising 许诺


A: Could you lend the book to me? It’s very interesting.


B: Sorry, I can’t lend it to you. I promised it to Jack.



A: Will the car be ready by five?


B: Yes, it will.


A: Can I rely on that?


B: Absolutely! I promise it’ll be ready by five.


A: OK. I’m counting on you.


B: Don’t worry! I won’t let you down.


Classic Promises Sentence Patterns经典承诺句型:

(1)I promise…

* I promise you that you won’t have to work overtime tonight.


* I promise to pay you back as soon as I get paid.


(2)I give you my word…

* I give you my word I won’t be late for the wedding.


* I give you my word that he will do a good job.


(3)You can be sure…

* You can be sure you’ll be a famous movie star.


* You can be sure this is the best apartment for the price in the whole city.


(4)I guarantee that…

* I guarantee that this watch is waterproof.


* I guarantee that our product is better than the competition’s.


(5)I assure you …

* I assure you I won’t raise your rent.


* I assure you he won’t ever behave like that again.


85. Persuading 劝说


A: I really think you’d better go and see her.


B: Are you sure? She told me she never wanted to see my face again.


A: I don’t think she meant it.



A: Oh, come on. I’m sure you wouldn’t like living like that all your life.


B: No, I wouldn’t.


A: So go for it.


86. Urging 催促


A: Are you ready? You’d better hurry up!


B: Oh, wait. Let me grab my bag. OK, here we go.



A: Run along now! The train is leaving.


B: Help me with one of the two big suitcases, please.


87. Reminding 提醒


A: Can I remind you to call me at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning?


B: Yes, sir. I’ll make a note of it. Good night.



A: Hey, Joe! Don't forget about Kim’s birthday party Friday night.


B: Oh, Yes. Thanks for reminding me!



A: You didn’t by any chance remember to turn on the dryer, did you?


B: Oh, it completely slipped my mind.



A: Uh – oh! Did you remember to feed the dog?


B: No, I didn’t. I thought you were going to feed him.


A: Hmm. I guess I was… but I forgot all about it.


B: Well, since the dog hasn’t been fed yet, I guess one of us should go and do it.


A: OK. I’ll do it.


88. Judging 推断


A: Why aren’t they here?


B: They must have missed the train.



A: It seems that it’s going to rain.


B: Then we’d better take our umbrellas.



A: Judging from your accent, I’d guess you must be from the South.


B: Yes, you’re right.



A: Something bad must have happened.


B: Don’t jump to conclusions.


89. Gossiping流言蜚语


A: You know something? Martin is really a playboy, he’s dating two girls at the same time.


B: What? But he’s dating me now.


A: Oh, I, I’m Sorry. I’m just kidding.



A: Don’t breathe a word, but I heard she’s taking drugs.


B: I can’t believe that.


A: It’s true!



A: Have you heard anything about our new English teacher?


B: Yes. People say she’s very intelligent.


A: What else have you heard?


B: Well. They also say she’s very patient.


A: Really? That’s not so interesting. Have you heard anything exciting?


B: Well, I heard she has a very handsome boyfriend from France.


A: Now, that’s more like it. That’s what I really wanted to know!



(1)Did you hear Li Yang likes to gossip?


(2)Did you hear what happened in America yesterday?


(3)You know something? CET band 4 is cancelled!


(4)They say she was deserted by her boyfriend.


(5)Guess what! Tom is divorced.


(6)Do you know what I’ve just heard? Her husband was put into prison three days ago.


(7)Do you want to hear something interesting? She wants to marry an old rich man.


(8)You can’t repeat this, but he is gay.


(9)Don’t breathe a word, but she was pregnant by a man.


(10)I don’t want to talk behind someone’s back, but have you noticed the scar on his face?


90. Ability 能力


A: Can you speak English?


B: Yes, it’s a piece of cake.



A: Do you know how to operate this washing machine?


B: No, I don’t , but I can try.



A: Are you able to cook any Chinese dishes?


B: I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Chinese cooking.


A: This is a good chance to learn something about it.


91. Possibility & Impossibility 可能和不可能


A: Is it possible to get from here to there by bike?


B: Yes, it is.



A: Do you think we’ll win the game tomorrow?


B: I think it’s very likely that we’ll win.



A: Can we change our schedule for tomorrow?


B: No, it’s totally out of the question.



A: Do you think we can catch the nine o’clock train?


B: Probably not.


92. Asking for Information 询问信息


A: Is there any bus to Beijing this afternoon?


B: Yes, there is one leaving at 4 o’clock.


A: Two tickets, please.



A: Excuse me, do you know if the flight UZ 1332 is on time?

(打扰了,你知道UZ 1332航班是否准时吗?)

B: I’m sorry I really don’t know.


93. Asking for Reasons


A: Do you know why she refused my love?


B: It’s because she has someone else in her eyes.



A: Have you got any idea why the meeting was cancelled?


B: No, I have no idea, either.


94. Checking Understanding 核实理解是否正确


A: Do you see what I mean?


B: Yes, I do. You mean it is wise to invest in this project.



A: We now should be more concerned about the quality of the products. Is that clear to you?


B: Definitely.



A: Did you tell me to finish the work the day after tomorrow?


B: Yes. Why?


A: At first I thought you told us to finish it tomorrow.



A: If I take your meaning correctly, she is much more beautiful than me. Right ?


B: No, honey, you misunderstand me.


95. Asking to Repeat 要求重复


A: I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.


B: I said you made a mistake here.



A: I beg your pardon?


B: I said you look great these days.


A: Really? Thanks.



A: Please report for tomorrow at 8:30.


B: I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. When do you want me to report?


A: At 8:30.


B: Oh, OK.


96. Saying It Again in Another Way换方式重复


A: Sorry, I can’t understand.


B: Look at it this way. The more you read, the more you know.



A: Sorry, but what do you mean?


B: What I’m trying to say is we need to stick to it long enough.



A: Would you like to leave a message for Mr. Baker?


B: Sorry, I didn’t hear you.


A: I was just asking whether you want to leave him a message.

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