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squalor/['skwɔlə]/ n. 肮脏, 贫穷, 不干净...


303. Some authors are not popular because their writings are too abstract.

304. Through the years he accumulated sufficient money to buy a farm.

305. He has received ample praise for the work he did.

306. If a government official accepts money to do things that he ought not to do, we say that he is corrupt.

307. Many animals that lived thousands of years ago are now extinct.

308. Four large lamps illuminated the room.

309. Our interesting teacher could illuminate almost any subject we studied.

310. These results are incredible; I can’t believe that they are accurate.

311. All the people lamented the death of their President.

312. Having taken the medicine, he fell into a profound sleep,

313. They made a systematic search for the lost car.

314. The terrible car accident is still vivid in my mind.

315. She betrayed her friends by breaking her promise.

316. The boys wet shoes betrayed the fact that he had walked in the rain.

317. That’s a comical hat you’re wearing, with all those flowers!

318. Warm weather makes everyone become drowsy.

319. They were embarrassed because there was not enough food for all the guests.

320. Suits and dresses are made of cloths of different fabric.

321. The whole fabric of society was changed by the war.

322. I hesitated about taking his side until I knew the whole story.

323. The newly wedded woman has been pregnant for five month.

324. He reacted to my question with much surprise.

325. Our soldiers repulsed the enemy forces, which invaded the front line area.

326. That building has apartments for one hundred tenants.

327. He was knocked unconscious when the car struck him.

328. For many years only aristocrats were members of the government.

329. After reading a biography of Lincoln I was able to tell many stories about the President.

330. There’s a channel in the middle of the old street to help water flow away when it rains.

331. The old woman cherishes the girl as if she were her daughter.

332. All the women cherished the hope of their husband’s safe return from fishing on the sea.

333. A blow on the head dazed him so that he could not find his way home.

334. The sight of the burning house dismayed him.

335. The logs were loaded on the wagons and hauled to the mill by horses.

336. I’ve never seen so much mess and disorder anywhere.

337. The explorers climbed a mound to survey the land around them.

338. The children spent the summer vocation on their grandfather’s ranch.

339. The new government repealed many old laws.

340. She was awakened during the storm by the rumbles of thunder.

341. She tucked up her shirt and climbed over the fence.

Lesson 7

342. There is someone battering at the door you’d better let him in.

343. The mother clutched her baby in her arms.

344. The police contemplated various kinds of trouble after the football match between the two universities.

345. Please leave your garbage in a can outside the door.

346. A fallen tree across the road was an obstacle to our car.

347. She is a pious woman who goes to church every morning.

348. The school adopted new rules to regulate the behavior of students.

349. My watch is losing time; I will have to regulate it.

350. The police put down the riot during the election.

351. We had better move this tree to our garden. Would you please bring the shovel?

352. We were much impressed by the general’s stately appearance.

353. They towed the wrecked car to the nearest garage.

354. Her plans were upset by the change of the weather.

355. His father was vexed by the child’s impolite behavior.

356. Communism is expressed in various movements, but Russian Sovietism is often referred to as a good sample.

357. They dignified her job by giving her a special title.

358. A great flood, fire, earthquake, or great loss of money is a disaster.

359. The maple shade provided him with a rich gloom for sleeping.

360. He is hospitable to anybody; he likes to give attention to the needs of others.

361. The woman was carrying an infant in he arms.

362. You mustn’t be jealous when your sister gets presents; you must learns to behave in a more mature way.

363. She has a prejudice against popular music.

364. The theory was simplified to make it easier to understand.

365. After he retired, he lived a tranquil life in the country.

366. You shouldn’t trust him; he is unworthy of your trust.

367. His objections to the plan on the basis of cost are valid.

368. The workers of the factories allied against the big employers and asked them for better wages.

369. The approximate length of a meter is 40 inches; the exact length is 39.37 inches.

370. The young athlete was much admired for his speed.

371. This diploma certifies that you have completed high school.

372. My religious beliefs and yours do not coincide.

373. A truck conveyed my furniture to my new home.

374. It wasn’t discreet of you to call him around midnight.

375. The British political system has evolved over several centuries.

376. The good king identified the wellbeing of his people with his own.

377. I could identify the coat at once; it was my brother’s.

378. The sun radiates light and heat.

379. The architect supervised the building of the house.

380. A torrent of water swept down the valley.

381. My parents invited their friends to their 30th wedding anniversary.

382. You can’t expect soldiers to live in a barracks like that.

383. “honesty is the best policy” was his creed through his whole life.

384. We have to fix the roof; water is dripping down from the ceiling.

385. A good hound should have a sharp sense of smell.

386. As the water was unexpectedly hot, he jerked his hand out.

387. As he stopped the car with a jerk, we were all thrown to the floor.

388. The artist molded the clay into a figure of a child.

389. The clerk used thick paste to put the label on the package.

390. She has been a patron of this store for many years.

391. The patrons of the museum contributed the money for the new museum building.

392. John shaved off his beard with an electric razor.

393. She slapped the boy on the cheek for disobedience, and he began to cry.

394. The police think that the death was by suicide.

395. Mother sent me a message by telegraph that she would arrive home by afternoon plane.

396. He made an abrupt turn to avoid hitting another car.

397. The road made an abrupt rise up the hill.

398. I am sure that she will soon acknowledge her own faults.

399. We should always acknowledge gifts as soon as we receive them.

400. You should beware of bad companions; they may corrupt you.

401. They dwell in the country but work in the city.

402. The rich man endowed the college he had attended.

403. Nature endowed her with both a good mind and good looks.

404. The lost child I met on the street was very pathetic.

405. Giant machines reap the wheat grown in the field.

406. When he came home drunk, his wife reproached him with a loud angry voice.

407. Rigorous exercise can damage health instead of improving it.

408. He made a rigorous study of the plants in the tropical area.

409. The large columns sustained the weight of the roof.

410. She is often tormented with violent headaches.

411. Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865.

412. The injured soldier moaned in anguish until the doctor arrived.

413. He needs a great deal of driving practice; he is still awkward with his car.

414. The meeting was at nine o’clock, which was an awkward time for many people.

415. What bliss it is to be able to lie in bed instead of working.

416. Such a great work requires the expenditure of much money and time.

417. Primitive people lived in caves and made tools from stones and animal bones.

418. The old woman’s life was prolonged by the doctor’s good care.

419. They lived in a small rural community.

420. The hurricane suspended all ferry service for there days.

421. The book is very interesting although it was written by an undistinguished author.

422. To reach agreement, both sides must make concessions.

423. The merchant always used deceit in his business dealings.

424. The land on which the battle of Gettysburg was fought was dedicated to the soldiers who had died there.

425. When you spin round and round, and stop suddenly, you feel dizzy.

426. A good manager should be economical in the use of his funds.

427. She infected the whole class with her influenza.

428. The old man did not smoke himself and was so intolerant that he did not allow his friends to smoke when they visited him.

429. The party ended and we all went off to our respective rooms.

430. He was respected as a great scholar of history.

431. The pianist’s technique was excellent, though his interpretation of the work was poor.

432. The long wait at the airport was really tedious.

433. He was so frightened that his hair seemed to bristle.

434. Price of household commodities have risen since the war began.

435. The captain dispatched a boat to bring a doctor on board the ship.

436. You must write a formal acceptance to this invitation.

437. Frantic efforts were made escape the sinking ship.

438. He heaved the heavy box into the wagon.

439. North America and South America are in the Western Hemisphere.

440. The new owner of the house installed a telephone.

441. The cat installed itself in a chair near the fireplace.

442. I gave my horse a lash that sounded through the forest.

443. He will start receiving a pension when he retires at sixty.

444. This book has greater scope than others on the same subject.

Lesson 9

445. The enemy may assail our defense positions tomorrow.

446. Countries can no longer depend on mountain barriers for protection.

447. A burglar broke into my house last night.

448. The fire devoured twenty square miles of forest.

449. It was a dreary day, cold and without sunshine.

450. Boys like to fling stones into water.

451. He bowed in homage to the Unknown Soldier.

452. Death is inescapable; it comes to everyone.

453. There are radical differences between the two systems.

454. His ideas are too radical to be acceptable to most people.

455. The boys and girls were shivering all over with cold.

456. The sly cat stole the meat while the cook’s back was turned.

457. Each horse was put in a separate stall.

458. At first she shivered from her fear but at last she could vanquish it.
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