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26. Jog for junk mail Turn clutter into a challenge: For every piece of junk mail you pull from the mailbox each day, do one lap around your house or building, or up and down a flight of stairs. Burns 35-140

27. Use better butter No, you don't have to give up the real deal -- instead of a tablespoon of stick butter, use a tablespoon of whipped and cut half the calories. Saves 30

28. Step on it Before you lug those backpacks upstairs, stop and stand on the bottom step for these calf toners. Hold the banister with one hand. Bend your right leg and place the toes of your left foot on the edge of the step. Let your heel drop down, press into the ball of your left foot and rise to your toes. Pause; repeat with each foot for 8 to 12 reps. Burns 10

29. Start with soup Order a clear soup instead of a salad soaked with two tablespoons full-fat ranch and you can save twice the calories. Plus you'll feel fuller, so you'll eat less when the entrée comes. Saves 100

30. Play footsie After dinner, while you're still sitting at the table, extend your right leg out and slowly bend it up and down, squeezing and holding in the up position for at least five seconds. Repeat on each leg five times. Sculpts quadriceps. Burns 10

31. Make perfect pasta Substitute whole-grain pasta for semolina and you'll be satisfied with a smaller portion (1.5 ounces instead of 2). Saves 50. Or use the same amount of oat-bran pasta. Saves 90

32. Climb up! Taking the stairs for a total of just two minutes, five days a week, gives you the same calorie-burning results as a 20-minute walk. Burns 100-140

33. Fill up with fruit Like pie? Here's how you can cave to the craving: Sprinkle fresh fruit -- some cut-up apple, pear or a handful of cherries -- with some Splenda or Equal, cover and nuke for a minute or so. Tastes just like pie filling. Saves 275

34. Have your cake Pick up an angel food cake for dessert. It's packed with air and has fewer than half the calories of, say, pound cake. Saves 70

35. Ease into evening Sitting with feet uncrossed, grab your wrist and raise your hands above your head to lengthen the spine. Take a deep breath in as you reach and hold the position, breathing slowly in and out for 20 seconds, taking longer on the exhale. Instant relaxation. Burns 5

36. Get your chocolate fix Instead of a candy bar, try a sugar-free, reduced-calorie Jell-O chocolate pudding snack with a squirt of nonfat whipped cream topping. Eat it with a baby spoon to savor it longer. Saves 185

37. Crunch for your clicker The average half-hour TV show has eight minutes of commercials. Make reaching for the remote control worth it: Place it out of reach on the coffee table or, if you're lying down, on the opposite arm of the couch. Every time an ad comes on and you reach for the remote, crunch until the show comes back on; you should reach 100-150 or so. Tones abs. Burns 24

38. Lift those hips Before you tuck yourself in, lie on your back on the floor with your legs up on the edge of the bed or a chair. Slowly bend your knees, lifting your hips off the floor. Hold for five seconds, relax and repeat 10 to 12 times. Firms up hamstrings and core. Burns 10

The Weekend

39. Sing a song Spend Sunday morning belting it out in the church choir. Burns 70 per service

40. Make it bacon At the diner, order three slices of crisp bacon instead of two sausage links, and pat off the extra grease. Saves 90

41. Move it, Soccer Parents! After every quarter of the game, get up from the bleachers and take a lap around the gym or field. Four or five times around a typical one is about a mile. Burns 75

42 Movie time Most people eat 45% more popcorn from large-size containers, so make sure you get only a small and skip the butter, which adds more calories than the popcorn itself. Bring your own seasoned salt or Parmesan cheese for more flavor. Saves 350

43. Orient yourself At Chinese restaurants, be sure to avoid anything named General Tso or Crispy, which means fried. Eat only the filling of the egg roll and not the shell. Saves 400-500

44. Catch this! Spend a half-hour tossing a ball or Frisbee with your kid. Burns 90

45. Cut the cheese Order your pizza with half the cheese or even cheese-less, and then sprinkle with a few tablespoons of Parmesan. Saves 100

46. Have a hot dog! Pile on the pickles, onions and sauerkraut -- these fiber-packed condiments will fill you up and prevent you from eating a second dog. Skip the cheese and chili. Saves 250

47. Think about your drink Consider beer or wine instead of a frozen drink: A glass of regular beer has 140 calories and a serving of wine has 126 calories, while a strawberry daiquiri has about 300 and a margarita 340. Saves 150-200

48. Fix your fries Rather than asking for medium fries, get an order of onion rings (8 to 9 rings). Saves 60

49. Scream for sorbet Indulge in chocolate sorbet instead of chocolate ice cream. Saves 125

50. Make whoopee Instead of a bowl of ice cream as a bedtime snack, have a robust tussle with your spouse. Burns 300

26. 垃圾邮件慢跑:将杂乱变成挑战: 每天当你从邮箱接到一件垃圾邮件,你就绕房子跑一圈或者在楼梯上跑个来回. 燃烧35到140卡路里

27. 用更好的黄油:不,你不需要放弃真正的食物—你可以用黄油棒来代替一大汤勺的黄油以减少一半的卡路里. 减少30卡路里

28. 踩楼梯:在你到楼上收拾背包之前,先停下来用楼梯边练练小腿腓肠肌. 一只手扶住楼梯扶手. 右腿弯曲,用左脚脚趾踩在楼梯边上. 脚后跟下坠,然后再提起到与脚趾平齐. 停一会,每只脚重复个8到12次. 减少10卡路里

29. 从汤开始:来一碗清汤要比一盘用2大勺油拌的色拉要少2倍的卡路里. 汤除了让你感觉更饱以外还能使你在正餐时吃少一点. 减少100卡路里

30. 练练腿:吃过饭后,你在桌子边坐着的时候,伸直你的右腿,然后慢慢上下抬抬腿,腿在最高位的时候最少停上5秒钟. 每条腿做个5次. 可以苗条股四头肌. 减少10卡路里

31. 做更好的面条:用全麦粉来和面,每份做少一点(用1.5盎司来代替2盎司) 减少50卡路里.或者用燕麦粉也行. 减少90卡路里

32. 爬楼梯! 每星期5天,每天2分钟来爬楼梯,相当于步行20分钟消耗的卡路里量. 燃烧100到140卡路里

33. 用水果填肚子:喜欢吃派么? 你可以试着这样来满足愿望: 将新鲜水果(比如切好的苹果,梨或者一把樱桃)与Splenda甜味素或者类似的东西和在一起,盖上盖子放到微波炉里转上一两分钟. 那味道就和派一样. 减少275卡路里

34. 吃蛋糕:选白色蛋糕做点心. 与黄色蛋糕相比,它更蓬松所以所含卡路里较少. 减少70卡路里

35. 轻松入夜:坐下双脚叉开,一手抓另一只手手腕,举过头顶来伸展脊柱. 深呼吸保持这个姿势,慢慢地呼吸上20秒钟,出气的时间长点. 可以立刻放松身体. 减少5卡路里

36. 巧克力的改变:用无糖的Jell-O巧克力上面有点脱脂奶的补丁来代替巧克力块. 用儿童用的勺子吃会更有滋味. 减少185卡路里

37. 遥控器仰卧起坐:每半个小时的电视就有8分钟的广告. 让你的拿遥控器的动作不浪费: 把遥控器放在你拿不到的地方,比如咖啡桌上,如果你躺着的话,把它放在沙发的那一头. 每次广告出现你去拿遥控器的时候,就做仰卧起坐直到你想看的电视节目回来,你会做上100到150次. 锻炼腹肌. 减少24卡路里

38. 提臀:在你要躺下之前,先躺在地板上,把脚搭在床或椅子边上. 慢慢弯曲膝盖,把你的臀部抬离地面. 坚持5秒钟,放松后再重复10到12次. 可以增强腿筋和腹部 减少10卡路里


39. 唱歌:星期天早晨的时候去教堂唱诗班大声唱歌.(中国去卡拉OK?) 每次可以燃烧70卡路里

40. 吃熏肉:吃饭点餐的时候,不要点香肠而是来几片香脆的熏肉,去掉里面多余的油脂. 减少90卡路里

41. 动起来,足球父母们! 过了1/4场比赛后,从观众席的凳子上站起来,绕体育场跑上一圈. 4到5次就能跑一英里了. 燃烧75卡路里

42. 电影时光:大部分人会吃掉大袋里超过45%的爆米花,所以你要买个小袋的,不要黄油,因为它比爆米花含的卡路里更多. 你可以带你自己的调料盐或者帕尔玛奶酪去,随你喜欢了. 减少350卡路里

43. 吃中餐:去中餐馆时,不要点带烧或者炒字的菜. 吃蛋卷的时候,只吃芯别吃皮. 减少400到100卡路里

44. 抓住了! 花上半个小时来和你的孩子玩玩抛球或者飞碟. 燃烧90卡路里

45. 不要奶酪:点披萨的时候,让他们加一半奶酪或者不加,只在最后撒上一两少帕尔玛奶酪. 减少100卡路里

46. 吃个热狗! 多加点泡菜,洋葱什么的—这些东西里面富含纤维会很快把你肚子填饱让你不想再来个热狗. 去掉奶酪和辣椒. 减少250卡路里

47. 喝什么:用冰水代替啤酒和葡萄酒. 一杯啤酒中有140卡路里热量而葡萄酒中有126卡路里,草莓戴理基酒有300而一杯玛格丽特鸡尾酒则含340卡路里热量. 减少150到200卡路里.

48. 修正你的薯条量:与其要一份中份薯条,不如点个洋葱圈(8到9个圈). 减少60卡路里

49. 冷饮:把巧克力冰淇淋换车巧克力雪糕. 减少125卡路里

50. 制造欢乐:与其在睡前吃一碗冰淇淋不如和你的配偶来一场激烈地运动. 燃烧300卡路里

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