becoming an employee or postgraduate
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As the day of graduation draws near, college students have to make decision about their future life. Whether one wants to become a postgraduate or look for a job largely depends on one's personal interests.

For those who are eager to become economically independent and to put into practice what they have learned in college, taking a job will be both satisfying and rewarding. For years, they have been using their parents' money to support their education-and not without a sense of guilt. Moreover, at many times during their study, they must have been embarassed by the lack of money or the guilty feeling of spending their parents' money on "luxuries." Getting established as a bread-winner after gratuation is their main dedire.

Those, who want to take advantage of the favorable conditions in college, however, will try to enroll in graduation programs. For them, a Master's degree or even a Doctoral degree represents a much more ambitious goal than a bachelor's degree. In the same way, their lifetime success and interest lies more in academic achievements than in making money.

As far as i am concerned, getting a higher degree has long been my dream. This is based on my belief that i should do more research and learn more while i am still young.