A Brief History of Internet
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A Brief History of Internet

ARPANET started by the US Dept. of Defense for research.It is the original basis for what now forms the Internet.It was opened to non-military users later in the 1970s.

The first international connections to ARPANET are established.

The TCP/IP Protocol established,and the "Internet" is formed as a connected set of networks using TCP/IP.

DNS(Domain Name Server) introduced to the Internet,with then consisted of about 1000 hosts.

World Wide Web,invented by Tim Berners-Lee who saw the need for a global information exhcange that would allow physicists to collaborate on research.The Web started as a text-only interface,but NCSA Mosaic later presented a graphical interface for it.

Web traffic over the Internet increased by 300,000%.

Netscape 1.0 was written as an alternative browser to NCSA Mosaic.

December JavaScript development announced by Netscape.

Now Internet is still developing faster and faster...

美国国防部建立了阿帕网,作研究用。这就是因特网的前身。阿帕网到七十 年代开放给非军事界。




提姆.伯纳斯-李觉得有必要让世界上的物理家相互交换资料,进行科研合作, 他发明了国际互联网。当时的国际互联网中有的只是文字,但后来,NCSA Mosaic 推出了适合国际互联网使用的图形界面。


继浏览器NCSA Mosaic后,网景1.0推出。


Internet 现在仍以越来越快的速度高速发展着。

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