Chinese theme park proposed建设中国主题乐园抗衡迪士尼
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Chinese theme park proposed

Zhao Lihong of the Writers’ Association of Shanghai City suggested in this year’s NPC (National People’s Congress)and CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) that the design and establishment of a large “Journey to the West” theme park for Chinese children would help instill a respect for Chinese traditional culture in today’s youth.

The most influential and popular amusement park among Chinese children today is Disneyland, which is popular in America and has been introduced to other countries in Europe and Asia. It has become an example of how American culture is exported to other regions.

“I once went to Disneyland in Los Angeles when I visited America in 1985 and thought it a miracle,” Zhao Lihong said. “Later, when I visited the Disneyland in Tokyo, I was no longer impressed -- it’s just a copy of the American one.”

Mr. Zhao pointed out in his proposal that although China is developing rapidly in economic and political influence, it is also important for China to contribute original and distinctively Chinese works in the fields of culture, art and entertainment.

He stressed that a Chinese amusement park should be distinctive, attractive to Chinese children and a significant rival to Disneyland. He suggested a “Journey to the West” theme park because the novel is well-known classic in China and to a lesser degree in the world. The theme park would incorporate a range of Chinese legends and myths. The park could initially be replicated in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and other coastal cities. If successful, it could be further copied in the central and western parts of China.

“If Disneyland could be introduced to other countries, why can’t a Chinese theme park find its way to the world?” said Mr. Zhao confidently.







“迪士尼乐园可以推向别国,我们中国的主题乐园为什么不能走向世界? ”赵丽宏对此信心十足。