《成长的烦恼》中童星“Ben”的采访实录Interview with Ben ,the Former Child Star
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  ·J:Jeremy Miller,美国童星,Growing Pains中Ben的扮演者

  ·S:安家良,Steven An,《Steven视线》主持人 沪江网总编

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  S: I think it is a really incredible experience.

  J: It’s been amazing. It’s been a long time coming, you know, from the time I got involved until now, it’s been three years.


  S: How have you been?

  J: We’ve been very very busy. We’ve been working 16, 17 hours a day, pretty much everyday, working from noon to six a.m. in the morning almost everyday. But we got the shots we wanted. It looks great and hope we gotta have a wonderful picture.



  S: And what do you think of your character? Do you like it?

  J: I like it very much. I think the change has made me a much stronger character. I think he is a very nice guy, who really just tries to help people.



  S: What’s the difference between making a movie and the production of a TV series?

  J: As for the TV series, you work with the same people so often that you really get into a rhythm Things go faster and smoother most of the time, because you are so used to it. Everybody knows where they are supposed to be, what they are supposed to be doing, because they’ve done so many times before. Where on most films like this one, everybody is getting the feel for it, so it takes much longer to get it just right.



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  S: You’ve been in Growing Pains for like eight years

  J: Yes.



  S: That’s quite a long time for a young guy.

  J: Yeah. At the time was more than half of my life.



  S: And what is everybody doing now?

  J: Kirk1 works with a Christian broadcasting company. They do small Christian movies and children’s film and stuff like that .Joanna who played my Mom, is a director now, doing wonderful wonderful work with much different shows on TV right now. Alan2 is a writer, and a song writer, and a producer, and he does all of those things. Tracey3 is still doing movies, still acting, and so is Ashley, who played my little sister. She’s just finished an independent film and she has a couple of blockbusters among gifted other people.



  S: As we know, eight years is a very long time. Are you afraid of living in the shadow of “Ben”?

  J: No, not really afraid of living in the shadow of “Ben”. When I was younger, it’s harder. Because I was still so close to the character in age and everything else. But as I got older, I’m thirty now, I’m much further away from my character. I’m an adult, so it’s not so hard to break away from the “Growing Pains”.



  S: Have you talked with people around? Do they accept the fact that you’ve grown up?

  J: People are starting to accept the fact that I’m growing up. It’s taking quite a while. But now I have got older as they really are.



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  当童星 一夜长大

  S: What does it feel like being a child star?

  J: It can be very wonderful. You got to do a lot of things, you meet a lot of people, that it would never bring me the opportunity if you were not involved in the business. I’ve got to meet so many wonderful people——president, heads of state , huge celebrities, just so many great people, I’ve done so many wonderful things, and go to so many wonderful places. Have not the Growing Pains, I won’t come to Shanghai and meet so many great people.



  S: So then you were hanging out with a lot of adults.

  J: Yes. You have to grow up very quickly. You have to act much older at a very young age and be very professional very young. But I think that helped me a lot for the years. But at the same time when I got out of the show I choke some time off, just go back being a kid like I didn’t have to act like an adult any more.



  S: When did you start to act?

  J: I started when I was five year’s old. That was when I began doing some commercials and stuff like that.



  S: Did you feel like acting at that moment?

  J: My Mum would see me imitating television shows around house. She asked if I wanna to try to be like those kids on TV. So I did, I said yes. I said that sounds fun. From then on, it’s always been my decision. It wasn’t one of those parents who pushed me into doing it and made me do everything. It’s always up to me if I wanna to keep doing.



  S: So you felt like being an actor at the beginning.

  J: Yes, at a very young age.



  S: It’s truly amazing.

  J: It is the fact that I really fell in love with it and seemed to have a talent for it and being able to keep it going for so long ,which was really a blessing.



  S: Did you remember the first line in Growing Pains?

  J: The people, pilot…



  S: Yeah, the pilot.

  J: I’m sitting at the table…



  S: Yes, watching the mini TV…

  J: Watching my little TV, and I started laughing and I said something about that Phyllis George. She screwed up again. If they were, and I remember probably everything we did for the show, all the episodes.



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  S: Since we have a so strong calling in China, have you been thinking about moving your focus to China?

  J: I’m not going to move my entire focus to China, because I have some projects back in the States that I want to work on. But I love China and I love Shanghai in particular. And I already have plans to make other films out here later in the year, and to still do the cooking show that we are hoping to do out here.



  S: Really? Local TV?

  J: Yeah, local TV. So there are so many things we want to do here. I love here. I wanna be able to come back and continue to work here.



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  S: I’m looking forward to it. And what is life about at the moment?

  J: I have a fiancée back at home, and she has three kids. I love so much for my family, and my business, my career. I have a small catering company back in L.A. We cook for small parties and weddings and the stuff like that. And I just try to get back into acting and really enjoy my life.



  S: Do you still live with you half-brother?

  J: Not any more. I actually live with my fiancée in my place.



  S: He’s now grown up.

  J: Yes.



  S: What else do you wanna do in your free time?

  J: I don’t have a lot of free time in everything, with taking care of the kids and working with my catering and acting and everything else. I don’t have a lot of free time, but I still played a lot of poker. I love poker, and I play chess, and I read an awful lot.



  S: What books are you reading at the moment?

  J: Right now I am reading a brand-new Dean Koontz’s4 book which I cannot remember the title, but that’s a horror novel which is also one of my favorites to read.



  S: Guest that’s about it. Thank you for your time.

  J: Thank you so much, Steven. It’s really great to see you again. Take care.




  1.Kirk Cameron在《成长的烦恼》中扮演哥哥迈克

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  4.迪恩.库茨(Dean Koontz):美国著名小说家、悬念大师;主要作品:《黑天雷》《暗夜守望者》等


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