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for sure/[]/ 确实...
A Dangerous Temporary job 一个危险的临时工作
tempo n.节奏,行进速度;(音乐的)速度
temporary a.暂时的临时的
tempt v.诱惑,引诱;吸引,使感兴趣
temptation n.诱惑,引诱
tenant n.承担人;房客,佃户
tend v.趋向,往往是;照料看护
tendercy n.趋向趋势
tender a. 嫩的;脆弱的敏感的温柔的温厚的v.提出提供投标
tennis n.网球
tense n. 时态a.拉紧的紧张的
tension n.张力,拉力;紧张
tent n.帐篷
tentative a.试探(性)的,试验(性)的
term n.学期,期限,期间;条件条款,术语
in terms of 依据,按照;用…的措辞
terminal n.终点站,接线端;(计算机)终端
terminate v.停止,结束
terrible a.很糟的,极坏的;可怕的骇人的;极度的厉害的
terrific a.极好的,非常的,极度的
terrify v.使害怕,使惊吓
territory n.领土版图,领域范围
terror n.恐怖;可怕的人(事)
terrorist n.恐怖主义者
testify v.说明,证实
testimony n.证据证词;表明说明
There was a growing tendency of terrorism in this terrirory. The local people were terrified by terror. The government tended to have a tentative negotiation with those terrorists. It hired Samuel as a temporary worker to do the job. Samuel was an ordinary university student. He liked disco music tempo. He liked to play tennis. He could fix the broken terminals of the computer. He needed to recite many technical terms to pass his exams at the end of this term. His landlord collected the tenant's rent monthly. Because his contract had been terminated, Samuel had to move to a tent to stay over. The job was dangerous in terms of security, but he could earn some money. Money tempted him to take a risk. 1,000 dollars was a big bemptation. Samuel started off. He was rather tense and his tense muscles exposed this. His mind was full of terrible imaginations. then he drove a car to the bus terminal where he would meet those terrorists. The negotiation went well. Samuel felt relaxed on the way home. He drove his car at a terrific speed and at the same time he enjoyed the terrific view. But suddenly his car collided with another one. Samuel was sent to hospital. He was as weak as a tender flower. His tender mother tended him patiently.
Forgiveness 关于宽恕
textile 纺织品,纺织的
thanks to 由于,幸亏
thanksgiving 感恩节
that is 就是说,即
theater/theatre 戏院,戏剧,阶梯教室
theft 偷窃失窃
theme 题目主题
theoretical 理论上的
therapy 治疗理疗
thereafter 此后,以后
thereby 因此,从而
therefore 因此,所以
thereof 由此,因此
thermal 热的,保暖的
thermometer 温度计
thesis 论文论题论点
thick 厚的,粗的,稠的;密集的
thin 薄的,细的;稀薄的淡的,瘦的;变薄变细变稀
for one thing 首先,一则
think of …as 把…看作,以为…是
think over 仔细考虑
think better of 改变主义;重新考虑
thirst 口渴,渴望
thirsty 渴的,渴望的
thorn 荆棘,刺
Some students were busy writing thesis, which was the requirement to graduate and gain diploma. They planed to go to a thermal spring the next day for a break. But it snowed therefore the plan was cancelled. The snow was thick but the ice was too thin for skating. So they went to a theatre to see a drama. The theme for the drama was forgiveness. A boy stole an old man's wallet. The thief was forgiveness. A boy stole an old man's wallet. The thief was caught, and other people wanted to send him to the police station. The old man agreed with them at first. thought better of it, he gave up. That is, he decided to set the boy free. The old man had thought all the details over before he spoke. He said, "I don't want to put him into prison for his theft, for one thing he was too young, for another, I believe that he would mend his ways." The old man's forgiveness was not theoretical but practial. Thanks to the old man, the boy avoided being punished. He thought of the old man as his lifesaver. Thereafter he became a new man. Thanksgiving Day was coming, thereby the boy decided to visit the old man. The old man got a fever and was in therapy at that time. The thermometer read 39 degrees. He felt thirsty all the time. The boy brought some textiles and a bundle of roses as Thanksgiving gifts to the old man. There were some thorns on them. Having enjoyed the drama, the students began to debate. The thesis of the debate was about forgiveness.
Homicide Case in Palace 宫廷命案
thorough 彻底的完全的,精心的
as though 好象
on second thoughts 经重新考虑,一转念,又一想
thoughtful 认真思考的,沉思的,体贴的
thoughtless 欠考虑的,轻率的,不体贴人的
thread 线,线索,思路,螺纹,穿过
threat 恐吓威胁;坏兆头
threaten 恐吓,威胁,有…危险;快要来临
threshold 门槛,入门开端;令人激动的事
thrill 令人激动的事,使激动,使兴奋,使毛骨悚然
thrive 兴旺,繁荣
throat 咽喉,嗓子
throne 王位,君权
throughout 遍及,贯穿;到处,始终
throw away 扔掉,抛弃
thrust 刺,戳,插入
thumb 大拇指
thunder 雷,轰隆声;打雷,雷鸣,大声说,吼叫
thus 因而,从而;这样,如此
tick 滴答声,勾号,打勾
tide 潮,潮流,趋势
tidy 整洁的整齐的;整理收拾
tie 领带领结;联系纽带;束缚,约束;扎系捆
tiger 虎
A kingdom was triving because of its wise old king. When the old king died, his two sons both wanted to get the throne. It was really a thrill for both of them. The older brother behaved as though he was the new king, He threatened to knife his younger brother if he got in his way. When he said that, he was as fierce as a tiger. The queen was a thoughtful woman, everyone wanted to stay with her. She often used different threads to sew different ties for her sons. Keeping their rooms tidy was her pleasure. One night, the queen woke up because of a sore throat, It was quiet; all she could hear was the tick of the clock, The queen took a walk, but She saw a terrible thing. The older prince killed the younger one by thrusting a knife throughout his his chest. The older prince threw away the knife out of the window. Then he wiped blood on his thumb away. The queen stood on the threshold, shocked. She was thoughtful for a while. At first, she wanted to call the guards, but on second thoughts she changed her mind. She didn't dare to do anything thoughtless, otherwise she would lose her second son. It began to thunder and rain. So she went back her bedroom with tears. The next day, the guards made a thorugh search for the lethal weapon, but didn't find it, It became an unsettled case. But the queen often thrilled to the memory of it. She had to watch the sea tide to calm down.
Daily Life 日常生活
tight 紧的紧身的;密封的,不透…的,紧紧地
tile 瓦片,瓷砖
tilt 使倾斜使倾倒
at full tilt 全速地,全力的
timber 木材木料
ahead of time 提前
at a time 每次,一次
at no time 从不,决不
at one time 同时,曾经,从前曾
at times 有时
for the time being 目前,暂时
from time to time 有时不时
in no time 立即马上
in time 及时,适时的
on time 准时
take ones's time 不急不忙的,从容进行的
timely 及时的适时的
timetable 时间表
timid 胆怯的怯懦的
tin 罐头;锡
tiny 微小的,极小的
tip 尖,末端,小费;轻扣,轻击;倾斜倾倒;给小费
tire 使厌倦疲倦,轮胎车胎
tiresomes 使人厌倦的,讨厌的
Alexander was a builder. There were two teams in the company. The two teams had competitions from time to time. According to the timetable, the workers needed to put tiles on the walls of a new building today. It was a tiresome hard work. The two teams began to work in no time after the bell rang, At one time, the competition began. From the time being, Team 1 preceded Team 2. Team 2 pursued Team 1 at full tilt. Suddenly a shelf titled and all the timbers fell off. Team 1 had to put them in order. With the timely accident Team 2 finished its part ahead of time. After the work, Alexander felt tired. His shoes were too small for him and he felt tight. He decided to go to a bar. At no time would Alexander smoke. He drank at times. The waitress gave him a bottle of wine sealed tight. He took out of the money from his tight pocket and paid the bill. Besides, he tipped the waitress 2 dollars. Then Alexander took his time to enjoy the wine. He was a little drunk and nearly tipped the table. He woke up in time. Alexander left the bar. He bought some tinned-food for his families. The tins were made of tin. Alexander reached home on time. He went upstairs to see his baby. The baby got a cold yesterday. It took one pill of medicine at a time for three times a day. It looked timid today. Alexander tipped the tiny baby with the tip of his finger. Both of them smiled.
Six Years on an Island
tissue 薄绢,织物,纸巾
title 书名,标题;头衔,称号
toast 烤面包,吐司;祝酒词;烤,烘;向…..祝酒
tobacco 烟草,烟叶
toe 脚趾,足尖
toilet 厕所,盥洗室
token 表示标志,象征;记号;信物;纪念品;代价券;筹码;象征性的
by the same token 由于同样原因,同样地
tolerance 容忍耐性;公差
tolerant 宽容的容忍的
tolerate 宽容,默许
tomato 西红柿
tomb 坟
tone 音调,音色,风气,气氛,腔调,语气,色调
tongue 舌头,语言
topic 话题,主题,题目
torch 火把火炬,手电筒
torrent 山洪,激流
tortoise 乌龟
torture 拷问拷打折磨,痛苦
toss 向上扔,摇摆,颠簸,辗转反侧
keep in touch 保持联系
out of touch 失去联系
touch on 关系到涉及
touch up 润色,改进
A writer who had a professor title sent an article to a magazine. He kept in touch with the magazine. He wrote the article in his mother tongue. The title of the article was "Six years on an Island", Its topic was "courage and tolerance". The article touched on a real story. On Edward's 25th birthday, his girlfriend prepared the best tobacco for him. She used beautiful tissue to wrap the gift. It rained heavily that day, A torrent of water poured down the mountain. Edward was drifted to an isolated island. He felt something was stepping on his toes and then he woke up. Edward was out of touch with his family. He tossed on the ground that night. Once a ship passed by the island. Edward tossed his clothes into the air and waved a torch. He cried and his shrill tone troke the quietness, but the ship still left. Edward had to build a wooden house for himself, including the kitchen and the toilet. He couldn't eat toasts any mor. Fortunately there were some tomatoes on the island. But Edward suffered the tortures of loneliness. He often stared a love token or a long time. year by year,Edward hardly spoke with his tongue. Six years passed. a passing ship rescued him finally. His families thought he had died. They had built a tomb for him. By the same token, his girlfriend married with another man. Edward was tolerant to her. He proposed a toast to her happiness. The editor touched the article up a little.
A Nice Tour 一次愉快的旅行
tough 坚韧的;棘手的困难的;强健的吃苦耐劳的;粗暴的凶恶的
tour 旅行,游历
tourism 旅游业
tourist 旅行者
tow 拖,牵引
towel 毛巾
tower 塔,高耸
trace 痕迹,踪迹;极少量微量;描绘,跟踪,追踪
track 跑道小路;轨迹轮迹;跟踪,追踪
keep track 通晓事态,注意动向
lose track 失去联系
tractor 拖拉机,牵引车
trademark 商标
tradition 传统,惯例
traffic 交通,交通量
tragedy 悲剧,惨事,灾难
tragic 悲剧的,悲惨的
trail 踪迹,痕迹;(乡间)小道,追踪跟踪
training 训练培养
trait 特征特点特性
traitor 叛徒,卖国贼
tram 有轨电车
tramp 流浪者,步行,跋涉
transaction 办理,处理;交易,事务;会报学报
transfer 转移,调动,转车,转业,转学,转让,过户
As a tourist, Harriet was touring a famous city for the holidays. A bell tower was the emblem of that city. Before the tour, Harriet received a thorough training in a university. The transactions of that university focused on tourism and tour. Harriet had finished the transaction of business in her company. She would keep track of business when she was away. Also, she transferred her cellphone to her brother. At Jamaica, Harriet transferred from the train to a bus. Then she must tramp over a mountain. It was a tough task. Harriet kept on sweating and had to dry herself with a towel. But she was tough enough to face it. That was her trait. There was a track to the top of the mountain. She and some tramps found the trail of rabbit. From the top of the mountain, Harriet saw a tragic scene, a traffic accident. A truck collided a car then flew away. To avoid more tragedies, the police traced the truck and then arrested the driver. A tractor towed the car to the repair factory. In the following three days, Harriet visited a lot of places. She noticed there were hunge trademark advertisements everywhere, She was invited to a traditional wedding. She visited a temple in which there was a statue of a traitor, The traitor would be cursed by his people forever. Harriet enjoyed her tour very much while her families worried about her because they lost track of her since she left home.
Special News Flash
transform 改变,转化;变压;改造,改革
transformer 变压器
transient 暂时的
transistor 晶体管,晶体管收音机
transition 转变,过渡
translate 翻译
translation 翻译,译文,译本
transmission 播送,发射;传递传导
transmit 发射,传播;传递传导
transparent 透明的,显然的,明显的
transplant 移植
transport 运输,搬运;运输系统,运载工具
trap 陷阱,圈套;诱捕,使中圈套
tray 盘,碟,托盘
treason 判国,谋反,通敌
treasure 财宝,珍品; 珍爱珍惜
treasurer 司库,财务主管
treaty 条约
tremble 发抖,颤抖;摇动晃动
tremendous 巨大的极大的
trench 沟,沟渠
This morning,the Broadcasting Station interrupted its normal transmissions to bring the audience a piece of special news flash. The police arrested a spy. The spy was a treasurer working in a big company. The transition from a good man to a spy was a complicated course. The man took his transistor everywhere with him. In fact, the transistor had been transformed into transmitter. By using a transformer, he translated the codes into translation he could read. Then he transmitted useful information back. Because of his crime, the country lost a lot of treasure. The man committed the crime of treason. His purpose was transparent, for money, He would have a bone-marrow transplant and needed a lot of money. But he couldn't transform his plan into reality. His sweet dream was transient. The police "visited" him soon, The treasurer trembled with tremendous fear. He crashed a transparent tray on the floor. The police sent him to the police station by some special transport. The man tried to jump into a trench half way but failed. The transport was rather successful. By clever questioning the police trapped him into making a confession. And finally the two countries signed a treaty to solve the problem.
今天早晨,广播站打断了它日常的播送,给听众发布了一条特别新闻报道。警方逮捕了一名间谍,间谍是一家大公司工作的财务主管。从一个好人到一名间谍的转变是一个复杂的过程。这个人走到哪儿都带着他的晶体管收音机,实际上晶体管收音机已经被改造成了一台发报机。通过运用一个变压器,他将密码翻译成他读得懂的译文。然后他将有用的信息传送回去。因为他的罪行,国家损失了大量的珍宝。这个人犯了判国罪。他的动机很明显,为了钱。 他将做骨髓移植手术,必须要一大笔钱。但他没有办法将他的计划变为事实。他的美梦很短暂。警察很快拜访了他。财务主管因为巨大的恐惧而发抖。他打碎了一只透明的盘子,警察用特殊的运输工具押他去警察局,这个人在半路上试图跳进一个沟渠但失败了。运送还算比较成功。警察用聪明的提问使他中圈套坦白了一切。最后两个国家签订了一项条约来解决这个问题。
Trip in Tropical Rain Forest 热带雨林之旅
trend 倾向趋势,伸向,倾向
trial 审讯,试验考验
triangle 三角形
tribe 部落家族
tribute 贡品,颂词,称赞,(表示敬意的)礼物
trick 诡计,骗局,恶作剧,窍门,诀窍,欺骗哄骗
trifle 少量,少许,小事,琐事
trim 整齐的整洁的,整理,修整装饰
trip 旅游,远足,拌倒,失足
triple 三部分的三方的,三倍的,使增至三倍
triumph 胜利成功,得胜战胜
triumphant 得胜的,得意洋洋的
trivial 琐碎的,无足轻重的
trolley/trolly 手推车小车,(英)无轨电车,(美)有轨电车
troop 部队,军队,一队,群
tropical 热带的
troublesome 令人烦恼的,讨厌的
truck 卡车,载重汽车
trumpet 喇叭,小号
trunk 皮箱,(车尾)行李箱;树干,躯干
A young couple planed to make a wedding trip in the tropical rain forest. Before leaving, the wife had had her hair trimmed in the morning. all the night she packed her trunk. She put her trim clothes into it. Young women were always interested in the trends of fashion, She was tricked to buy a scarf made of a triangular piece of blue silk. She put it into the trunk also. Her husband never was impatient over such troublesome trivial matters. and they never quarreled over trifles.They respected each other and never trifled with the other's affections. The couple drove a truck in the tropical rain forest. Suddenly, they heard someone playing trumpet. They followed it and found two tribes. One tribe played tricks on the other one. They triumphed in the end. A trial was held for both sider. The winner was triumphant because the loser must pay tribute to it. This time the winner could obtain triple tributes. They would use trolleys to carry the tributes. The couple was excited to watch this while the wife tripped on a tree root. The other people walked towards them. The couple jumped into the truck in a hurry and drove away quickly.
A Day of lsaac's life 艾萨克一天的生活
in truth 实际上,的确
try out 试验
try on 试穿
tub 木盆,浴盆,桶
tube 管,软管,电子管,显象管,地铁
tuck 卷起,塞进
tug 拖,猛拉,拖船
tug of war 拔河比赛
tuition 学费
tumble 使摔倒,打滚,翻腾,摔交
tune 调子曲调,和谐协调,调音调节调整
tune in (to) 调谐,收听
tunnel 隧道,山洞
turbine 气轮机,涡轮机
turbulent 狂暴的,无秩序的
turkey 火鸡
by turns 轮流交替
in turn 依次轮流
turn down 关小调低,拒绝,摈弃
turn in 交出上缴,转身进入拐入
Isaac was a high school student. Every morning, he went to school on the tube. The tube roared in the tunnel quickly. The first class that morning was music. He played a tune on the violin. The second one was English. The students gave English speeches in turn. And the teacher asked them to turn in two essays every month. In the afternoon, the students visited a museum first. They saw the first ship to use turbine to propel forward in the world. Then they had a tug of war. Isaac tucked his shirt into his trousers then tugged the rope all out. He tumbled several times but he had fun. In the evening, Isaac took a good bath in the tub then tried on a new shirt. He recollected last weekend. He and his father went to a store. Isaac tried out the TV set before buying. He found that the TV tube had broken. They chose another good one. The television was too heavy they took carring it home. They had delicious turkey that night. Isaac was stopped recollecting by the rest bell. He lay down on the bed. He turned in his favoritestation to listen to it. In order not to disturb his roommates, he turned down the radio. The news said a hurricane was coming and the sea was turbulent. But Isaac worried about another thing, that is, the tuition was rising every year. He wanted to do a part-time job to lighten his parents' burden. He was a good boy in truth.
The Twins and Their Tutor 双胞胎和他们的家庭教师
turn into 变成
turn off 关掉,断开,拐弯,叉开
turn on 接通,打开
turn out 制造生产,结果是,驱逐使离开
turn over 翻过来,翻倒,移交转交
turn to 变成,求助于,借助于
turn up 开大,调大,出现来到,发生
take turns 轮流
turning 转向,旋转,转弯处
turnip 萝卜,芜菁
turnover 翻倒,翻转(物),人员调整,(资金等)周转,成交量,营业额
tutor 家庭教师,指导教师
twentieth 第二十
twin 双的,成对的,孪生的,孪生子
twinkle 闪烁闪亮
twist 捻,搓,绞,拧,歪曲,曲解;搓,扭转,扭弯
typewriter 打字机
typhoon 台风
typical 典型的,有代表性的
typist 打字员
tyre/tire 轮胎
A factory turned out ten thousand automobiles each year. Its turnover was quick. Its turnover was pretty high. A worker in this factory worked hard. His wife gave birth to twins. She was a typical housewife. Every night after supper, the family turned off the light then turned on the television. The husband always asked the wife to turn the TV up a little because he could not hear very clearly. On weekends, the couple took turns to look after the twins. When the twins were 8 years old, their parents decided to turn over the children to a tutor, It's maybe a good idea to turn to a professional tutor. On the day the tutor turned up, the weather forecast said that the highest was 10 degrees, but it turned out to be 5 degrees. The tutor drove a car. She turned off the highway and ran towords the seshore. Typhoon always struck the villages there. Then she took the first turning on the left. The tutor used to be a typist, so she brought the typewriter with her. Once the tutor saw the twins. she liked them. Their eys twinkled like stars. The tutor taught them how to twist threads together and how plant turnip. Also she explained why water turned into ice when it was cold. They turned over stones to watch ants under them. The twins liked the tutor too. In a big competition they won the twentieth and they told the tutor first.
Against Discrimination
ugly 丑陋的难看的讨厌的
ultimate 最后的最终的,根本的
ultraviolet 紫外线
umbrella 雨伞
unanimous 全体一致的,一致同意的
unbearable 无法承受的
uncertain 不确定的,易变的,不可靠的
uncertainty 不确定,易变,靠不住
uncover 揭露,揭开
underestimate 低估
undergo 遭受,经历,低估
undergraduate 大学生,大学肆业生
underground 地下的,秘密的,地铁
underline 在…下划线,强调
underlying 含蓄的,潜在的;在下面的
undermine 暗中破坏,逐渐削弱;侵蚀..的基础
underneath 在…下面,在下面,在底下
understanding 理解,理解力;通情达理的
undertake 承担;担任;许诺保证;着手,从事
undesirable 不受欢迎的,令人不快的
undo 松开揭开,取消撤消
undoubtedly 无疑;必定
uneasy 不安的,焦虑的
unemployment 失业,失业人数
An undergraduate was not good looking. In fact, he was ugly. Thus he underwent much unbearable discrimination. His manager framed a theft against him. saying the undergraduate stole an ultraviolet-proof umbrella. The committee had an underground meeting and was unanimous to fire him. The undergraduate's understanding of his situation was correct. Undoubtedly, he was thrown into unemployment. He had to live in the uncertainty on the dole. He was uneasy in his mind about his future. Sometimes he was uncertain to commit suicide or not. He couldn't undo his knot in his mind so he began to drink. He was often found sleeping underneath the table. His health was undermined by drink. A reporter happened to know his affair, He decided to visit the undergraduate. The uncertain weather delayed his departure. But the reporter did visit him finally. Then he undertook the job to give fair back to the undergraduate. He undertook to finish it by next month. His understanding words touched the undergraduate. Soon, the reporter undertook the investigation. He uncovered the whole affair. He wrote down the title of the article and underlined it. In his article, he underlined several points in an underlying way. His ultimate goal was to bring fair back to the undergraduate.
一名大学生长的不好看。实际上,他很丑陋。因此他遭受了很多不堪忍受的歧视。他的经理诬告说大学生偷了一把防紫外线的雨伞。委员会召开秘密会议并一致通过解雇他。大学生对自己处境的理解是正确的。 无疑,他是公司里不受欢迎的人。大学生被迫失业了。他不得不靠救济金过着不安定的生活。他对前景感到焦虑。有时他不确定自己是否要自杀。他无法解开心结,于是他开始喝酒,他被常常发现睡在桌子下面,他的健康逐渐被饮酒削弱。一名记者无意中得知他的事情。他决定访问大学生。易变的天气耽误了他的行程,但他最终还是访问了他。然后他承担了帮大学生讨回公道的任务。他许诺在下个月之前完成任务。他那通情达理的话让大学生很感动。很快,记者着手调查此事,他揭露了整个事件。他写下了文章的标题并在下面划线。在他的文章中他用一种含蓄的方式强调了几点。他的最终目标是为大学生讨回公道。
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