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icicle/['aisikl]/ n. 垂冰, 冰柱, 冷冰冰的人...
Provide Timely Help
Benjamin was born in slums. He only had a pair of slippers to wear. And his shirt had a long slit. His house was on the slope of the riverbank. Benjamin worked at a factory that was 5 miles or so from his house. There was a slogan on the factory's wall, "Work for yourself." Benjamin was smart. He was ever so diligent. He worked so hard that his boss liked him very much. So far Benjamin had done very well at factory. He saved all his money in a pot, so that he could buy some gifts for his girlfriend next month, a smoonth mirror, an overcoat and so on. But a sly smuggler had been on watch for the pot for a long time. One day, the smuggler set fire to Benjamin's house. Then he smashed the door open in the name of fire fighting. Under the cover of the smog, He snatched the pot on the sly. That evening, Benjamin had some snack as supper then went home. He was caught in the snowstorm, so that his clothes were soaked, He made his way home. To his shock, his house was burned and the pot was gone. He couldn't imagine who could be so mean as to do a thing like that. He couldn't smooth his anger and sadness. The next day, Benjamin's boss heard of his misfortune. He gave Benjamin some money. "I am not a snobbish boss,"he said to Benjamin, "I'd like to help you out of trouble."
A Strong Man's Weak Moment 坚强的人脆弱的时候
This soldier was the sole survivor of the battle. Military disciplines solidified the soldiers but most of them died in this so-called patriotic war. The soldier stood up as soon as he woke up. Extreme cold solidified water. The food had frozen solid. Such problems were not readily soluble. Its solution required a few hours. The soldier took out a solar cell. But the sun had no sooner started to shine than it was clouded over a gain. He couldn't solve the problem now. The soles of his shoes were broken. the mud had soiled his socks. The soldier began to sob. He wanted to take a shower with soap. He wanted to drink a chocolate soda. He wanted to watch soccer game. And he missed his family. His father was a peasant, making his living from the soil. His mother was a sociologist, researching socialism. When he left to go up the line, they looked at him with a solemn expression. Sometimes, he doubted whether he could see them again. After sobbing, the soldier felt somewhat sober. He knew he must do something somehow. He took some soluble tablets first to keep himself warm. Then he began to walk forward. He firmly believed that he could get to the destination sooner or later.
Don't Give Up 不要放弃
Charlie lived in southern part of the Soviet Union. He was a sophomore in a famous university. He devoted every spare moment to aeronautics. His father was a specialist in this field. From childhood, Charlie heard many stories about sophisticated spacecraft from his father. In spring, they two dug pits with a spade then sowed seeds. And they often used a spear to frighten sparrows. Whenever Charlie thought of his father, there was a spark in his eyes, But nobody told Charlie stories any more since his father died. Past events make Charlie's heart sore. But he believed that the soul lived forever, which comforted him to some degree. This afternoon, Charlie heard a bad news coming from a reliable source. That is , the school doctor didn't think he had a sound constitution for astronaut examination. The sophisticated school doctor had a sour temper. He disliked Charlie. Charlie felt sorrowful about the news. He couldn't eat food this evening. Further more, the hot weather had soured the soup. He sorted his books then went outside for a walk. Charlie walked southward to a bridge. The bridge had a span of 60 meters. Standing on the bridge, he could see the river waves sparkling in the moonlight. He said as if his father was watching him, "I won't give up!"
A Splendid Exploration
Dr. Connor was distinguished in biology spheres. He specialized in animal species. His specialty was researching spiders. Dr. Connor cared more about the spiritual life than the substantial life. So he spit in contempt on his father's speculating. Then his father abolished his right of inheritance out of spite. Last summer, we joined in Dr. Connor's expedition. We didn't want to be spectators only. Dr. Connor made careful specification for this exploration. There was a specific tool for each job. The specifications were ready for us. He gave us very specific in structions. Then he put on his spectacles and showed us some specimens of spiders. We were poor at spelling so we couldn't spell those spiders' names. Finally he specified the particular time togather. The next day, we set out in spite of the rain. All of us were in high spirit. The truck speeded up after it left town. Day 1, Dr. Connor got a bad spill trying to ride a horse. Day 2, he spilt the coffee all over his book. Day 3, it cleared up. The spectacular sunrise made us exclaim in surprise. We remenber that splendid spectacle forever. Day 4, we saw a hot spring. All of us splashed in it except Dr. Connor. He needed to speculate on the situation before making the decision. Day 5, Dr. Connor found a spider spinning on a sphere. He spun with excitement. Totally, we spent 15 days in explortation. In a word, it was splendid.
Unimaginable Magic Performance 不可思议的魔术表演
David went on the stage at the age of 20. He very stable to face any problem. Ambition was the spur that made him work hard. As a magician, his reputation spread all over the world. Last week, his performance was held at a big stadium in Spain. A famous company sponsored the performance. The spokesman of the company announced the beginning of the performance. All staffs including David appeared on a square stage. he wore a white suit with black spots on it. He said, "Spain is my favorit holiday spot."Then he took out a sponge. He poured water on it, Then he squeezed the sponge. It was dry now! All the audiences smiled except a little boy. He spotted his grandfather's collar with ink. The boy was spoiled by his grandfather. He cried and nearly spoiled the performance. Fortunately, the following program attracted him. David opened the stable door. A sportsman pricked his spurs into the horse. They came on the stage. David stabbed the horse with a staff. The horse turned into a squirrel! All the audiences on the spot applauded spontaneously. The third one was surprising. David split a stack of logs. Once he split, one log began to sprout leaves. Next, David sprinkled a spoon of sugar on it, and it blossomed. In the last game, David sprayed paint on the wall. Then three beauties walked out of it.
Justice Must Done 必行正义
Life in a village seemed static, but it's not. Ed found this recently. There was a stall nearby the landlord's house. Ed could buy some stationery, stamps, and stainless steel knife there. From the standpoint of a stranger, the landlord set too strict standards for his servants. The servants only could use the back staircase. They starved but only could eat a piece of stale bread everyday. Each cow made her own stall in the shed. Every servant worked as standardized machine. One day, the landlord lost his stakes in the horse race. Additionally, he was stumbled by a stake. He became angry and began to thrash a servant. In his opinion, he himself stood for power. And he could kill a person like stamp an insect. The other people stood by and did nothing. At first, Ed remained stationary so as not to be seen. He stared with astonishment. Such a conduct was a stain to humanity. He decided to stand by the poor servant. He acted quickly because the man's life was at stake. Ed stood up for him. The landlord didn't listen to him. On the contrary, he killed the servant then he warned Ed! Ed stood up to his threat. The next day, Ed visited a famous statesman who was respected by people. Ed stood up when he came in. The statesman's red hair made him stand out in a crowd. He was startled by Ed's words. Soon afterwards he made his statement about the affair. He promised to punish the savage act.
The Last Sail 退休之航
July 30 was the date an old captain sailed last time. His steady working style of 35 years made his status high. The statistical data from weather bureau showed there was a storm soon. Despite the statistic, the captain stuck to his duty. Nothing could change his stern mind. The steamer set out on a sunny morning. As usual, his wife bought some roses with long stems. She was stung by one of roses. The wife stirred the sugar into her husband's coffee. The captain stuck the fork into the potato then they kissed goodbye. The captain's father came to see him off. The stern old man stood on the dock leaning on a stick. The captain stuck his head out of window and waved to his father and his wife. The stewards had stuck sticky labels on the cargo. They were ready for sailing. Step by step, the steamer stepped up its speed and left the harbor. The status of weather wasn't optimistic. After standing in the chilly wind for too much time, the captain felt stiff in four limbs. But he still stood steadily at the stern like a statue. The captain together with the steward stuck out the stiff sailing. The steamer passed by steep hills and was close to the destination. This stimulated the steward work harder. The captain listened to the stereo radio and steered the steamer careful into the harbor. To welcome the steamer, a long line of honor guards marched all in step. And the police stepped in to keep order.
Hard Life 艰苦的生活
There was a stony inn nearby a stream. It was a two-storey. The host was a diligent man. His wife was straightforward woman and often asked some quite straightforward questions. She cooked meal for her husband with a gas stove. But he had no stomach for supper. He strained his right arm by lifting a heavy bag just now. He strapped his arm with a cloth strap. The wife was stitching her stockings. When she sewed she made long stitches. She thought of a lot of sand things. Her husband put all their money in a company stock thus lost most of their money. Last week, their streamline car was stolen. The storage of food was not enough. The close-by store had no more food in stock, And now, the clouds threatened a stony storm. The woman couldn't bear the stresses and strains of life. Tears streamed from her eyse. The host straightened his back. He must work out a strategy to deal with the coming storm. It would take great strength to resist the storm. First of all, he must strengthen the foundation of the inn. He stressed this to all his workers. Then he stooped to pick up his tool to work with them together. Even some strangers came to help them. Having finished work, the tired host sat down on a stool. Then he drank strawberry juice through a straw. After that, he asked all of the people to hide in the storage before the storm.
一条溪流边有个石头造的客栈。 它是个两层楼建筑。主人是个勤劳的人。他的妻子是个坦率的人,常常会问写很简单的问题。她用煤气炉给丈夫做了一顿饭。但他没有胃口吃。他刚才抬一个重包的时候扭伤了右臂。他用一根布带捆扎手臂。妻子正在缝合她的长统袜。当她干针线活时,她的针脚总是弄的很长。她想起了许多沮丧的事情。她的丈夫把他们所有的钱投入在一个公司的股票上,因此失去了他们大部分的钱。上周他们流线型的汽车被人偷了。食物的储藏不够。附近商店没有更多的备用粮食。而现在乌云暗示了一场无情的暴风雨即将到来。这名妇女无法承受生活的压力和紧张。眼泪从他的眼睛里流出来。主人挺直了他的背。他必须想出策略来对付即将到来的风暴。抵抗暴风雨需要许多气力。首先他必须巩固客栈的地基。他对他所有的工人强调这一点。然后他弯腰拾起工具和他们一起干活。甚至一些陌生人也来帮助他们。完成工作之后,疲惫的主人坐在凳子上。然后他用吸管喝了一些草莓果汁。那之后,他要求所有人在暴风雨来临前躲进库房。
The world around Us 我们的世界
That morning was a stuffy morning. I got out of the bed and had a good stretch. My dog came to lie down beside me. I nearly stumbled over it. It liked to be stroked. I subscribed several kinds of newspaper. So after I stuffed myself full of food, I read them.There were a lot of stuffs on them. I was attracted by a piece of striking news. Because a subordinate in a film studio didn't submit to the strict order from his stubborn manager, he was stripped off clothes and given 5 strokes of the whip. The angry workers struck to their human rights. They divided into two groups and subdivided into four groups. They strode on their sturdy legs down the street. They declared that they were not string puppets. All the other issues were subordinate to this one. The subordinate's wife was invited to a television studio. She wore a string of pearls. Her skirt had white stripes between blue. She was a stubborn woman. Whatever happened, she would strive. It seemed that the struggle would last for some time. The second one was that a tall structure had been put up in downtown. I liked the structural idea. The third one was about building submarine cable tunnel. A company needed a submarine to submerge into the deep sea. It submitted an application for approval. After reading newspaper, I strung them together with a strip of sticky tape. Then I decided to go back to my studio.
Succession Wave 继任风波
The old mayor retired. Somebody must substitute him. Mr.Pearson succeeded in the succession. He was born in a family with abundant substance. He inherited substantial property subtracted legacy tax. Mr Pearson lived in a substantial castle in the suburb. And he had many luxuries, such as subtle watches and expensive cars. He didn't eat sugar. So honey had been used as a substitute in his recipes. Mr. Pearson was thought a suitable successor. All of a sudden, the subsequent thing surprised everybody. The old mayor died on the subway. It was proved that he died from poisoning. His family sued Mr. Pearson. They heard they once quarreled because the old mayor didn't accept his suggestion. On the day of trial, Mr.Pearson wore a black suit. the black suit suited him very well. Nobody noticed his subtle strain. The substance of his defense was that he was innocent. Mr Pearson's defense was successful. The substantial sincerity of his words moved the jury. And his lawyer supplied sufficient evidences to prove that the old mayor committed suicide. The old mayor underwent four successive operations within a month. There was such much pain he suffered in succession from his illness that finally he sucked poison. Mr. Pearson won his suit at last.
Ivan and his superior 依凡和他的上级
To supplement his ordinary income. Ivan did a part-time job in a supermarket. His superior, a young woman summoned him and his colleagues to have a meeting. She supervised the Commodity Department. She summarized the situation and encouraged them to work hard. Her superiority made her a very superior kind of women. In sum, Ivan fell in love with her at first sight. She brought sunshine into his life. But he must suppress his feelings beneath his calm surface. Ivan helped his superior to write summaries of all kinds of reports. He summed up the turnover for her. But the woman thought he was too superficial to be her boyfriend. So she never said superfluous words to him. One night, the sulfur in the storage caused the fire. Ivan fought the fire so bravely that he got hurt. Before he was sent to hospital, he summoned up his courage to express his love. He said, "I really wanted to enjoy the sunrise and sunset together with you". Ivan supposed that his superior must refuse him. But she answered, "Suppose we go for a trip after you recover." Ivan was surprised. He asked again to make sure that she accepted his love. It was the supreme moment in his life. Ivan's burns were superficial and soon got well. They took a supersonic aircraft to a beautiful city. Then they spent a super week at the seaside. And Ivan found that his superior's dancing was superb. He love her more.
A War Suspect 一名战争嫌疑犯
Before the battle, soldiers swore an oath to carry out their duties faithfully. They suspended their march in front of a swamp. Soon they found they were surrounded by swarms of enemies. But the soldiers would rather die than surrender. A soldier was injured heavily, Hope sustained him in his struggle. Finally he lost his consciousness. He dreamed a black swan and several swallows flying in the sky. It was a surprising dream. When he opened his eyes, he saw a lamp suspended from the ceiling. He found he was in a hospital. The hospital was in beautiful surroundings. The branches of the trees were swaying in the wind. A surgeon asked him what's his surname. The surgeon had saved many lives by surgery. He surpassed other surgeons in skills. The soldier took the medicing at one swallow and the surgeon took away the surplus medicines. The solider didn't know he was under suspicion. He was suspected by his superior. Few survived after the battle. The superior was suspicious of his survival, -- he thought the soldier might be a traitor. When the soldier knew that, he felt disappointed. So he left the hospital and climbed up a high mountain. He stood on the top of it and surveyed the whole city. Little by little, he calmed down. And he dedided to survey the whole event.
打仗之前士兵们都宣誓要忠诚的履行职责。他们在一块沼泽地前暂停了行军。很快他们发现他们被一群群的敌人包围,但士兵们宁死不投降。一名士兵受伤的很严重,是希望在支撑着他战斗。最后他还是失去了知觉。他梦见一只黑天鹅和几只燕子在空中飞翔。这真是个令人惊奇的梦境。当他睁开眼睛的时候,他看见一只灯悬挂在天花板上。他发现自己在医院里。 医院的环境很美丽。树枝在风中摇摆。一名外科医生问他姓什么。这名外科医生运用外科学救了很多人。他的技术超过其他的外科医生。士兵一口吞下药,外科医生把剩余的药拿走了。士兵不知道他受到猜疑。他被他的上级怀疑。几乎没有人在战斗后幸存。他的上级怀疑他的幸存-他认为士兵有可能是个叛徒。当士兵知道这事后,他非常失望。于是他离开医院爬上了一座高山。他站在山顶俯瞰整个城市。渐渐地,他冷静下来。他决定调查整件事。
A Medical Symposium 一场医学专题报告会
A medical symposium would be held in a hall. the systematic arrangement of chairs made the hall look spacious. There were two swords on the wall of the hall. They were put in symmetry. They were the symbol of the symposium. Before the symposium, the floor of the hall had been swept. All the clocks in the hall had been synchronized. A symphony orchestra came in first. They synchronized their steps. After the symphony orchestra finished its performance, the chairman stepped on platform. His assistant switched the speaker on. The chairman switched the subject from syndrome to synthetic medicine. He talked about how to produce medicine by synthesis. His speech sympathized with the audiences. A Swiss was busy making notes. He was a doctor. He was sympathetic when his patients died. So he researched different symptoms of different illnesses to work out better medicines. This Swiss wore a sweater and now he sweated all over. And a swift bee stung his hand and it swelled up. The Swiss couldn't focus his attention on the speech. He looked out of the window. Some children were playing on the swings. They were swinging happily. At the end of the symposium, the chairman announced that he would collect good papers in a symposium.
Take over a Career
tablet n.药片,碑,匾
taboo n./v禁忌
tackle n.滑车,用具,器材v.处理,解决对付
tactic n.策略,手段[-s]兵法,战术
tag n.
tail n.尾巴,后部,尾部
tailor n.裁缝,v.逢制,裁剪
take…as 把…当作
take after 与…相象
take apart 拆卸
take away 消除,消耗
take down 记下,写下
take…for 把…认为是,把…看成是
take in 接受,吸收;理解;欺骗
take off 拿走,脱下,起飞
take on 呈现,具有,装出;接纳;承担,从事
take over 接管,接办
take up 占去,占据,开始从事,拿起,接收
take to 亲近,喜欢
tale n.传说,故事
talent n.才能,天资,人才
talk back 回嘴,顶嘴
talk into 说服
talkative a.健谈的,话多的
tame a.驯服的,温驯的,沉闷的,乏味的 v.驯服,制服
A talkative tailor was famous for making good suits, Some people took him for a tame person, but they soon found out their mistakes, The tailor was skilled in tactic. He never took in his customers, Cheating was a taboo in his mind. The tailor had a son. The boy took after his father, He took to his father very much, He followed the tailor all day like a tail. His father told him tales of interesting things. The boy was talented. He took apart a sartorius at the age of 10. The tailor took him as his successor. He taught the son step by step. For example, at first he taught the son how to put the price tag on the suit. Whenever the tailor scolded the boy, the boy never talked back. He only took down what his father said thus he took in it quickly. Business took up much of the tailor's time. Year by year, hard work took away his health. The tailor must take three tablets for his headache everyday. One night, the son helped his father to take off the coat, then he talked his father into retirement. The next day, the tailor began his travel. The plane took off on time. The son took in the task his father gave to him. He took on his father's duty and took over the shop. He was eager to take up some job. As the spring came, trees took on the green color. But the tailor died. The son fixed a tablet to the wall in menmory of his father.
一名健谈的裁缝因制作优质西服而出名,友人把他当作是一个很温驯的人,但是他们很快就会发现自己错了。裁缝对策略很在行。他从不欺骗他的顾客。在他的概念中欺骗是一种禁忌。裁缝有一个儿子,小男孩与他父亲很想象。他非常亲近父亲。他整天象尾巴一样跟着父亲。他父亲告诉他很多有趣的故事。男孩很有天资。他10岁时拆卸了一台缝纫机。裁缝把他作为自己的接班人。他一步步教儿子。比如一开始,他教儿子怎么把价格标签放到西服上。无论何时裁缝责怪男孩什么,男孩从不回嘴。他只是记下他父亲的话,这样他很快就理解那些话。生意占据了裁缝的大部分时间。一年年过去了,辛苦的工作消耗了他的健康。裁缝每天必须吃三粒药片来治头疼。一天夜里,儿子帮助父亲脱下外套,然后他说服父亲退休。第二天,裁缝开始了他的旅游。飞机按时起飞。儿子接受了父亲给他的任务。他承担了父亲的责任, 接管了衣店。他热切的要开始从事一些工作。春天来了,树木呈现出绿色。但是裁缝死了。儿子在墙上挂了一片匾来纪念父亲。
Painful Boyhood
tan n.黝黑, a.棕褐色的, v.晒黑
tank n.罐 槽 箱 坦克
tanker n. 油船
tap n.塞子,龙头,轻拍 v.轻敲;利用;开发
tape recorder 磁带录音机
tar n.柏油,焦油
target n.目标,对象 靶子
tariff n.关税,税率;(旅馆饭店)价目表,收费表
tear v.撕n.眼泪
in tears 流着泪,含泪,哭
tease v.戏弄,取笑,挑逗,撩拨 n.戏弄他人者,戏弄,挑逗
technical a.技术的,工艺的
technician n.技术员,技师,技工
technique n.技术,技能,工艺
technological a.工艺的
technology n.工艺,技术
tedious a.乏味的,单调的,冗长的
teenager n.(13-19岁的)少年
telegram n.电报
telegraph n.电报机,电报; v.打电报,发电报
telescope n.望远镜
temper n.脾气,情绪;韧度,回火度
lose one's temper 发怒,发脾气
temperature n.温度,发烧
temple n.庙宇,神殿,寺;太阳穴
James and Lou were teenagers. They were good friends. Whenever Lou heard a soft tap on his door, he knew it's James, James liked to tease Lou but Lou seldom lost his temper. Their country declared a war against their neighboring country because of tariff problem. Advanced technology was used in war. The technological progress accelerated the development of weapons. New weapons were produced by new technique. The president made a tedious speech to encourage the youth to enlist. James and Lou joined the army. A highly skilled technician trained them to drive tank. Both of them tanned quickly in the sun. One day, Lou received an order to bombard a tanker. Before departure, he left a tape recorder to James. Lou saw the target through telescope. He didn't know it was a trap. The road was covered with tar. Besides, the petrol tank in his tank is empty. The tank could not move owing to some technical reasons. The enemy surrounded the tank. Lou sacrificed his young life. When James heard of the news by telegraph, he cried Lou's name in tears. James caught cold that night then had a temperature. His temples were very hot. He had to cool his forehead in the cold water from the tap. The war ended. James hesitated, but finally went to the telegraph office to send a telegram to Lou's parents. Their hearts were torn by pain. They buried their son's relics in a temple.
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